Forget Viagra: There are a lot of natural sexual enhancer that is at least as much to stimulate your sex life.

Aphrodisiacs, as you already know everything about it? Not even close! For nature means to be rediscovered and increasingly scientifically studied. We analyzed studies and interviewed researchers to whatever means you can grab in which position. Panacea but they are not: Aphrodisiacs can always act only supportive. Only if the environment is right, the aphrodisiacs can fulfill their purpose.

Natural Potency - 11 alternatives to Viagra & Co.

When the erectile function declines, many men often resort to ED pills: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are among the best-known drugs for potency increasing - hence the increase of erectile function of the penis. But what natural alternatives are there? We have put together a few.

1. Pine Bark Extract 

The German forest has a natural sexual enhancer to offer: the bark of pine should be in terms of pleasure, sex and potency in a natural way of charm. Read here if it works.

The promises Potency
The writing, the manufacturer of a known product in which the natural sexual enhancer pine bark inclusions: "Androxan is one of the most successful proven potency means on purely natural basis" and "promotes lasting and hard erections", The substance, the manufacturer flowery "Androcyanidin" baptized, is also found in grape seed extract.

This acts Potency
That the manufacturer did register with the Patent and Trademark Office in Germany the name should not be seen as evidence of effectiveness against erectile dysfunction, but for practicality. In the product also old acquaintances L-Arginine, Maca and zinc found. None of it, not even the pine bark has been explored in a direct effect on erection. What is true: Pine bark actually contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), polyphenols, which are also contained in grape seed extract. The substance is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

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Advantages of impotence remedy
A natural power resources, after all. Most likely, you will not hurt yourself with the use and side effects calls the bark produced no.

Disadvantage of impotence remedy
What is now to act in it? Better go to the doctor and be an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction prescribe. Then it's also what with more potency and desire for sex.

Expensive and probably not very productive.

2. mandrake

The root contains a poisonous in high doses alkaloid. It was eaten or in the Middle Ages soaked in wine, which was then drunk. Regarded as strong inhibitions and pleasurable stimulating.

3. Guarana

The seeds of this liana be brewed in a beverage or processed in chewy candies and chocolate bars. The high caffeine content, it has a highly stimulating.

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4. muira puama

The wood of this South American tree has become known to us under the name of potency wood. "To strengthen the potency, for the elimination of erotic jamming or trauma, to remedy the infertility and increase the pleasure sensation inner bark and wood zerraspeltes of Indian medicine Lore are used," said Dr. Christian Rätsch, Ethnopharmacologist from Hamburg and a former board member of the Association for Ethno medicine. In a study of 262 men who took daily for two weeks one to one and a half grams of Muira puama, 51 percent will have had better erections. 62 percent of the subjects reported that the preparation Increase their desire for sex.

5. yohimbine

which is extracted from the bark of the African yohimbe tree yohimbine, is, in many aphrodisiacs (named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite) included. "Yohimbine is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs. The Egyptians have "used it for potency increasing, the urologist explains Dr. Wolfram Haas from Waldkirch. "Of all available in Germany aphrodisiacs yohimbine is probably the most effective." In a placebo-controlled study that was conducted at the Technical University of Munich, benefited 71 percent of the 83 subjects with erectile dysfunction from taking the yohimbine extracts. The effect is probably due to dilation of blood vessels and thereby improved circulation of the basin. In addition, the nerve transmission is improved in the lower portions of the spinal cord revealed. This is necessary for sexual stimulation. A mood alleviating effect is attributed to the yohimbine. But no effect without side effect. And that can be quite considerable in yohimbine. Therefore, preparations with a higher yohimbine content require a prescription.

Side effects: Tremble in overdose palpitations, hallucinations, loss of consciousness, elevated blood pressure, insomnia.

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6. Ginkgo

Ginkgo, one of the best studied plant ingredients, relaxes the artery thereby improving the blood flow of all organs. Since the erection depends on an optimal blood supply Ginkgo mainly helps impotence caused by poor blood circulation. In a German pilot study, 50 percent of men had within six months returned to normal erections by taking only 60 milligrams of gingko extract daily. The results could not be confirmed in a later study placebo control but. Up to 240 milligrams of ginkgo per day are considered safe. Still recommend urologist, to start with doses of 60 to 80 milligrams and increase if necessary. "In Japan, the immature ginkgo seeds are roasted and are considered a very good aphrodisiac for men. They should bring strength in the abdomen, "Dr. Rätsch. "Whoever eats publicly ginkgo seeds so indicates that he is not averse to erotic experiences."

Side effects: Although Gingko is considered relatively safe drug, complications of the common use of aspirin and Ginkgo were observed in a small number of cases. Rarely stomach or headache may occur. Therefore Gingko should not be used with aspirin or other blood-thinning agents.

7. betel nut

A few pieces are ground, mixed with spices and lime, wrapped in a leaf and chewed. Also available as a tea or spice. The pleasure is to reduce stress, have a stimulating and exciting.

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8. Spanish Fly

Cantharidin, the ingredient of Spanish fly is taken from a ground beetle (cantharides) and used to increase the desire for centuries. However, the therapeutic index, ie the distance between the effective and the harmful or lethal dose, is narrow in this aphrodisiac. "The Spanish Fly was also used as poison for executions, murders and other crimes used" warns Dr. Rätsch. "Throughout history, are certainly many people who wanted to enjoy the strong effect on the sex, perished miserably in the arms of her lover." Because of the serious side effects in some cases the Spanish fly has now been banned in Western countries. Elsewhere (Mexico, Morocco), the delicate aphrodisiac but definitely still used.

Side effects: Testicular inflammation, severe abdominal colic, burning mouth, vomiting, bleeding, burns, and painful urination.

9. ginseng

The ginseng root contains many other active ingredients mostly ginsenosides. This probably cause release of endogenous hormones, including testosterone, which acts in the long term pleasurable and potency enhancing. "When choosing the preparations but caution," warns Dr. Rita Rothmaler, plant expert from Ploen. "The drug is often distorted by others, little or no ginsenosides containing ginseng species." A formulation should contain at least 15 percent ginsenosides. Ginseng is not an aphrodisiac for emergencies. Only the regular intake causes an increase in potency.

Side effects: in overdose tightness in the chest area, skin rashes, hypertension

10. Saw Palmetto Extract

This ingredient (Sabal serrulata) is not an aphrodisiac in the true sense, but primarily an effective drug for treatment of an enlarged prostate, under the very many men suffering - not just those over 50. By a disorder of the nerves and blood vessels of the penis to supply, an enlarged prostate can also cause sexual problems. In these cases Sägepalmenextrakte can relieve symptoms and improve erection. "Even in homeopathy are sabal preparations prescribed as aphrodisiacs," says Rätsch.

Side effects: when used as intended no

11 bee pollen, royal jelly

Some aphrodisiacs contain bee pollen or royal jelly, an extract, which is produced by bees to feed their queen. In Asia, these bee products are used to increase the efficiency and potency. Even in Western countries bee pollen and royal jelly are used for all sorts of ailments. "In scientific tests have shown that sperm production is stimulated by the royal jelly and increased," says Dr. Rätsch. "As a result, the libido strengthened, and the sexual interest increases generally." However, is it is not obvious how much the intake of blütenpollen containing preparations affect sexual performance. In some cases, the ingestion of bee products led but certainly not sexual peak performance, but to stay in the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Allergy sufferers can to the preparations which contain a more or less high pollen content, react with asthma attacks, rashes and severe allergy symptoms - up to anaphylactic shock.

Side effects: especially allergic reactions. In known pollen allergies you had better do without these products.

Natural Potency: How can improve food erection

Nibble hazelnuts and almonds. They promote the production of endorphins, which dissolve feelings of happiness and bring your sex life going. Even chocolate does not only happy, but also - through the erotic material phenylethylamine - sensual. Flavorings and essential oils (for example, celery and nutmeg) are involved in a number of metabolic processes that affect our sex life.

lamb also one of the sexy food. It contains substances activate the body's sex hormone testosterone such as manganese. This hormone makes confident and activates the sexual high voltage.

The vitamins E (in large quantities in pumpkin seeds included) and C (plugged in asparagus) Maintain the performance, so you will not wilt.

are in any case seafood, especially oysters, on your plate. They contain doping mineral zinc, which not only promotes the secretion of testosterone, but also sperm production.

Love in the summer Tomatoes with mozzarella and basil? Wonderful, because the essential oil in basil can stimulate the urethra - and thus even cause a weak erection.

The Ugly Celery tuber has what it takes. It applies since ancient times as an aphrodisiac. Celery contains essential oils that stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. It also helps you with the erotic fertility hormone E on the jumps.

Natural sexual enhancer - prescription vs. prescription?

Numerous studies confirm the success of power resources and also the side effects of these drugs are manageable in most men. But what is behind-the-counter sexual enhancers from the pharmacy or the Internet? Nothing. Because often contain especially the middle from the Internet only vitamins and minerals, the effect is not confirmed for erectile problems. If you want to try a sexual enhancer and buy, you should first ask a doctor for advice. In a treatment, you can say that ED pill is right for you. It is shown that drugs like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis can increase the power of the long term - but these pills are only available with a prescription from a doctor.

The three classic Potency compared 

The classic power means are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. They are used to prevent erectile dysfunction. This potency pills contain PDE5 inhibitor - substances which slow down the activity of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type. 3 Among other measures blood flow and oxygen supply to the penis is improved, enabling a power increase.

  1. Viagra
    The most famous impotence drugs at all. The potency pill is taken about an hour before sex and promises a better penile erection. However, sexual arousal is a prerequisite for the effect of Viagra. The active ingredient contained in the Sildenafil Viagra pill triggers a muscle relaxation in the corpus cavernosum of the penis, which causes blood to flow into the penis easier and held an erection. Sildenafil acts between four to six hours.
  2. Levitra
    Levitra acts similar to Viagra and helps men about to get an erection and keep. The effect of the drug Levitra - Vardenafil - differs from Viagra in the application, compatible and dosage. Levitra pill should be taken about 30-60 minutes before sex. It affects up to twelve hours.
  3. Cialis 
    Also, the active ingredient of Cialis - tadalafil - is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Unlike Viagra and Levitra, Cialis can be taken several times a day. The active ingredient is therefore around the clock in the body, affects up to 36 hours and also allows the spontaneous sex.

Side effects of ED pills like Viagra  & Co.

Men who are taking potency pills, report twice as likely as men from hearing problems that do not resort to such means

Viagra and other potency-enhancing drugs can cause hearing damage, according to research at the University of Alabama, USA. 11,500 men over 40 years, called phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, shortly PDE5 inhibitor revenues, were studied.

Reason for bad hearing: PDE5 inhibitor result in better blood flow to the erectile tissue. As the tissue in the ear similar to the penis, promote potency presumably there blood circulation. The disturb the hearing and thus the hearing, the researchers report.

Above all, the active ingredient sildenafil, which is in Viagra, mountains at high risk for a worse hearing. The active ingredients tadalafil and vardenafil had a lower risk. This stuck, for example, the drugs Cialis, Levitra and Levitra.

You can hardly wait
Since she has stopped taking the pill makes her sex more fun

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Mitel power for women: That makes your beloved wild

Your friend has not so often want to have sex? We say what is considered sexual enhancer for women - and which also acts

  • hot hot
    Chili peppers, oysters, chocolate should act aphrodisiac. But: "Scientifically the stimulating effect is not proven"Says Professor Uwe Hartmann of the German Society for Sexual Medicine and sex therapy from Hannover. but sharply spiced stimulates circulation, promotes blood circulation, increases the sensitivity.
  • drink in the mood
    The rule is: less is more. "Alcohol in moderation has a slightly stimulating, inhibitions"So Hartmann. But: "Too much alcohol makes you tired." Okay: 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. A 60-kilo woman may therefore drink 30 grams of alcohol - equivalent to two 0.2-liter glasses of champagne or wine.
  • swallow Spitz
    Potency for Men (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) also help women: "They promote blood circulation in the genital area", Said the expert. Problem: high placebo values. "Women, who were given Smarties, felt the effect as well." The active ingredient flibanserin, which was originally used as an antidepressant, is being tested. It acts directly in the brain and is there to increase sexual desire. let fingers definitely by alleged miracle cures from the net. Hartmann: "Such pills are expensive, but have no proven effect."
  • hot glue
    Hormone patches are worn on the lower abdomen, giving testosterone from the body. They are intended to increase female sexual desire. "Thought is the patch for women, whose ovaries have been removed"Says the expert. "lowers your hormone production and they often have less desire for sex." Critics warn of side effects such as skin irritation (the only scientifically proven), hair loss or migraines.
  • settle willingly
    Taking the pill leads to a change of hormones, especially pills with anti-androgenic effect (against blemishes) lead to a significant reduction in testosterone levels. "By stopping the pill, testosterone levels rise again. Whether that stimulates the pleasure is individual"So Hartmann.

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