Motorcycle racing is not for the faint of heart - and sagging muscles. Very important: a strong hull that moves with you! To harden it off for each sport

When the starting gate falls, there is no stopping for Max Nagl. The handlebar of his KTM 450SF-X under control, he races in the dense crowd with other bikers and 100 km to the first corner. Suddenly a mound of engine roar, Nagl takes off, breaks away from the crowd - and takes the lead.

The fitness is critical to the tactics

"I try every time to sit down as soon as possible to the top"Says the professional from Weilheim in Upper Bavaria. "For Motocross is martial arts, especially in the pack. Minor injuries always belong to it, but also fractures are not uncommon. Only those who are in top form, it can afford to ever ride here."

build fitness in winter

To be prepared for the risky round course, Nagl trained during the winter months each weekday six hours (in summer there are so many competitions that shutting down the workload). Swimming, running, biking and weight training in their own studio are then available on the program. Special attention is paid Nagl the fuselage. For the targeted fine-tuning his midsection, he often uses a Swiss ball. "The core muscles have to endure a lot during the race"Says Nagl. It ensures stability in the saddle must absorb bumps and partly join extreme rotational movements especially during jumps.

Fitness training for motocross

What exercises strengthen the midsection, we show you on this and the next two pages. Below are three training plans that will help to coordinate the individual exercises to protect the back from injury and to temper your six-pack. So, you open the throttle!

The hull strength training
The hull strength training
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Departed: Three training plans with a lot of horsepower

1. The plan for full power
Preheat 10 minutes on the elliptical machine in order to prepare circulation and body to the upcoming loads. Alternative for Home Gym: two minutes jumping rope and ten pushups, two each in turn. Then all eight perform exercises in the order shown here with the given set and rep numbers. Between sets, you create 30 to 90 seconds, a pause. In a hurry? Complete a one-sentence training!

then release, however, for each repetition full six to eight seconds to load the muscles particularly intense. The basic rule: Complete the workout at least two or at most three times a week, in between at least one rest day.

2. The strategy for Sixpack
Them comes to light on the essential: your six-pack. Here is the perfect abdominal unit! First six minutes Shadow kickboxing, then take a deep breath 45 seconds. Continue with 20 push-ups. Then crunches is your turn: Laying on his back on the floor, lift your hands behind your head, shoulders off the floor, so keep about two seconds down again (Professional tip: weights in his hands behind his head stretch). 10 to 20 repetitions, more if possible without a break for practice number six this workout: Five replicates both legs, three with the left, three with the right. Short catch, after 40 seconds in the forearm support (Exercise 8). Pause for a minute, then it goes into the second round (start: crunches).

3. The rate against back pain
Ideal preventive program for those who need to buck times long or more. Sit down to warm up for ten minutes on the rowing ergometer. For training recommended at home: five minutes knee lift running on the spot, in between interrupt several times, and the upper body in the state ten times each to the left and right. After that the exercises 5, 7 and 8 completed. Aim for the exercises 5 and 7 per 20 to 25 repetitions, set your workout weight accordingly reduced. No barbell at home? Instead, use a crate, you equip with water Pullen according to your training level. None also in terms of Swiss ball? Then you may alternatively use your sofa.