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Chin hair styling for men:
The proper beard hairstyle for each type

A beard is to emphasize the personality of a man skillfully - but not replace, says image coach and style expert Andreas Weinzierl from Oldenburg. "was a beard and is simply an expression of masculinity. However, it is only appropriate to type, if he harmonically complements the facial lines and highlights."

About two thirds of German men do not shave every day, according to a study has shown. Especially the three-day beard is popular - 37 percent of men wear one. The passionate bearded John Dyer has even tried to itself 27 different beards. To avoid having to do the same, we present the main beards on the following pages.

Male does not work: The Beard2/20

Male does not work: The Beard

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Beard hairstyles:
The Beard

More beard does not handle: When Beard is not shaved, most trimmed or styled. The longest beard, incidentally, was the Norwegian Hans N. Langseth - he reached a length of 5.33 meters.

Effect: The Beard seems quaint, fit is probably the term "Lumberjack Art", Women find it hard men with a beard to see through, but at the same time, the carrier also act cautiously so image consultant Andreas Weinzierl (www.image-trainer.de).

And otherwise: Also beards have once again justified - especially in view of the more popular retro style. The Beard attracts some face shapes in addition to the length, so it should not be worn too long.

Sexy: The Henriquatre3/20

Sexy: The Henriquatre

The strong:
the Henriquatre

Sexy and masculine

The Henriquatre is also known as round-the-mouth beard. Cheeks and neck to be shaved, so the result is a combination of mustache and goatee. This fits particularly to large, square faces. Jan Josef Liefers carries him in the role of Professor Boerne in the scene and has given him by popularity. 2017 he is one of the most popular beards.

Effect: Image Coach Weinzierl know: The round-the-mouth beard exudes a strong masculinity, and he looks very sexy. The lower part should not be worn too long for optimal appearance since the effect otherwise quickly slips into the Aggressive.

On the way to ZZ-Beard4/20

On the way to ZZ-Beard

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Beard hairstyles:
ZZ - the extra long Beard

When overlong ZZ-Beard, the longer the more hip. Often it takes years until it reaches ZZ status. Even if he looks wild and bold, regular maintenance is important, otherwise there is hair breakage.

In this beard hair of the beard must grow as nature dictates5/20

In this beard hair of the beard must grow as nature dictates

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Beard hairstyles:
Beard Surfer Style

Beard is not the same beard. Some men prefer a natural growth and leave the hairs where they come out without them to style in shape. Serve with long hair who'll like tied up to Dutt.

Durschgestylte Beard hairstyle with Mustache6/20

Durschgestylte Beard hairstyle with Mustache

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Beard hairstyles:
The styled Beard

Just as in vogue as wild Beard Frisure styled versions are like this Beard, whose contours are shaved clean. For this, the mustache was twirled for Mustache. Very noble!

Looker: beard and bald7/20

Looker: beard and bald

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Beard hairstyles:

The combination of Beard and baldness is one of the most distinctive beard hairstyles.

The classic of the beards: the three-day beard8/20

The classic of the beards: the three-day beard

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Bart hairstyles:
The three-day beard

The three-day beard, the beard in its original form. It grows on the cheeks, chin, mouth and upper neck. The beard looks natural and is probably best adventurers, white style expert Andreas Weinzierl. "An unkempt effect of Bart quickly when the rigid hairs are too long."

Effect: The area-wide beard like the three-day beard can appear rounder and softer the face, so he is especially well suited for square face shapes. but he is most men.

Beard styling: Even a three-day beard, you can tweak: grow Just a few days and then everything trimmed to the same length (leave). With the razor, you can still give it contours of neck and cheeks.

The slightly longer three-day beard9/20

The slightly longer three-day beard

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Bart hairstyle in Undone look:
The six-day beard

Men with a more rectangular or oblong face tend to lean and sometimes even bony look. In this case "covers" the six-day beard these hard contours and can thus act appealing.

Effect: I especially affects the beard with a triangular face and a more natural physique, Weinzierl said. However, in order to escape the upkeep, the beard must be trimmed regularly and maintained.

Retro à la Bob Dylan: The Sideburns Beard10/20

Retro à la Bob Dylan: The Sideburns Beard

French beard Hairstyle:
Sideburns beard

The term is from the French sideburns "COTE" derived, which literally "page" means. Sideburns beard extends symmetrically on both cheeks and provides a "connection" represents between hair and übrigem beard hair.

Effect: This beard shape can look longer the face, and is therefore particularly suitable for round faces. Andreas Weinzierl know: On Women's beard looks playful and seductive.

And otherwise: Sideburns beard retro cult: Bob Dylan and John Lennon were already wearing it.

The Hype: Mustache with Beard11/20

The Hype: Mustache with Beard

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Moutache Beard Hairstyle:
The mustache

The mustache has many names: mustache, mustache or just mustache. A well-known mustaches tank is Salvador Dalí, who founded his style with the words: "No mustache man is not dressed properly."

The carrier: The mustache is still rather something white for trend-resistant nostalgic and real types because it affects women quickly cool but also ironic and mysterious Weinzierl. He seems even stuffy if it is not sufficiently presented stylish / coiffed. Paired with a soul patch (beard on the lower lip, see next page), Beard or other forms beard, but also wins the mustache to and is portable. Known carriers of the mustache is Clarke Gable, Vivien Leigh in the beautiful "Gone with the wind" lay at your feet.

And otherwise: More for lovers, the distinctive shapes of the mustache, which doctored some of which several tens of centimeters long beard, twirled, curled or curled.

In the style of Blues Brothers: The Soul Patch12/20

In the style of Blues Brothers: The Soul Patch

The universal Beard Hairstyle:
The Soul Patch

As soulpatch a small beard under the lip and the chin is referred to. This Soul Patch has little effect on the overall appearance and fits therefore to any face shape. but to particular advantage when it comes oval faces.

Effect: Andreas Weinzierl advises: "When Soul Patch caution is appropriate, it affects women partially berechnerisch." For (sun) glasses of Soul Patch acts wisely and cult - in the style of Blues Brothers.

Combined cool: The Chin Puff13/20

Combined cool: The Chin Puff

Cool Beard Hairstyle:
The Chin Puff

The Chin Puff is the Soul Patch is very similar: it begins under the lip, but then goes up over his chin out. The Chin Puff can seem very long face and fits so best to oval to round face shapes so style expert Weinzierl. It can seem small noses wider and longer.

Effect: When Chin Puff the whiskers should always be cut, since too long hair he acts quickly pushy and aggressive. It also detracts from the face, white Image Coach Weinzierl. Coupled with a three-day beard or a mustache Chin Puff acts, however cool and think.

Brightly colored beard hairstyle14/20

Brightly colored beard hairstyle

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Punky hairstyle beard:
Strong colors

Who says that you should only color head hair punk. The punky color combination looks really cool, right?

The Goatee15/20

The Goatee

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The Spirited:
The Goatee

striking male

The goatee has many names: Man knows him under the chin beard or goatee (the English word "Goat" stands for goat). The goatee makes the face look longer and is therefore best suited for oval faces.

Effect: The effect of this beard shape is especially striking male, but can also act quickly unkempt. Therefore, the hair should not exceed a certain length, but this is dependent on the facial structure. Women see the goat beard with longer, fuller beard especially temperament. Is the hair cut very short, it makes a dreamy feel.

And otherwise: A slightly different form of the goat's beard is the French Fork: The several centimeters long hair is parted in the middle, so that they look like fork-like.

Cool and gentle at the same time: The Fu Manchu16/20

Cool and gentle at the same time: The Fu Manchu

The Casual:
The Fu Manchu

Daring and cool

The Fu Manchu is also known under the synonyms Mongols beard or pimp beard. So it adheres to no more positive image. With the right combination (here, for example, with a beard sideburns), the effect is however mitigated.

The Fu Manchu mustache is a strip with the right and left of the mouth, which pulls the face visually strong in the length. So he goes very rectangular and oval faces. The hairs should be kept very short, otherwise an unkempt impression, says Andreas Weinzierl.

Effect: In the right combination of Fu Manchu can achieve many effects, from bold to cool, from gentle to casual.

Romantic and erotic: The Rap Industry Standard17/20

Romantic and erotic: The Rap Industry Standard

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The Skinny:
The Rap Industry Standard

Romantic masculine

The Rap Industry Standard is a combination of different beards, which is very thin / fine cut. He retires from the cheeks around the mouth and also connects the lower lip and chin. This beard shape goes well with round faces.

Effect: The Rap Industry Standard has on women a fine, romantic, masculine erotic effect.

Gently: The beard18/20

Gently: The beard

The soft:
The beard

Soft and self

The beard or chin strap is a thin strip along the jaw. The course on the jaw line emphasizes the oval contours of the face and also makes square faces round.

Effect: The narrow line can appear gentle, because the beard does not dominate the face of the wearer. In combination with a Puff Chin the chin strap itself acts aware partially own. To achieve a more masculine effect, the combination offers a three-day beard.

Chin curtain 201519/20

Chin curtain 2015

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Bart hairstyle dominant acting:
The chin curtain

called the chin curtain, even Lincoln or Chin Curtain, is a distinct form of the Chin Straps. The longer hair at the jaw line and cheeks make the face appear longer. Known support this beard was the American President Abraham Lincoln, after the beard is named. He tried with this beard to give mainly more fullness his face.

Effect: Since the chin curtain occupying large parts of the face, the carrier radiates mainly self-confidence. Does the beard on his chin pointed to, it also looks very masculine, but partly also domineering or moody. The beard should therefore be trimmed regularly and kept in shape.

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Only in combination: the whiskers20/20

Only in combination: the whiskers

The whiskers

Male and strong

When whiskers entire face only the hair is shaved usually stop on the cheeks. It is worn less often long and combined with other types of beard, as he usually aggressive / acting dominant. The overall impression is scruffy with a long beard, says expert Weinzierl. He advises therefore: trim regularly and completely avoided better with elongated faces.

Effect: Very manly of whiskers acts (as seen in the photo) in combination with a Henriquatre that comes very close to a full beard.


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