This Men's Health readers have taken part more than 100 kilograms. The before and after pictures to prove it

Minus 28 kilo:
Bye Papa Plauze, hello six-pack!

Women find the so-called "Dadbod" (Papa Plauze) allegedly mega sexy. We find that our Leser Christian his new six-pack is much better, right? He's done it!

With his kids and the Papa Plauze grew with our readers. Christian (39) was sort of life pregnant. His three children had remained technically weight hanging on him, he had gained 35 kilos in a gradual process. "While the extra kilos have passed after the pregnancies with my wife, they have remained with me," he says. As the IT administrator often feels extreme thirst and constant urination, he goes to the doctor. Diagnosis: diabetes type I. The doctor reassured him - thanks to insulin he needs to change anything, could continue to live as before. But that he would not be satisfied, "I saw myself as fat, sick types end. I did not want."

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He has therefore now reduced to 77 kilos of his starting weight of 105 kilos. As his "Dadbod" has turned into a steel hard six-pack, he reveals in the interview.

Losing weight with low carb & high Fat

First step in the fight against obesity and diabetes: Christian is often on foot, running errands or less in passing. He finds fun, going up to 10 kilometers a day. The time for this is the triple-Daddy by earlier start to the day than normal. After initial insulin therapy and the appropriate diet Christian takes the decision that it can not go on. "Why should I eat carbs continue if I must then airborn with insulin?" He asks and begins to convert its diet on low carb, avoided as much as possible on carbohydrates, proceeds instead of high fat intake.

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It follows the intense examination of his own diet - not so easy, because due to his illness, a disturbed relationship to food has been first developed. Support is Christian from the outset with his family.

Weight training, climbing and skiing bring the weight-loss success

To prevent the breakdown of muscle, it starts with weight training, his basement at home will go to the gym. Initially, the successes are enormous, within a few months his weight is reduced from around 100 to less than 90 kilos. But most important: By eliminating carbohydrates that lower body weight and higher insulin sensitivity through the sport of diabetes can be stopped so far that Christian hardly needs to inject insulin. After about nine months, he finally takes a first attempt to run, noting: "This will work out!" And so are the routes that he travels, always a little longer.

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After an injury Christian must not jogging first for 2 months. Soon after, he made his first 10-kilometer run, remains under an hour. Its classic strength training he supplemented by a high-intensity interval training (HIIT). He has long been integrated into their daily lives the sport: In the garden is a games tower with chin-up bar, his bike is always running, and the family climbed into their free time.

keep obesity and diabetes in bay

Currently Christian intermittent fasting operates, that is: no carbs for dinner, then he fasts until the next noon. The half marathon he is already creating in 1:50 hours, for the fall he has taken a marathon in the eye. But he does not work out obsessively to his goal. For him, it is most important to keep diabetes at bay as long as possible, without having to restrict.

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Christian's favorite low carb recipe: Spinach soup with bacon and egg (4 servings)

1 onion and 1 clove garlic chop, with 1 tablespoon butter Fry in a pot, with 1 dash of white wine deglaze, then 250 ml broth and 800 ml of cream boil. 1 to 2 tablespoons potato fibers (Found on the Internet) to add, leave everything to swell 5 minutes at medium heat. 4 eggs hard cooking. Pull soup with hand blender creamy, 300 g spinach (Like TK) mitköcheln. 200 grams of mushrooms in slices, 1 spring onion cut into rings, both with 8 strips Bacon in 1 tablespoon butter fry. Eggs into quarters. soup with 1 pinch of nutmegPepper, paprika and salt seasoning, then garnish with egg, mushrooms and bacon. 1 teaspoon of olive oil drüberträufeln.

Nutritional information (per person): 620 calories, 18 g protein, 10 g carbohydrates, 85 g fat

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They also carry a Papa Plauze before them and / or even already suffering health consequences of your excess weight? Then it is to change anything for you about time. Whether with low carb or other diet strategy - decide alone you. The key to weight-loss success is a combination of sport and nutrition. In our Tummy special you will learn how to finally get rid of annoying belly fat.

Florian (24 years; 1.71 m) decreased 50 kilos: Before he weighed 130 kg and after 80 kilo2/69

Florian (24 years; 1.71 m) decreased 50 kilos: Before he weighed 130 kg and after 80 kilo

© private; Markus Kirchgessner

Minus 50 kilo:
From overweight Sports muffle the fitness trainer

Applause! 50 Kilo Florian has decreased. How he managed to get from 130 kilos to 80 kilos, including washboard abs, he explains here

At 7 o'clock we went to the construction, for breakfast, there was a croissant from the bakery, sports at all out of the question. Florian was gas water installer - a profession that goes to the bone. "After work, I depended only on the couch"He says. Florian was not satisfied with his life. An accident at work made everything much worse. "My boss gave me the order to dismantle a heater. Normally, you do not just do that." When carried down the heavyweight crashed Florian. "My arm still stuck between the finned tubes." Consequences: a acromioclavicular blast and several tapes cracks.

the dismissal was followed by the inability to work. Nearly 3 months he was confined to bed. "My day only consisted of eating, gambling and sleeping. For many, perhaps a great idea for me it was, however, a vicious circle." When his scale indicated 130 kilos, he decided that something has to change. In December 2013, Florian announced at the gym. "You're doing now easy!"His brother, who then accompanied him on his Abnehmweg encouraged him. From then on, nothing was as before.

 January 2014: change in diet
"The whole life turned around 180 degrees. If you really want, you pull it through as well." For breakfast, there's now crisp bread with cream cheese and turkey. Florian takes off while playing sports. "In the beginning you have to have courage. As I was traveling with a recumbent bike. I was sweating a lot, and everyone looked at me."

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April 2014: With sport the pounds fall
Florian first visited the fitness fair FIBO is infected the same. He is far from the fitness models there, but its environment noticed his conversion: "The head of my gyms wondered at some point whether I would be interested to work as an assistant there." In parallel, the then 21-year-old begins to catch his diploma.

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July 2014: abs become visible
The first six-pack approaches can be seen. "I just thought, 'Wow, so fast', and was completely surprised!" Meanwhile, Florian has lost 30 kilos.

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April 2016: Florian fit in twice in his old pants
Now is Florian for the first time even on the stage of Fibo - next to the famous Youtuber Road to Glory - and presents his old pants into which he fits in almost 2 times. 50 kilos less he weighs now. He wants to turn his hobby into a career, already has a website ( and aims at a qualification for dietitians. "but I will not sell for a lot of money eating plans, but help others who are unhappy and being bullied. Money is not the world, has always said my grandmother."

His motto: One must also be able to relax times. "When I insert due to vacation or illness a sports break, I do not sit even under pressure, but waive my usual 3-split training. I rest very first thing in order then get in again with full body workout." What this looks like is shown by the following table.

exercise reps sentences
squats 10 3
leg Extension 20 3
bench Press 20 3
butterflys 20 3
Barbell rowing 10 3
Narrow rowing at the tower 20 3
Military Press 10 3
Bicep curls 10 3
Triceps on cable 10 3

make only short breaks between sets. "Who still has power, tries out supersets"Advises Florian, ie: make as many reps right after a set of another exercise. "This brings the muscles cry."
Even when eating can be straight Florian times five. "I meet up with friends on Sundays, we look together football and treat ourselves to pizza. Here I turn off and make me especially no stress because calories."

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Thorben (19 years old; 1.69 m) has decreased 63 kilo: Before he weighed 138 kg and after 75 kilo3/69

Thorben (19 years old; 1.69 m) has decreased 63 kilo: Before he weighed 138 kg and after 75 kilo

© private; Jörg Scheibe

Minus 63 kilos:
abtrainiert 63 kilos on the exercise bike

Thorben has almost halved his weight! On the exercise bike he lost 63 kilos. As the 19-year-old computer freak was slim, he told here

Happy Thorben was with his body never. Even as a child he brought too much on the scale, had severe obesity. "I was a total couch potato", he says, "have gambled all day only on the PC and put more chips than water to me." Thorben retreated further and further behind, suffered from depressive moods, even had to swallow antidepressants. but gave him even more kilos: "I liked barely see in the mirror me." This went on until the level of suffering was too great. He decided: an end to the self-pity! Thorben holte the dusty exercise bike wheel of his parents out again and just kicked straight on, every day a little. He also led a regulated meal times for himself and turned off when his stomach cried out of sheer boredom again for chips. "Until then, I did not even know how real hunger feels like." Quick came the first successes, and the kilos tumbled just like that. But then there was a halt, half a year teamed up on the scales long as good as nothing. Below you how Thorben found his motivation and end up incredible abspeckte 60 kilos.

February 2014
Every day swings Thorben on the exercise bike. For 30 minutes, surprising 45, then 60, after one and a half hours. Eat he does only when he really is hungry. "After just 6 weeks now 12 kilos were down - which has extremely motivated me." Over the next few months, a further 26 kilos melt of excess body fat.

January 2015
When he has reached 100 kg, Thorben dares the next step, logs in to a gym. "I needed a change." He exchanges the ergometer bike against a treadmill and dares even to weights gradually approach. He loses the next 20 kilograms.

february 2016
The only thing that decreases rapidly at this time, is Thorbens motivation. it depends six months solid at 80 kilos. "It is extremely depressing when you give everything, but the scale every morning indicating the same." He is short to give up before that, when he makes the crucial step that surrounded the diet to vegetarian - and tumble the kilos again.

April 2016
His old lifestyle can Thorben completely behind. "Thick chocolate hazelnut cream to smear on bread was once the best of all feelings. Now it no longer tastes good." Instead of sweet sandwiches he is happy about a lot of friends that has brought him to the sport.

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Thorbens favorite workout dessert: fitness Fruchtquark

This recipe makes enough and is a good and healthy source of protein after the training session.

Ingredients (for 1 person)
250 g skimmed quark
15 g (½ measuring spoon) protein powder with strawberry flavor
2 tsp of chia seeds
2 tablespoons blueberries
2 tablespoons pomegranate

Magerquark and protein powder mix in a bowl until the mixture is creamy and no lumps are present. Then garnish with chia seeds, blueberries and pomegranate, ready! As for the fruit, you can let your creativity confidently. All kinds of berries are suitable due to their low carbohydrate content for the curd.

Nutritional information
279 calories, 45 g protein, 18 g carbohydrate, 3 g fat

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Sebastian (32 years; 1.81 m) increased within a year from 42 kilo: Before he weighed 120 kg and after 78 kilo4/69

Sebastian (32 years; 1.81 m) increased within a year from 42 kilo: Before he weighed 120 kg and after 78 kilo

© Lars Behrendt & Christopher Rausch

Muscle instead of fat:
In 12 months removed 42 kilo

Within a year, Sebastian speckte of 120 kilos to 78 kilos, tidy more muscle included. His recipe for success he reveals here

The desk made him thick: As a young man Sebastian was fit, the job changes and thus more paperwork came in place of physical exercise. "After I left the army in 2003 and began my training as a computer science merchant, we went suddenly downhill"He says. In the following years he moved too little and a lot of pulling unhealthy fattening foods pure. Within 3 years Sebastian thus achieved a weight of 120 kilos.

Day by day he felt worse and felt that his body left him at loads down. People around him watched him differently than before. "Not a good feeling when people view one and make your thoughts"Says Sebastian. But first, he did not change. Only when someone said out loud something that it clicked in his head. On a train journey a little child asked him: "Why are you so fat?" Sebastian had no answer, decided to act. First, he signed up with Weight Watchers. "I have this I get a better feel for what I can eat and what not", he says. And he bought a cross trainer.  


Despite 120 kilos he trains daily 1 hour on the elliptical machine. After 2 months of sit-ups are added, pushups and other body weight exercises.


In the first months of the weight tends to get down by 10 kilograms. It follows a period of 4 weeks in which to do not so much. At 108 kilos of the scale remains are pointing, sometimes it shows even more again. "That was frustrating"Says Sebastian. "Still, I'm always turn left, I started walking." At the beginning he completed short distances - 2 to 3 kilometers 2 times a week. And promptly the pounds tumbled again 1 to 2 kilos he lost a week. 


Protein shakes, low fat curd cheese, fruit, salad, natural yoghurt and the reading of Men's Health are part of his everyday life. Finally Sebastian breaks the 100-kilo sound barrier. "A real highlight"He says. "My old clothes looked on me really like tents."


78 kilos are reached. , Who did not see him any longer, Sebastian not recognize. In just one year he has lost 42 kilos. Today, he pays attention to his body, going 2-run 10 km to 3 times a week, playing football, dancing standard. "I feel more comfortable, bring better benefits", he says. "Other pay me respect for what I have achieved."

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Sebastian's favorite fitness Breakfast: low-carb Blitzomelette

Top-muscle lining, if it is to go fast - ready in 10 minutes, including all preparatory work

Ingredients (for 1 person)

¼ red pepper
1 spring onion
2 eggs
1 pinch of salt
1 tsp Oil
1 tablespoon cheese grated

The pepper finely chop and slice the spring onion into thin rings. In a bowl, beat the eggs with salt. Heat the oil in the pan. Add the beaten eggs into the pan, then sprinkle with the cheese, the pepper and the onion rings. Turn off oven, place the lid on the pan and let the omelet in the residual heat until the egg is hammered.

Nutritional information
295 calories, 19 g protein, 7 g carbohydrates, 23 g fat 

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Manfred (45; 1.82 m) has decreased 70 kilos: Before he weighed 160 kg and after 90 kilo5/69

Manfred (45; 1.82 m) has decreased 70 kilos: Before he weighed 160 kg and after 90 kilo

© private; Enno Kapitza

Minus 70 kilos:
Slim despite Chocolate

For many, a job in a candy factory a dream - for overweight a nightmare. As it creates man still lose 70 kg? The story of one who won the fight against the sweet temptation

The enemy lurks everywhere. Where Manfred also looks at his workplace: Chocolate in all states. The highlight in the middle of the factory is a pool of 1,000 kilos of liquid, brown Süßmasse. The 45-year-old plant operator in a confectionary. "I can eat as much chocolate here as I want", he says. Manfred lives in the middle of paradise of each Schokoholikers - for him, however, was a nightmare. When he started at the company, he weighed just 110 kilos at 1.82 meters tall. Over time, his stomach grew more and more. "At some point the weighing scales at home showed only 'Error'. I then simply hidden"He says.

Manfred tried to ignore the increasing corpulence - the motto "Out of sight, out of mind" certain his everyday life. be photographed? Unthinkable! "That would have made me so in mind that I am much too thick." The blindness had reasons there were other concerns. "When I started in the company, I had terrible marital problems"Says Manfred. "The constant sadness and frustration that love breaks, has charged me so that my weight problem was not a priority." And besides, there was indeed a nice consolation: chocolate! The aromatic scent of cocoa was balm for his soul - and the sniff it never stayed. "From the initial snacking continuous feeds that I no longer perceived was." After 5 years, Manfred put on an industrial scale in the chocolate factory. The showed him the bitter truth: 160 kilos without safety shoes.

Compliments instead kilos

Gradually dawned on him that his weight could be a problem. However, the insight came only at a family celebration. "Since everyone was slim and wore elegant suits, but I blew my corpulence the image"He recalls. "That was an oppressive, uncomfortable feeling - so it could not go on." He brought the divorce from his wife behind him, then came the drastic turn. "I felt like to come back under people to finally have a real hobby"Says Manfred. An ad in the newspaper pushed open a door: "There was such an offer from the local gym. I thought: Try it just once with sports." Shortly after, he stood there on the mat. What he experienced, saved his body and soul - and his health. "I felt immediately understood - someone took care of me and made really worried." Especially that he is there as well felt, made sure that Manfred went more frequently to the gym. Success on the scale then were not long in coming: "When the first kilos were down, I got the same compliments. That motivated me so much that I then really took the project slimming addressed."

Fitness takes Wolverine

First, he presented it to his diet. There was no candy, no soda, no coke and no juice. Tea and coffee trank Manfred only without sugar and milk. He also tricked themselves out: "I ate only of small plates that look at smaller portions while the full." He still was not finished eating just 5 minutes, he was doing time, trying to chew his food for as long as I could. "The times when I runterschlang tons simple, were from then on past"Says Manfred.

Of course, his job posed a real challenge, because the free all-you-can-eat offer in the chocolate factory there were still. Maybe it would have been easier if he had been looking for something new, rather worked in a Knäckebrotbäckerei. But he accepted the fight. "Again and again I kept my goal in mind and somehow managed to resist the masses of chocolate"He recalls with pride. Ever his plan was far from easy in practice. His goal: to weigh less than 100 kilos. That meant to remove more than 60 kilos. Before he did so, however, he had to move along during workouts, the body mass - that feels like sports in a space suit. "It was the beginning insanely stressful, often I just could not"Says Manfred. "The coaches in the studio but have always motivated me, so every time were a few more minutes in it." He fought on the way up minute by minute, step by step approach. He took the lift instead of the stairs, instead of the car the wheel and pulled walks in the fresh air to the sitting around on the sofa at home in front. "I'd rather train with a vibrating rod to activate my deep muscles."

Coach held Colossus

It was a struggle, but he won it. After 9 months Manfred had already lost 45 kilos. During this time he was so much fun of the sport that he trained as an indoor Cycling- Instructor. Meanwhile Loibl are even training sessions. "The Cycling- courses, I realize that the others can identify with me. I'm not a coach who only kicks in order to make money - I want to pass on my experience to others." In addition, Manfred still attracts 4 to 5 times a week to be strength training, and pays great attention to his diet. He waived evening on carbohydrates and has integrated fresh food in his diet. "I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. Fast Food, however no longer tastes good."

With the radical change from a thick chocolate factory employees for well-trained athletes Manfred did not impress a few people. "find my friends from the gym changing class. For some there, I am a role model, because I did it, my lifestyle change, and that makes me very proud", he says. "The gym has become like a living room for me." But there are some who give him the success less. "Some do not like the change, because they themselves can not bring himself to do so. This is a shame, but it I will not pull down me." He can understand the frustration well. With so many setbacks, as he had to take over the past five years, he knows only too well how it feels not to know. "It is the most important thing that you can always keep its goal in mind, even if you have to take detours." Today he tried as a coach to motivate decreasing willing people who lack discipline and outside support. He pedaling to lead by example and tells everyone who will listen: "For me, this route is definitely worth it, I feel great."

Shopping instead of ashamed

The only thing that bothers him is the excess skin that had surrounded his 70 kilos of fat. namely now forming nasty ridges, where it frequently has sores. His doctor has classified it as a health risk, the insurance company has now agreed a surgery. An intervention in the chest area Manfred has already passed. "The worst part of the OP were the 6 weeks later in which I was allowed to do any sports"He recalls. "In that time it was very hard not to start again from boredom with the food." Even though he has yet by a sport free time, because in the spring of 2017 followed by another operation on the stomach.

"Meanwhile, it brings me even fun to buy clothes and to dress smartly", he says. The 5XL collections it can now be left. "Already 3 times I have my wardrobe to the socks completely restocked. Recently, I myself have hardly recognized me while shopping in the mirror, so much I've changed." In order to stay motivated and to keep success in mind, he allows himself every now and then something sweet, such as a scoop of ice cream with his son. Yes, or sometimes one or another piece of chocolate.

Sven (28 years; 1.92 m) has successfully removed. Before he weighed 121 kg and after 93 kilo6/69

Sven (28 years; 1.92 m) has successfully removed. Before he weighed 121 kg and after 93 kilo

© private; Susanne Wegner

Minus 28 kilo:
Low Carb brought the weight-loss success

Sven introduced his diet on low carb order and lost 30 kilos in 6 months. As he tired anyway and also was fit, the 28-year-old told here

Earlier in the school Sven was always the largest in its class - and the hardest. His pediatrician found the reason: "I had a thyroid underactive. Weight gain was undesirable, but unfortunately typical side effect" he says. Later he played American football, while his weight never really noticed - he himself made it all the more to create. Everyday things such as climbing stairs brought him to his limits, and when the miners went to the pool, he always stayed home. "The shame of my body was too large." But an accident changed everything. Sven retired in football practice a nasty knee injury. Since his body weight too weighed on the joint was so fast no improvement in sight. It was only one way out: take off! The decision took Sven in summer. A final gourmet meal, then he kicked overnight all carbohydrates from your diet, only drinking still water. "The first week was hell! But to give up was impossible." Our journey shows how he managed to lose almost 30 kg of body weight in just six months.

August 2015

Sven is on vacation his diet radically low carb to eating mostly lean meats and vegetables. Not the classic idea of ​​a holiday, but just as beneficial: Within only 3 weeks he is slimming incredible 12 kilos - so quickly and easily tumble not the pounds usually. "Back at work, some colleagues do not actually recognized, which has certainly inspired me."

September 2015

is weight training for Sven as Footballer not new. In order to make consistent progress, he gets support from a trainer from the gym. "Thanks to her, I will not be so much distraction in the gym." Now there are 2 to 3 endurance sessions per week, plus strength training for the definition. The diet is still impeccable. "By the time you reach the 20-kilo mark, giving up is not an issue anymore."

december 2015

For a few weeks Sven allowed a Cheatmeal week, his coach supported him further. Sport and healthy eating are becoming routine that he hardly noticed how his weight is dropping - down to the scale are 93 kilos. Sven is overjoyed! "The skin of the abdomen has suffered somewhat. Therefore, I will continue to be defined." Because Sven is now preparing prior to the next Men's-Health cover model contest.

Sven's favorite fat burner fuel: Chili Salsa Chicken

The sharp ingredient capsaicin from chili peppers boosts your metabolism, thus helping you lose weight.

Ingredients (for 2 persons)

3 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion
2 red bell peppers
250 g Cocktailtomaten
1 mango
1 Habanero Chili
1 clove garlic
1 EL Sherryessig
per 1 pinch of salt and pepper
2 turkey breast fillets


Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pot. Onion and bell pepper cubes and fry in oil. Tomatoes cut in half, dice the mango, chop chili and garlic and add the vinegar. simmer cover and at the lowest level 15 to 20 minutes. Then puree and season with a little salt and pepper. Sauté turkey in remaining oil and serve it.

Nutritional information (per person)

442 calories, 27 g protein, 26 g carbohydrates, 23 g fat

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Stefan (23 years; 1.80 m) has decreased 26 kilo: Before he weighed 106 kg and after 80 kilo7/69

Stefan (23 years; 1.80 m) has decreased 26 kilo: Before he weighed 106 kg and after 80 kilo

© private; Daniel Schindler

Minus 26 kilo:
From Partypummel the Beachboy

Clubs, alcohol and cigarettes ruined almost Stefan's body, he could only run 200 meters at a time. But then our reader changed his lifestyle - radically successful

As a child, Stefan never had problems with his weight - up from the children's birthday parties were right. The first alcohol escapades the first kilos too much came, his life was increasingly out of control. "My life just consisted of parties, alcohol and cigarettes," says Stefan. Sports? For as he had no time. When he's not made with his buddies the nights to days, he stood in the kitchen - Stefan did an apprenticeship as a cook. "Lots of good food, the temptation was everywhere." No conditions to put his life upside down.

And yet, he grabbed it! On Monday morning, after another boozy weekends the penny dropped. Stefan had simply had enough. "At exactly 15:00 I smoked my last cigarette and since then never drunk a drop of alcohol again." He decided summarily to compete in the army. In the screening he is found to be thick and immobile. But that does not throw him back, on the contrary - now more than ever, was his motto! To master the basic training, he underwent an incredible transformation in the coming months.

September 2014
Stefan's first jogging round is a disaster. "I grabbed just 200 meters." But it shows a will of iron: From then on, it runs three times a week until he can not anymore. He also makes regular exercises with his own body weight and mountain tours with stones in the backpack - the main thing in motion. Immediately's for lunch fruit salad instead of fried potatoes, bread, pasta and rice trained chef replaced summarily by lots of fruits and vegetables.

october 2014
The hard work pays off, the first 10 kg are gone. Only Stefan's party crew is his change of heart less enthusiastic. Of the former mates Stefan receives neither understanding nor encouragement. The disappointed and makes it way harder - but it can be false friends quickly behind. "Everyone should look at yourself and do his thing. There is more than one path to the goal. "

January 2015
Sport is soon to Stefan's life. With a weight of 81 kilograms, it denies the basic training and outdated in barracks run even his instructor in the army. Before Stefan committed to time the federal government, he takes a break, only half a year working in Portugal as a cook (as he prepares food that tastes good and is healthy), then in a spa hotel in Majorca as a sports and fitness -Animateur.

Massimo (27 years; 1,78m) has decreased 60 kilos, before he weighed 135 kg, after 75 kilo8/69

Massimo (27 years; 1,78m) has decreased 60 kilos, before he weighed 135 kg, after 75 kilo

© private; Sebastian Klingk

Minus 60 kilo:
defeated by Zoodles the spaghetti Wampe

Spaghetti of zucchini: Thanks Zoodles was able to give his preference for pasta our readers - and still lose weight 60 kilos

No pasta mountain was too high for Massimo ever. As part of a large Italian family is his passion for good food almost in the genes - if La Mamma cooks, no one says no to second helpings. Sport was never his thing. "I have always weighed around 100 kilograms," says Massimo, "so I have resigned myself someday."
Following a cold Massimo ill with just 23 years to the heart muscle. The doctor prescribed bed rest. Massimo took more and more to, was sluggish and withdrew more and more. With an eye on the scales came two years later the shock: 135 kilograms he weighed there. That was the warning shot! "My illness shook me awake. I wanted to finally make a difference. "Massimo has started with walks, more was initially not in it. In the diet on low carb his Italian family had to swallow for now. And his work put him obstacles in the way: As a printer he had to make fast food packaging. "Every day to see all the food was in the beginning pure torture." However, Massimo has managed to stay strong - and slimmed impressive 60 kilos at the end.

November 2014
 "At some point I have not been thinking over losing weight, but simply losgelegt." A colleague takes Massimo with the training to the studio: 3-kilo dumbbells bring it to its limits, and after 10 minutes on the stepper is final. "It was hell, but just at the beginning of one of the smallest step." At home cooks Massimo now itself - only in carbohydrates.

december 2014
The first 10 kilos are gone, but the absence of noodles increasingly difficult Massimo. He finds a replacement: Zoodles - Zucchini noodles contain no carbohydrates and satisfy the desire of the pasta fans. Psychologically certainly extremely helpful.

April 2015
Massimo is depressed. At 115 kilos nothing is happening despite strict diet and a lot of training on the scale for weeks. 20 kg he is said to have been taken? Who come to him suddenly in the mirror before nothing. But he does not give up. "All pure mind game. It will be objective never lose sight of "Lo and behold. After 4 weeks the pounds again.

december 2015
Massimo is then brought to 135 kg, it is a mystery today. He's like a different person, a balanced diet, drives a week 4 times Sport - at least. "I want to inspire others with my story. Where there's a will, there's a way. "

Massimo's best weight-loss recipe:
Zucchini Spaghetti: Zoodles are low carb substitute for all pasta lovers

Ingredients for 1 person
1 medium zucchini
2 tomatoes
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 EL mineral water
3 tablespoon tomato paste
2 tsp cream cheese, natural
1 teaspoon Italian herbs
½ teaspoon paprika, sweet and seductive
salt and pepper

zucchini cut with the spiral cutter into strips. Put the oil in a pan, fry the Zoodles over medium heat briefly. Dice the tomatoes, add, fry the whole thing 2 to 3 minutes. Deglaze with water. Tomato paste and stir in cream cheese. Season with herbs, paprika, salt and pepper. leave again simmer 2 minutes.

Nutritional information
271 calories, 10 g protein, 20 g carbohydrates, 16 g fat

Alexander (23 years, 1.78 m) speckte of 100 kilos of lean under 70 kilos and then built 20 kilos of pure muscle mass9/69

Alexander (23 years, 1.78 m) speckte of 100 kilos of lean under 70 kilos and then built 20 kilos of pure muscle mass

© private; Jutta Kennepohl

Plus 20 kilos of muscle mass:
Heavy successful at weight training

Increase is even more difficult than losing weight, at least on muscles. Our reader has both succeeded with flying colors

The left photo shows Alexander as thin herring. That was in 2011. Today, however, he can barely keep up muscle, as can be seen on the right picture. But the construction of 20 kilos of fat-free mass describes only half of its development, as has begun Alexander as overweight teenager. At 14, he weighed more than 100 kilos. "I've always liked eaten: noon when I came home from school with his grandparents, and in the evening again with my parents." Then came about the day together a lot. Eventually, Alexander has begun to address the issue of nutrition. "When I was grown, I've seen what's wrong." He turned around: In the course of 6 months radical calorie reduction the kilos tumbled with him the dozen.
However, the crash diet had not only advantages. A weight of 70 to 75 kilos would have been optimal. But Alexander has run 70 km per week, in addition to move around with the wheel, and otherwise he was very active in everyday life. "Driven by my customers result I wanted more and more," he says. And at the end of this phase, Alexander was just a line in the landscape.

summer 2011
For his degree of movement Alexander takes far too little food. "Actually, I did not want to lose weight even more, but was afraid to increase again." He had no strength in the muscles, weighed only 62 kilos, was very thin. I did not like him.
January 2012
19 Alexander discovered the weight training. "At first I had trouble because of my eating habits," he admits. "Enjoyed it myself anyway." When he dares again to eat more, come success. He trains an upper body / Unterkörper- Split and trying to continually improve in basic exercises (squats, dead lifts, bench press).
August 2016
Alexander makes 6 times a week sport. "Especially after the university that is optimal to shut down," he says. "If I do not feel like, I'm not doing anything." It feeds very aware, but treat yourself from time to time also a pizza or a piece of cake. "80 percent of my diet are healthy, 20 percent on your mood," he estimates. Occasionally takes Alexander creatine, and if he feels like it, it may sometimes be a protein shake. "Everything I need for muscle building, I get on my diet," he explains. "On holidays, I then allow myself everything on which I would like, and with the sport I set out." The next year he would like to take off as a model. However, the preservation of health and fitness a priority.

Alexander's fitness breakfast
Coconut Crunchy Muesli

Tip: Who wants to save calories, takes 40 grams of oatmeal instead of 75 grams of muesli.

Ingredients for 1 serving

Quark 250 g
100 ml low calorie coconut milk
1 dash sweetener  
150 g mixed berry
25 g goji
75 g muesli  

Mix the cottage cheese with coconut milk and sweetener, then add the mixed berries. distribute crunchy and goji berries about it.

Nutritional information per serving:
699 calories, 42 g protein, 88 g carbohydrates, 17 g fat

Total took Max (24 years, 1.86 m) 52 kilos of fat off and put seven kilos of muscle mass: before he weighed 130 kilos and after 85 kilos10/69

Total took Max (24 years, 1.86 m) 52 kilos of fat off and put seven kilos of muscle mass: before he weighed 130 kilos and after 85 kilos

© private; Stefan Eckstein

Minus 45 kilo:
Sport instead of crash diet

Twice tried our reader to decrease with crash diets - each vain. Then he changed his strategy. Such was his paunch-away program

As a child, Max had normal weight. But with puberty came fat, just barely visible, then more and more conspicuous. Reasons: too little exercise, too much fast food, later here and there a beer. "At some point I literally self-hatred developed," said Max. "I could not look in the mirror without feeling disgust and anger me." When the scale that was designed for a maximum weight of 125 kg indicated only "error" had come for him, the point to change anything. Research in Men's-Health-stapling and the weight-loss stories of other men motivated Max additionally.

First, he introduced his diet to get from one day to the next, then on salad, vegetables and crisp bread were announced. Motto: "The main thing low in calories" Max was proud when he survived a full day even times without anything to eat. "That was a few weeks good, but ended in disaster." Binge eating and yo-yo effects followed, so Max at the end was even thicker than before.

The second crash diet leads to the same result. "Then I realized: Will I lose weight permanently, I have to change my strategy." As the following year and a half for Max ran, read right.

october 2014
Max deals intensively with the topic of nutrition and calculates the daily requirement. "I reduced the intake by 400 calories and increased the protein content." He took fast food, beer and sweets entirely of his plan. Even sports is now contributing to success, Max starts to jog. "At first, I ran out of shame most of the evening in the dark. I could hardly 200 meters to travel without giving up plagued by side stitches. "

July 2015
Max bought new running shoes and summarizes to run even in daylight the courage. Slowly the good show further success, sometimes too much: "Over time, I was even a little too thin."

december 2015
In order to more muscle build, Max is now three times a week to the gym. "I've been training for a push-pull plan. After the strength training I ran mostly for 45 to 60 minutes. "When the time is short, Max shifts its drive unit to the next morning, before the university. he comes a week so as
to 3 hours endurance sports.

March 2016
Max feels healthier, suffer less from colds. Friends from his schooldays recognize him hard. "Some were disappointed that I did not go as often eat pizza with them or drink beer. But many sympathized and admired what I had achieved everything. "

Max's preferred fitness dessert: Protein Cheesecake
Suitable for snacking - and serves the evening as a protein source

ingredients for 4 persons
4 eggs
1 kg Magerquark
500 ml milk
100 g protein powder (preferably vanilla, but chocolate, raspberry, strawberry or hazelnut go, give a funny staining)
2 packs Pudding powder (vanilla flavor)

Mix all ingredients and pour into a large, greased springform pan. Preheat oven to 180 degrees, bake cakes 60 minutes. Turn off the oven, but it still can cool down about another half hour the cake before you finally get him out.

Nutritional information per person:
366 calories,
56 g protein,
6 g fat,
21 g carbohydrates

Mario (25 years; 1.83 m) has decreased 33 kilo: before he weighed 110 kg and after 77 kilo11/69

Mario (25 years; 1.83 m) has decreased 33 kilo: before he weighed 110 kg and after 77 kilo

© private;

Minus 33 kilo:
Slim thanks to Pizza

the world most delicious weight-loss strategy: Mario let it rip culinary really - and still took 6 months, more than 30 kilos. In this interview he reveals how he succeeded

As a teenager, you were slim. Why do you have so much weight?
When my wife and I first met, we have ceased to pay attention to what we eat and whether we move enough. We lost our motivation. Thus we have increased both about 30 kilos. Before our wedding in 2014, I still weighed more than 100 kilos.
What made you take the necessary motivation?
At some point I realized that I could no longer play with my little daughter. After small efforts such as climbing stairs, I was completely out of breath. I knew that I had to change something.  
As you put your diet?
At first I decided against any carbohydrates. But I felt very limp, had little energy. Now I eat still low carb, but renounce not entirely on rice, pasta and potatoes. I cook fresh every day for the family, with plenty of vegetables and other healthy ingredients.
Did you have to forgo eating to many things?
My favorite dishes I have eaten on the way I wanted, but I have something altered the recipes so they do not hit on her hips. Pizza's with us typically as lunch. In the morning I often bake pancakes with powdered egg white, almond milk, and fruit, but without sugar. In the evening there tasty ham cannelloni stuffed with cream cheese, cocktail tomatoes and peppers.
Which sport has helped you lose weight?
I started running, but unfortunately I was once not very far. But over time, the successes one. Then I enrolled in a gym. Today I play three times a week football training in the gym and doing home exercises using your own body weight.
How did your fellow man on the lost kilos?
Initially the response was very positive. Everyone has praised me. But as the weight came less than 80 kilos, some were skeptical and said it no longer saw healthy from that I should not be too thin.
6 months only took your transformation. Have you had it even
no setbacks?

Not really. Although after Christmas I had it by 5 kilos more, but they were quickly back down and reached my ideal weight. Now I help my wife, also decrease. I cook not only for them but also give her tips for exercises.

Marios favorite fitness court: Pizza with tuna paste
Normally, the Italian specialty is made with a yeast dough. But contains many carbohydrates through the flour. Mario came up with a clever way to increase the protein content and thus off body fat and build muscle.

ingredients for the dough for 2 people
2 cans of tuna
2 eggs
1 pinch of salt

The dough ingredients mix well and spread the mass on a baking sheet. bake at 180 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes in the oven. After that occupy the pizza crust according to taste with tomato, cheese and other ingredients, and then push again for 15 to 20 minutes in the oven.

Nutritional information per person, without lining
243 calories
45 g protein
1 g carbohydrates
7 g fat

Roman (25 years; 1.84 m tall) weighed before and after 108 kilo 88 kilo12/69

Roman (25 years; 1.84 m tall) weighed before and after 108 kilo 88 kilo

© private

Minus 20 kilo:
Finally the kilos suspended

When our reader was looking at the photos shortly after his wedding, he immediately thought of separation - of his excess weight. How novel has made it, he says in an interview

How did you come up with the 108 kilos?
As a child I was in karate, boxing and the taekwondo. 16 Then celebrate and fast food have replaced the training time, grow the stomach - especially since I also love to eat.

And when you have thought: Something has to change something?
I had long been logged with good intentions in the gym. But after two months of training, I lost the motivation quickly. I had too little patience, I celebrated too much and exercising wrong. To make matters worse I swallowed and diet pills and all kinds of supplements - all this is ultimately just a waste of money. When I married at age 21 and I
Six months later, my wedding photos have been viewed, it just clicked. So I just did not want to look like I had more no neck, and I felt terrible. In early 2013, I then found again in a Men's-health issue the necessary motivation, signed up in the boxing club and 3 times leave it there a week crash neat for one and a half hours. After some time, I have rediscovered the strength training and changed my diet.

There was support from family or your friends?
After two months, I have already heard the first compliments - that motivated me enormously. Now when I meet people who have not seen me long, I am often asked how I managed that. Meanwhile, I can give other people advice, motivate. Especially my wife supported me and left me for my training as much time as I need. We now often make sports together - I run, she goes to the wheel on the side.

What is the moment of your weekly Sport stint?
I do three times a week before the work strength training, so I have the evening for my family more time. Specially, I also bought a sling trainer, built a Bauchtrainer itself. My fitness bag is always packed. In it I always jump rope, running shoes and headphones - a kind of mobile gym. And 2 times a week I go running with my dog ​​or ride a longer distance by bike. The four kilometers to work and back are now commonplace.

Sports is not everything. How about because with your diet?
I eat after the Paleo principle. The fridge is refilled every Monday. For breakfast there is then about cream cheese with nuts and fruit or cereal, after
Training a protein shake. At noon I do not begrudge me steamed vegetables, plus there is meat, such as chicken. In the evening, I make fresh salad. In between I drink green tea or a small boost to the metabolism sometimes a cup of coffee. I cook in general very much and am now more often in the kitchen as my wife. Once a week I treat myself aware of a pizza or a kebab. That is the reward for the effort I run a week.

Are you on target, or there's more?
My intermediate goal is reached. But I want to end up maybe in the Men's-Health Cover, that would be great!

Romans best fitness dish: chicken with quinoa
Goes superfix - and the high protein content of the grain promotes muscle growth.

ingredients  for 2 people
75 g quinoa
1 red pepper
½ head of broccoli
200 grams of carrots
Tablespoon olive oil 2
300g chicken breast

1. Wash quinoa, then simmer over low heat for 15 minutes with the three-fold amount of water.
2. Cut the vegetables finely and fry with 1 tablespoon olive oil. But not too long - the vegetables should be al dente.
3. Season the vegetables with salt, pepper and curry powder.
Then cut the meat into strips and cook over medium heat with 1 tablespoon olive oil.
4. Finally, mix the vegetables with quinoa, both put together and serve alongside the finished chicken on a plate.

Nutritional information per person
538 calories
33 g carbohydrates
47 g protein
24 g fat

January (21 years, 1,77m) weighed 115 kilos before and after 70 kilos13/69

January (21 years, 1,77m) weighed 115 kilos before and after 70 kilos

© private; Jens Nieth

Minus 45 kilo:
Thanks to strict time frame weight loss target achieved

Our readers wanted Jan. pass the screening and study sports after school. But 30 kilos of fat were his plan in the way. This weight loss program brought him to the goal

What was the trigger for weight loss?
For me it was always clear that I will not make any office job where I just sit at a desk. I really wanted to do something active: Sports studying, going to the police or to become an officer, that was my dream. Unfortunately many kilos were between me and the career aspirations. I scoured the admission criteria of the Bundeswehr and soon knew that I had five months to decrease by 30 kilos.  

You have then also made. How did you manage?
I went to the sports doctor and got advice me how I can be healthy, but still lose weight fast. He advised me to low-carb diet. That meant for me away with frozen pizzas and sweets, in with lean meat and vegetables. In the morning there was from then on a fruit smoothie for lunch of rice, vegetables and meat, then in the evening a salad and in between more fruits and vegetables. I've also gone back to sport. At first I was much swimming. After I had taken a bit, I went for a run. And I discovered for me Athletics training that is incredibly varied.

What happened with the slimming down?

First I had to "only" meet the requirements in the army and saw the sport as a means to an end. But then it began to really make fun. I got better and better, and I knew that if I pick up even more, I can further increase the mileage. The dream of a sports studies became more concrete. However, the entrance exam there is quite diverse. You have to pay it also have some gymnastic elements, and of which I was initially still far away. But the desire to pass the exam, was great. That motivated me - I passed.

Gab's take occasional setbacks?

The right concept in the nutrition I missed at first. I have always eaten turkey, at some point I could not see that. New recipes with other food and more variety when seasoning helped me then to make the whole thing again tasty. Once a month I have allowed myself a cheat day in my favorite restaurant.  

What is your advice to people who are similar in a
Situation is?

Extremely important to always have a clear goal in mind is. is also very motivating a strict time frame that reminds you again because you stay on the ball. It is also important to have a concept of how to proceed after that. Otherwise you quickly falls back into old patterns. Also support for helping others. For me it was a good buddy, the fitness model is. He always took me to the training and gave me lots of tips. Role models can be useful. If you imagine how Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper look, the goal is much more tangible than a number on the scale.

Jans favorite fitness court: Asian wok
A perfect mix of protein-rich poultry and fresh vegetables. Whoever omits the rice, saving 215 calories.

ingredients for 4 persons
250 g brown rice
1 kg chicken breast
3 onions
3 cloves garlic
1 head broccoli
2 parsnips
2 peppers
200 g cherry tomatoes
1 can of green beans
1 package bean sprouts
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon sharp Asia-spice mixture

Rice according to package instructions to cook. Chicken cut into thin strips and the onions into slices. Garlic presses. Broccoli separate from the stalks, rub parsnips, cut peppers and cherry tomatoes small, drain the beans. give peanut oil to the wok. First, meat and onions fry, gradually add vegetables, then the soy sauce. Season to taste and then continue to cook until the desired bite strength is reached.

Nutritional information per person
749 calories
75 g protein
74 g carbohydrates
13 g fat

IT expert Ronny (34 years, 1,78m) still weighed 122 kg before seven months, now he weighs 88 kilos14/69

IT expert Ronny (34 years, 1,78m) still weighed 122 kg before seven months, now he weighs 88 kilos

© private; Georg Knoll

Minus 34 kilo:
No thick buddy more

Our readers met an old friend who had lost 30 kilos. He weighed just now so much more. Then he went to his Abspeck project - with weighty success

Even before seven months, weighed 122 kilos. How it came to the change?  
I was simply no longer felt comfortable as Overweight. When I met 7 months ago a friend who weighed 30 kilos less than before, whereas I had 30 kilos more on the ribs, I realized: It has to change! I threw everything out of the fridge Unhealthy, replacing it with fresh products: fruits, vegetables, lamb, beef and turkey. Since then I eat after the Paleo principle.

How this worked food conversion?
Better and better. That carbohydrates are not for me, I realized quickly. After a plate of pasta I had quickly hungry again. Protein and fat diet makes me sick much longer. But the sport has brought a lot to me enormously.

Was it difficult to go through with all this?
After 3 to 4 months it was a short time when my weight remained constant. When I put new stimuli during training, however, I took off again.

What is your exercise in detail?
First I'm 2 weeks gone just a walk, then I improved. Meanwhile I run 6 times a week out in the woods. Since I come almost every time at 10 kilometers. In between, I put a sprint or run a mountain up. Exercises with my body weight are also on the program. Variety is the key to success. Basically, you should always make the sport that brings the most fun. Then one is always motivated, looking forward to every single workout.

What kind of reaction there was from friends and colleagues?
I often hear the question: "Where is the rest of you go?" I was also held ever for a new employee in the workplace. Of course, that's really cool! If I do professionally Meeting friends, but I notice that I will be treated with more respect than was previously the case. Unfortunately, the appearance is accorded great importance, especially in my work environment.

Do you still have goals now?
I'm so happy all right and never thought that I would ever get this far. My goal is to take another 6 kilos. Then I want to work on building muscle. I can also well imagine, in the area of ​​personal training and nutritional counseling to become active. I know how you feel as Dicker, so I can use my experiences to pass well to others.

Patrick (23 years old, 1.85 m) before weighed 120 kg and after 82 kilo15/69

Patrick (23 years old, 1.85 m) before weighed 120 kg and after 82 kilo

© Christina Dagne

Minus 38 kilo:
destroy through waivers fat

Men's-Health-Leser Patrick took the Lent as an opportunity to completely revamp his life. What a massive weight-loss success he had it, he told in an interview

They have taken around 40 kg in six months. because what was the impetus?
It was Lent. All have given up something, for alcohol or sweets. but I have decided on a complete change my diet because I was planning to get rid of for some time my reputation as "Fettie". With a colleague I got my nutrition tips and went back into the gym.

Did you remove previously tried before?

Not directly. At 16 I was already signed up for a while in the gym. I also played a lot of football. However, that was too much of my former girlfriend, because I hardly had time for them. So I stopped with the pump in order to save the relationship. But I still ate rampant. Then it was over - at first only with my figure, but even with my girlfriend.

And how did after switching your diet?
It was water, turkey and Sport held Cola, fast food and coffee. The first week was really hard - it was indeed from 0 to 100. But by Easter I had to persevere. After the third week, it was much easier for me. The new behavior was slowly habit, and after a while I did so as early as 7 kilos less on the scales. That inspired me. My basic principle: the morning enough carbohydrates in the evening only salad and fish. I also find the shakes, the Men's Health has introduced a time in each issue, really awesome. A quick shake that provided me with many important nutrients, am often my salvation when I can not get out of bed in time again. The booklet pages I have archived to quickly access recipes. And the calories Management helps me a bracelet that indicates my consumption. So I always know exactly how much I have burned - and how much more I can eat without I grow in importance.

And also boost through exercises to burn fat?
Naturally. Most of all I'm doing classic squats with barbell. I prefer the deadlift Sumo variant with little further spread legs. And Flys on cable pulley I train the chest muscles. 5 times a week I go to the studio, of which 1 time for endurance training. If I do not train by 3 days, I get a bad mood.

How did actually react to your conversion your environment?
Old friends from school have looked pretty from the laundry than they have seen me again after some years. And the relatives still amazed. Recently I met my ex-girlfriend. At first I thought they would ignore me, however, has found out that she did not recognize me. And that put me a bit confirmed. By the way, now we both have new relationships - and are both happy.

Lehramtstudent Robert (25 years, 1.87 m) has decreased 90 kilos: Before he weighed 180 kilos and after 90 kilos16/69

Lehramtstudent Robert (25 years, 1.87 m) has decreased 90 kilos: Before he weighed 180 kilos and after 90 kilos

© private;

Minus 90 kilos:
Weight halved in just 10 months

Up to 180 kilos of our reader was difficult. Every movement caused him problems. Then he pulled the fat brake. In the interview, he tells how he halved his weight in less than a year

Was there a key moment that led you to your
to change lives?

The balance has eventually only "Error" appears. Much worse but was it that I barely came to my class to the 2nd floor and then totally done in the classroom was. That was really uncomfortable to me the children. In the lecture hall, I can barely fold down the table to the chairs I knew now have to, I have to change something.

In 10 months you have lost 90 kg. How did you do that?
Before that I had no regular meals. I ate an excessive amount. Greasy like pizza, chips, fries and kebabs were part of my everyday life. Then I got myself about healthy eating, omitted from then on carbohydrates, eat protein-rich, worried fresh vegetables and fruits. From time to time there are now fish. I now eat breakfast every day a yogurt with fruit and some oatmeal. Noon I take from home something with the university. In the evening there is nothing left after 18 PM.

Was it hard to go through with this relatively radical change?
The first 2 months were actually very hard. Especially my grandparents were there just do not understand why I was eating at a time no potatoes and no gravy. Hard as it was when I was traveling with fellow students in the evening and everyone has eaten a sausage. Since then only a half: to stay strong, to believe in me and are always one hundred percent behind the plan.

Get ready to get beyond even sports?  
A totally consistent exercise program at first I did not have. The first significant weight loss was based solely on my diet. Since now 4 months but I am logged into a gym and brace there 3 to 4 times a week the iron. And I go everywhere by bike, if that is possible. Because I'm already become so much easier, I move in everyday life much more than before.

What friends and family say about your change?
Fellow students, I have not seen in a while, do not recognize me. From initial skepticism, I no longer feel anything. My friends and family are right behind me. Sometimes I am now even asked for my advice when it comes to losing weight.

Michael (39 years; 1.86 m) has decreased: before he weighed 140 kg, after 96 kg17/69

Michael (39 years; 1.86 m) has decreased: before he weighed 140 kg, after 96 kg

© private; Photo Studio Thomas Mannheim

Minus 44 kilo:
An achiever with perseverance

Previously, he was a slacker, then Micheal grabbed the motion virus. Now he has reached his ideal weight, even start the triathlon. So he turned up from idleness

They have angefuttert proud 140 kilos over the years. How did it come to this?  
I've always liked and much gefuttert. Due to the job and because of my habits I have, however, go always eaten the wrong thing and drinking.

Then you started from 0 through 100, to Ironman events set as a target. Has there's also been setbacks?  
No, that was for me a unique success story - but I also have all changed dramatically: diet, lifestyle and sports. I ate more vegetables and fruit, cola and beer omitted and moved me much more in everyday life. I trained with the right heart rate and can now also adjust the diet correctly to training. Within 7 months I have lost 40 kilos.

How did you come to triathlon, and where does your great ambition?  
I started with bumpy run, then came the obstacle course and then the first half marathon. By chance I saw in a shop, a bicycle and it set me. From the beginning, this feeling was great! After that I gave a personal training for Christmas my wife. The coach there's been times racers. He has motivated me to get more out of me.

How do you manage, in addition to the job and your family still
enough to train?

I go running mostly at night, when my children are asleep. Rad I go in the morning when they are not yet awake. And swimming, we all go together. Then the family liked to paddle alongside the boat, firing at me.

What motivates you to so much training?
As I crossed the first time the half marathon, the finish line and strangers who cheered and cheered me, it grabbed me. This is really a fantastic feeling - and that, I wanted more.

What has worked for you - apart from the performance as an athlete - else changed everything?
I have found in this time how valuable and important it is to cook for themselves. Clean time it does not cost more effort, but the benefits that you have it, is enormous. I can now determine which nutrients I eat, and I'm doing this also much better. Now, when I see other people who feed on as well as I did earlier, every time I run quite clearly in mind what I have then done everything wrong.

Tom (20 years, 1.93 m) has decreased: Before he weighed 103 kilos and after 85 kilos18/69

Tom (20 years, 1.93 m) has decreased: Before he weighed 103 kilos and after 85 kilos

© private

Minus 18 kilo:
From Burger Boy for Beach Body

The US is a paradise for fast food fans. Even our Leser Tom could not resist the lure there as a teen. The Whopper wonderland left its mark: The paunch grew sank the ego. But Tom made the turnaround - a method for everyone

At a young age many fail to decrease in the attempt. As you have gone through?
For me, losing weight did not work right away. Since my childhood I play football, but I became thicker and thicker. Only after several unsuccessful diets, I have made it. The deciding factor was a look in the mirror when I came from the United States from my student exchange home. Over I said to burgers and XL-Cola never no - I felt like I was in paradise. Here the scale showed 110 kg. I could not keep up at soccer practice, was one of the slowest. Totally annoying! but the biggest motivation was wegzukriegen the big belly. I was with my appearance, very unhappy, and my effect on women also left a lot to be desired.

Was there a plan for how you wanted to get rid of the paunch?
Not directly, but what has brought me a lot, was endurance sports. I was active, playing with my friends outside basketball walked, run or pulled in the lake or in the pool my tracks. And I began to pay attention to what I eat. I have in everyday consistently dispensed candy and touched not fast food more. Instead, there was also plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein-rich and light meals.

For this purpose a lot of motivation was certainly necessary.
A big plus was that my parents have been through the change in diet, without a murmur. Even today, I put every 2 weeks a cheat day where I eat, what I would like: chips, candy, pizza. Such a day tremendously motivating. I lost 8 kilos in six months.

These are all actions that cost nothing. Was that an important aspect?
Absolute! Even with the absence of fast food I've saved a lot of money. Only after half a year I began additionally with training in the gym. I went next to the school casual work and earned me so the money for the contribution. I design my training schedule as varied as possible. Only when the sport is fun, I can give everything. After eighteen months I had lost 18 kilos, built at the same time plenty of muscle. Even though I am now a big fan of weight exercises, I have to say: Without the training in the gym, I would not be so in the form as it is now.

Michael (35 years; 1.76 m) has decreased: Before he weighed 91 kg and after 73 kilo19/69

Michael (35 years; 1.76 m) has decreased: Before he weighed 91 kg and after 73 kilo

© private

Minus 18 kilo:
Fit in the fast lane

In just one year it has managed our readers to remove almost 20 kilos and define his body perfectly. In the interview, he reveals how ultimately be a stressful working day and a lot of car-riding agree perfectly with diet and exercise

2014 They began to revamp your life. What was the occasion?
I was on my way to a client and wanted to 3rd floor, without lift. I got up immediately offered a chair and asked if everything was okay. I was completely out of breath, that struck me really. That very day I began to find out about healthy eating deliberately.

And how you have changed the diet?
Beside been traveling a lot. There used to lunch fast food, evening, frozen pizza, chocolate and chips. To cook, I was too exhausted. Fruits and vegetables I did not like. I started looking to switch to low-carb diet, that diet low in carbohydrates, but with a lot of poultry meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit. I found it in the first week of hard, but I stuck it out - and then the hankering for chips and Co. were almost gone, the new food tasted better and better. I was amazed, especially the fact that I did not have to go hungry.

How fit the new food strategy in the everyday stressful job?
Snacks such as bananas and Magerquark I packed myself. At noon I went to the supermarket and got myself salad, chicken breast strips and other carbohydrate foods. I also have evening but then cooked more often themselves.

How do you respect the motivation for the training program?
After 4 months with the new diet and a few kilos less I wanted more. Your before-after stories I've always found great. I have great respect for men who can turn that way. And the more success I looked at myself, the more grabbed my ambition. The training struck very good, so that after a few months a slight Sixpack became apparent that I had not even begin to advance.

What forms of training you have then led to the goal?
Bodyweight exercises and high-intensity interval training. But I do not need a club and not a studio. The training I can do at home, I'm not bound by time. Now I am in the morning an hour earlier on, to train. After work I hang occasionally turn even an evening workout. Before, I often had back pain, which I notice anything anymore. I arrange to meet me up on weekends and others to form a fitness session, try to goad their ambition through my achievements - really great, then what Sun comes back everything!

Robert (34 years; 1.73 m) has decreased 40 kilos: Before he weighed 110 kg and after 70 kilo20/69

Robert (34 years; 1.73 m) has decreased 40 kilos: Before he weighed 110 kg and after 70 kilo

© private; Jens Nieth

Minus 40 kilo:
Slim with vegetables and protein

Dangerous for increasing blood pressure, many drugs: Things can not go on, our reader did - and rolled from one day to his life for. Which Slim strategy succeeded, he reveals in the interview

40 kilos you have slimmed down within a year. How did it happen?
At some point my ambition was just strong enough. It has shaken me as I realized that I can hardly move. And to the doctor every time were the drugs a little higher doses. I woke up one morning and knew: Now it's time. I wanted it so much! So the first step went to the refrigerator. I have fully supported determined five garbage bags with unhealthy foods out of the apartment.

What was the fridge stocked following?
I had not so much about healthy eating. That vegetables and high quality protein are healthy, however, you know. I ate and still eat a lot of cottage cheese. Also, I love fish I futtere currently almost every day with steamed vegetables. Also eggs should not be missing.

They said that they could barely move, and now you have a dream body. How to pack it?
I started walking and occasionally train with a small incline on the treadmill. After about five months, I was
so far that I increase the pace and my walks could gradually call jog. Then I bought some fitness magazines. Most have promised me the work-outs in Men's Health, which are clearly explained and applied in the studio without any problems. The pages I still like to get out cut out of your book and ask myself so my workout together.

And what about your blood pressure?
I do not need any medication. My blood pressure is for a few months in the normal range, I feel absolutely fit and healthy. It's really amazing what you can change everything for the better through sport and a sensible diet in a relatively short time.

What does your environment to change?
In my family, they are proud of me. It is sometimes a bit weird if I bring home cooked instead of enjoying the hearty my mother's kitchen, but when I look in the mirror, it is more than worth it. And the job I like to play around with it, such as when a customer asks for something powerful colleague, whom he has not seen in a while. I then say: This is my twin brother, who now works elsewhere.

Anton (25 years; 1.76 m) has decreased: Before he weighed 128 kg and after 85 kilo21/69

Anton (25 years; 1.76 m) has decreased: Before he weighed 128 kg and after 85 kilo

© private

Minus 43 kilo:
Besides job: Fat Burner

job seeking or gym? provided by his parents before the election, the then student chose the latter. In Abspeck interview our readers reveals how he has subsequently lost more than 40 kilos in time

They were thick as a child. As you have turned the corner?
remove my wish came forward to puberty. All my mates had a girlfriend, but I got nothing. At 16 years, I have never visited a gym. And I put off well but soon became careless. A year later, the parents hit me a deal: If I go to the studio on a regular basis, I have to look for any part-time job. And even the monthly fee there they wanted to pay for me. I could not tell me twice, of course.

What training has worked well for you?
I made a lot of endurance training in the first period, while temporarily only eaten a salad per day. So I took off very quickly. My skin but was so limp that I had to tighten the abdominal wall. My coach told myself that I should eat more.

How do you integrate your sport stint in the daily routine?
In my intense weight loss phase, I got up at 5 am to go through with my first unit in the gym. Lunch during the break other muscles were then off. In the evening it went to hockey practice. Muscle aches and leg cramps did not stay there from, but my ambition has still kept driving me. Today I am completing 5 times a week weight training, even endurance training, and 2 times a week is Ice Hockey turn. The completely sufficient.

Her secret when it comes to healthy eating?
So, to me it has totally helped to make Sunday to cheat Day. Then I allow myself everything that I get like a week. Otherwise, I eat 5 to 6 small meals, and for the work I prepare a packed lunch. And if my time comes over the cravings for sweets, I eat low fat curd cheese with a tablespoon of egg white powder and some water.

And how women respond to your transformation?

At 18, I lost the most weight, the women turned to me then more and more. And that has driven me to keep training. Soon after, there was the first relationship with my current girlfriend I have been together three years.

Ronny (33 years; 1.90 m) weighed before and after 104 kilo 92 kilo22/69

Ronny (33 years; 1.90 m) weighed before and after 104 kilo 92 kilo

© private; Yasmin Mineo /

Minus 12 kilo:
rapid Movers

As our readers his bacon belly showed the red card, he also came the dream of professional football much closer. In this interview he talks about how it was for him

They were only slightly overweight. What was to do something the impulse?
I used to never given much thought to my body weight and a healthy diet, has always been active footballers. Then I looked at the photos of of a summer holiday in Majorca. I thought, so I do not want to look like, it has to change something. Then I got a Men's-health issue in their hands, took it further inspiration. The guys also are really well trained.

The decision was made. But also let the implement so simple?

Surprisingly, yes. I losgelegt, looks at me with a healthy diet. Renounced pasta, potatoes, rice and fatty sauces. After 5 days I was going four kilos. Of course, I lost this week too much water, but it inspired me to keep going.

How does such a day with little carbohydrates from? What are you eating?

Omelet, like tomato or tuna, is one of my favorite breakfast. It gives me power for the day and holds enough for a while. At work, I drink a protein shake in the morning break I eat a low-fat quark with sweetener, vanilla powder and a dash of water - then it tastes creamy. Noon I like turkey or tuna, in the evening I often make me a vegetable pan, preferably with eggplant and onions.

Was the change in diet hard for you? Litt including your mood?
Friends warned me to leave out carbohydrates, because the mood going into the cellar. Of these, but I have not noticed anything. I was just happy about the good results.

You have properly gained muscle mass. How do you manage that?

build only through football training muscles, is very difficult. It was my brother who advised me to go once to the studio. We have since put together a workout and we pulled it consistently. In my lunch break I built a small abdominal workout to approach me a six-pack. Otherwise, I prefer training with body weight and doing my fitness studio like the so-called 360-degree circle, so are almost all muscle groups covered.

Are you satisfied with what you have achieved? What remains to be done?
You're never satisfied, I think. Although I have already halved the percentage of body fat, but my muscles I want to define more. Bottom line, I can say that I have become fitter. I can see that especially in football - now I'm playing in the regional league, and that requires 6 days a week of hard training. So my carbohydrate reserves rich safe for 90 minutes, are now used on weekends sometimes noodles or brown rice on the plate.

Daniel (25 years; 1.83 meters) weighed 136 kg previously, after 81 kilo23/69

Daniel (25 years; 1.83 meters) weighed 136 kg previously, after 81 kilo

© private; Hannes Loske

Minus 55 kilos:
Super-fueled power

From thick PC Nerd to entwine Diet Hero in just 13 months: Interview our reader explains how brought him small steps to success

Around 50 kilos less in a year - how did you motivate them?
After numerous tests and weight loss yo yo effects that had put me in the meantime to 150 kilos, health aspects were the decisive impulse. I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and have noticed that I do not be good for ready meals and fast food. In addition, I realized that I can not ask all at once from me. Overnight only vegetables, every day in the studio, while still be in high spirits: a great respect for the one who creates! I eventually came across the book "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. This has helped me to change step by step in my life small things.

What was your first step towards a healthier lifestyle?
My digestive sake I have completely dispensed with grain. Instead were fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fish on the menu - and the pounds tumbled. Then I began to cook for themselves. had become as my new diet after 6 months a habit, I began to be physically active. I grabbed every morning my bike and cycled six kilometers to work. This occurred to me at the beginning not easy, but it was incredibly effective. After nine months, I had already lost 40 kilos.

To what extent have thus changes the irritable bowel symptoms?

In my stomach, it was thanks to a lot of vegetables and probiotics, so I could eat rice and potatoes gradually getting quiet after some time again. Now, I realize again, can do carbohydrates as well when choosing the right, properly dosed and deploying them specifically for training.

Have you increased your training schedule about cycling at?
It has rankled me that I did not even have enough power in the arms of a pushup. So I started to train with my own body weight. For the last 10 kilos I have extended my program regularly made even more strength training. So I could up 1 kg muscle mass and reduce fat one kilogram per month.

And you got the Abspecken help from friends or family?
First of all have ridiculed me and not believed that I would make it to remove as much. But that has only inspired me even more. I gained more and more confidence and I finally met my friend who shares my attitude to life and health. We cook together and go together to the sport. Even from friends and family I get great recognition. I am no longer the computer crazy, overweight nerd who did not even bring a pushup to pass.

David (24; 1.85 m) has decreased: before he weighed 105 kg and after 80 kilo24/69

David (24; 1.85 m) has decreased: before he weighed 105 kg and after 80 kilo

© private

Minus 25 kilos:
Ciao fries, hello fit!

Fast Food was his vice, salad and sports saved him. In Abspeck interview Leser David tells his story and provides a creative solution for a workout (almost) without Studio

You have taken a total of 25 kilograms. What was the trigger?
I once said to my wife: If the number is three digits on the scale, I pull the ripcord. At 105 kg I finally realized that I the children can no longer be a role model in my job as an educator. Since it did finally click with me. As part of a transition to move kindergarten, when we had to make a teacher license, I found again the joy of sport. Very clichéd as the new year I started my weight loss project. This is now back more than 3 years.

Keyword fun: What exactly was one because to your exercise program?
First I signed up at the gym and went jogging. But I lacked the time and it bugged me to wait in the evening in the studio on free devices. So I decided to train at home. In my studio the weight bench took quite a lot of space. Since the idea of ​​turning my old garden shed into a mini-gym came to me. At nearly 4 square meters I installed a weight bench, an exercise bike and a punching bag. At least four times a week I moved in Muckibüdchen through my program, so I'm in shape. Before, I either went for a jog or made on the doorstep jump rope to warm me up.

Gave only the sport or did you have to change your diet?
A fan of sweets I've never been, fortunately, my vice was more fast food. There were a number of things that were wrong in my diet. My approach was then to waive as far as possible on carbohydrates. For example, if I allow myself a steak today, I leave out fries and mayo and eat instead, a delicious salad. Every now and again but I make an exception: If I go, for example, even on weekends with friends to football, I allow myself a cheat day in terms of food and drink. That must be otherwise it would really hard to endure the healthy line.

Did you get support from the outside on the way to washboard abs?
My wife has always supported me in this project, I now consider as a hobby. She buys me a healthy things, even if they themselves rather times in the mood for something sweet. but still continue to fall, I will not, I have achieved my desired weight. Nevertheless, I continue to follow a healthy lifestyle and trying to build a little more muscle mass. Sometimes I lose the confidence on my way. Then bring me my wife back to earth and shows me the example that I used to not even fit in the pants, I'm wearing.

Serdar (24; 1.68 m) from Hagen previously weighed 125 kg, after 58 kilo25/69

Serdar (24; 1.68 m) from Hagen previously weighed 125 kg, after 58 kilo

© private; Jens Nieth

Minus 67 kilos:
He has his weight by more than half

A clear goal and Turkish food instead of home cooking on the plate: Our reader tells you how he more than halved his weight

They have lost more than half of your body weight within a year. How did it for the turnaround?
As a teenager, I have always been slim, but in 5 years relationship I had somehow angefuttert my kilos. With us it was often greasy homemade food in huge portions, we also often gave large orders for dinner on the delivery service. After separating from my partner in 2012 I wanted to break, began to switch my diet to finally take off. I wanted to be back, I used to be. To date, I have lost a total of 67 kilograms.

What have you got to earlier changes in the diet in comparison?
It was my intention to take off without a radical diet. I did not go hungry, but still eat well, just a little different. After the first kilos were tumbling, I made concretely the 60-kilo mark as desired weight in the eye. During this time I am eating 2 to 3 slices of dark bread, noon mostly Turkish food in smaller portions. The evening was not ordered from the takeaway, but unwrapped the brown bread. The Turkish my mother's food is quite contrary to German home cooking good to lose weight but also suitable for building muscle as rice and vegetables each play an important role in the courts. On sweets I have completely dispensed with. In order to dampen somewhat the cravings for chocolate, I often baked cakes or crepes - with protein powder without sugar.

This diet was enough to lose so much weight?

No. After 4 months and 42 kilos of weight loss I signed up at the gym because I was afraid of sagging, hanging skin. There took me a personal trainer supported by a workout plan and diet tips always stood by me. I went three times a week to the sport to pull my about 2 hours long program. This began each with a 10-minute warm-up, then I completed a lot of strength training, and ended with a 30-minute leakage. When strength training, the focus was on the way exercises with weight.

Are you completely satisfied now or have you set new goals?

For me, the greatest risk was to ever take off. In the meantime, my weight was down to 54 kg, which did not look good. My friends took me there on the floor of the facts back and made me realize that I had become far too thin and should increase. Currently, I give myself to 3000-3500 calories a day, so zuzulegen back to ground and build some muscle. At least 60 kilograms, it shall be again if enough muscles are there, maybe more.

Serdar sweets spare
These treats provide more protein than sugar

 wintry cake

  • 2 small bananas
  • 1 apple
  • 150 g of oat flakes
  • 1 egg
  • 1 handful of almonds
  • 1 dash of milk
  • 30 g egg white powder
  • 1 handful raspberries
  • 1 pinch of spice or cinnamon Spekulatius
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder

Mix everything together, then place in a springform pan, place in the oven and bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

 Kraft crepe from the oven

  • 100 g of oat flakes
  • 1 egg
  • 1 dash of milk
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 50-100 g fat quark
  • 30 g egg white powder
  • 1 handful raspberries (microwaved)

The oatmeal, egg and milk mix together. The mass spread on baking paper and bake for about 10 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven. Peel the apple and 2 minutes to warm in the microwave, then crush with the banana in a small bowl. Mix in cinnamon. Remove the baking sheet from the oven, then distribute the apple-banana puree over the dough. Roll up cakes with baking paper and push again for 10 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven. Mix the skimmed quark, the egg white powder and raspberries together thoroughly, then serve to crepe.

Bernd (28; 1.70) previously weighed 81 kg, after 71 kilo26/69

Bernd (28; 1.70) previously weighed 81 kg, after 71 kilo

© private

Minus 10 kilo:
Top shape with pace

His job in the field trieb Bernd into the fast food trap. But he pulled the emergency brake - and gave the sport on the gas as he reveals in the interview

They had relatively little overweight. What was the reason for losing weight?
It often came remarks from friends, along the lines of: You can go pretty but you! Externally, I let the bounce off me, but inwardly hurt me very much. When I realized that I made to create even small physical effort, I made up my mind in that respect again to get fit. My goal was to remove 10 kilograms in 10 weeks.

What have you done to reach your desired weight so quickly?
Before there was due to my work in the field, almost daily fast food. By then abruptly end. 6 days a week I gave up carbs, sugar and dairy products. On the 7th day I ate what I wanted, even sweets and other forms of carbohydrates. Still, I lost in 2 weeks 9 centimeters abdominal circumference, and then inspired me even further.

What was a typical Nutrition Day at this stage with you from?
I ate three times a day, plus snacks, such as nuts. Morning were eggs in any form on the menu for lunch, I often got me a finished salad from the supermarket, and in the evening I cooked: fish or meat with fresh salad. After a workout, I took the liberty of milk and fruit as an energy supplier. The hardest renouncing struck me on evenings with pals, consuming the chips and beer, but I held out.

They have risen even to muscles. Which sport was this necessary?
I've done four times a week sport, either using training videos or in the gym. I am also 1- or 2 times went a week or rode a bike.

Keep up or will you change your habits again?
I respect still on my diet, but treat myself more often a piece of black bread, which was off-limits during the 10 weeks. I still drink anything containing sugar, but by 3 liters of water or unsweetened tea per day. Sport I drive further 3 to 4 times a week. I want to maintain my weight and further define my muscles. Around me I get a lot of positive feedback.

Student Deni (24; 1.85 m) weighed before removing 152 kg and after 85 kilo27/69

Student Deni (24; 1.85 m) weighed before removing 152 kg and after 85 kilo

© private;

Minus 67 kilos:
A much better gut feeling

Our readers weighed times more than three quintals. In this interview he tells you about a radical change - and a huge success

You have removed 67 kilos in one and a half years. What was the impetus?
As a whole multitude came together. Since my early twenties I had daily blood pressure pills to take, had very poor blood glucose levels and also suffered from depression. Having had opened my family doctor that I would probably not reach the age of 30 with my lifestyle, I've decided to finally take off.

A devastating diagnosis - as it was then further for you?
I went to nutritional advice and had also consulted a psychologist. After numerous successful unsuccessful attempts to reduce the weight, I followed beyond my mother's advice and turned to a surgeon to make smaller me about him by surgery the stomach.
What impact did the intervention, which has changed the stomach stapling?
My life has changed a lot. Through the reduced stomach it is no longer possible for me to eat large portions. I admit, in the first 2 to 3 months, I have regretted the radical step. As a small child I had to relearn the food. Today I know that it was definitely the right move. I'm namely not sure if I would have achieved this success without surgery.

Describe a look as after switching your typical day looks like?
Overall, I take every day 5 to 8 small meals to me. I eat much healthier now, but renounce anything. In the morning I start with a smoothie in the day - which is made fast, tasty and healthy. My lunch I prepare mostly on the eve to take it to the university. Chicken with rice and vegetables I find extremely delicious. In the evening's salad. A tip for cravings: Greek yogurt with fruit and oatmeal.

Have you during the weight loss phase is actually also driven sports?
First, I was allowed for 6 weeks do not exercise because of the surgery. Right after I got signed up at the gym. At the beginning a lot of cardio was scheduled. More than 25 minutes steppers and light weight exercises on equipment but would have been damaging to the joints in my former weight. Meanwhile, I'm going 3 to 4 times a week to the sport. Fact: Nothing motivates more than success. So I stand in the week often in the morning at 5 o'clock in the fitness studio to pull my program.

Once you have reached your desired weight or you want to continue to decline?
I definitely taken enough now toning and skin tightening to the whole body of my goals. Many people wonder secretly, as well looks like the skin after such a strong weight loss. Since I have quickly driven a lot of sports, the excess skin was limited to me. Nevertheless, of course, it hung here and there, especially on the belly. For this reason, I then subjected me the end of October a second operation to make firm the skin. My dream body I am now closer than ever - though I still thought 2 years ago, there was no way out.

Deni's favorite smoothies
With one of these three drinks and you start fit into the day
(The ingredients in each place in a blender, durchpürieren - ready!)

Morning smoothie fortifies the morning for the day
3 to 4 strawberries
½ banana
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
100 ml of carbonated water

POWER smoothie makes tired men fit
½ apple
½ banana
¼ celery
2 to 3 EL coconut milk

Fat Burner Smoothie boosts your metabolism
10 g ginger (grated)
1 banana
150 ml carrot juice
50 g yoghurt
100 ml water
1 tbsp lemon juice

Roland previously weighed (34; 1.79 m) 139 kilos, after 93 kilo28/69

Roland previously weighed (34; 1.79 m) 139 kilos, after 93 kilo

© private

Minus 46 kilo:
The man has finally übern Mountain

Previously, our readers always took the elevator. Today he loves stairs, rushes to the top of the world. Like its weight-loss trip went, he told in an interview

You have slimmed down more than 45 kilos in three years. What was the impetus?
I've always been strong, but I took over the years, more and more, until at some point I no longer fit into the clothes of normal department stores. The last jerk finally gave me a health check with my doctor. He prescribed anti-hypertensive tablets - even though I was at that time just 31 years old! This became clear to me: I have to change something.    

Where you have set the lever? How have you changed your lifestyle?
I started to move more. But when couch potatoes I had to grope slowly. That's why I went for a walk in the beginning, every day after work 40 to 50 minutes. This I have not only lost 15 kilos in just under 4 months, but also discovered the joy of outdoor sports. Meanwhile, I am ambitious mountaineers and also enjoy racing times with my mountain bike over the hills. Bottom line, I'm so to 4 times sport a week.  

Have you done it alone by more exercise to reach your target weight?
After I had taken the first kilos, my weight stagnated for a month. Then I started to explain to me with the subject of nutrition. Fast food, sweets and easily realizable carbohydrates I banished from my plate and out of the kitchen. Then I took off again evenly.  

You may at this time even occurred to give up the whole thing?
The question was not even on. The climbing was the impetus and at the same time to train during the week as the motivation. In addition, my wife has me about support when it comes to food. Since they also wanted to lose a few kilos, we changed the diet together. I always set myself new goals - the next is the Vienna-City Half Marathon.

Her wish was 99 kilos. How does it feel to have exceeded the target?
I could not imagine to weigh less than 100 kilos me. Now I am very proud of me. Sport and my new self-esteem give me a lot of joy and energy. However, the best is the certainty that I will never look the same again.

Polizeikommissar Manuel (31 years, 1.76 m) weighed before removing 86 kg, now he weighs 70 kg29/69

Polizeikommissar Manuel (31 years, 1.76 m) weighed before removing 86 kg, now he weighs 70 kg

© private; Photo Studio Thomas, Mannheim

Minus 16 kilo:
Hands up and a lot of movement

Good intentions rarely hold for long. Polizist Manuel was adamant he penned sweet. In weightloss interrogation, he was our questions

They have taken 16 kilograms - respect! How did it to the decision?
Pure vanity. My hips were always rounded, shirts and trousers began to tighten. That did not escape my wife a long time. I have up to five times a week playing sport and yet increased. For that I have just too happy to eat, especially sweets. On New Years Eve, I then said if struck at midnight: "Friends, this is the last glass of champagne with you."

And what do you nibble now so instead cram sweets in it?
For the past 1½ years, I eat every day 250 grams natural yoghurt with an apple and a banana and oatmeal and nuts. Then I do not want to do without.  

What has actually told your wife about your weight-loss endeavor?

They supported me very much. When we cook together, they dispensed with much restricts itself excessively. I count calories and calculate everything meticulously - on 2000-2200 calories a day, I'm still. But I allow myself a cheat day in the week on which sweets are allowed.

The focus of your program is on sport. What does that mean exactly?

That's right, sports has always been important to me. Before the diet but I have operated motor sport. Then I extremely screwed up my sport stint, now stands at 7 days a week sports on the schedule: 3 times a week weight training, to 4 to 5 endurance sessions. First, I made strength exercises using your own body weight, so-called bodyweight training. These were then interval training with kettlebells and Crossfit, later 5x5 Training: 5 sets with 5 repetitions. The first successes came very quickly, so I stayed on the ball.
They have very much tried. There is the ultimate fat burner exercise for you?
is most intense for me Tabata workout (the explanation can be found here). This can be great with my favorite exercise, connect the burpees. These 4 minutes have much more exhausting than to go jogging for example, 2 hours. Meanwhile, I'm 31 years old and can say that I've never been fitter in my life.

Semih (22 years old; 1.78 m) from Tuttlingern speckte from 102 to 87 kg from30/69

Semih (22 years old; 1.78 m) from Tuttlingern speckte from 102 to 87 kg from

© Sebastian Klingk Photography

Minus 15 kilo:
Sportskanone instead Rollermops

From the total slacker fitness coach: Our reader tells in an interview from the tour de force, with which he took his life in the form

They have lost 15 kilos within a year. Why do you want to lose weight?
As a teenager I was very lazy, have hardly moved me and drove himself shortest paths with my scooter. At that time I was operator, and my colleagues constantly sent comments such as: "You're so fat You come barely up from the chair." The real impetus was but myself: I have not felt comfortable and wanted again fancy clothes carry.

How did you approach your mission? First changed the diet?
No. I started trying to get things moving in my everyday life. First I made every day at home just pushups. It was not easy with so much body weight, but week by week I packed more repetitions. Then I started to run. Since I had no breath, I was often already after 10 minutes at the end. But again, I made it after a few weeks each time 5 minutes longer.

Has your body weight then reduced in rather small steps?
Not at all. While I was fitter, but on the scale did after 3 months nothing more. That's why I signed up in a studio. But the plan I was given was so dull that I prefer to train with guys from the studio. Who helped me with advice and assistance and motivated me not to leave the training whiz. And from then on the pounds tumbled.
Only through regular training or by a change in diet?
By registering in the studio, I also changed my eating habits. I eat since most once per week fast food or sweets. Otherwise, there's morning and at noon a meal with complex carbohydrates, in the evening then vegetables and proteins. My tip for cravings: Magerquark with fruits and cashew nuts taste tasty top real.
For a year you are fitness trainer. Has the impact on your training?
I train more varied than before. Boxing, swimming or running - every day I devote another sport, set myself new goals every day, stay motivated. I also make sure to combine strength and endurance together. After slimming down, I have so neat gained muscles. My goal now is to define it, especially on the belly.

Timo (22 years old; 1.79 m) speckte from 128 to 78 kilos31/69

Timo (22 years old; 1.79 m) speckte from 128 to 78 kilos


Minus 50 kilo:
Get off the couch, on your bike

For a thick machine Timo has only once made thin. From his weight-loss ride he says in an interview

They have lost 50 kilograms to three years. What tipped the scales?
Now and then I kicked his youth, or I sat on the couch, had been drinking gallons of iced tea and usually late in the evening eaten. On my 18th birthday there was this moment where I realized that I need to change something: I wanted to ride a motorcycle - impossible with my former weight. Meanwhile, I even take part in amateur races. My dream!
How did you start? Have you had a sports and nutrition program?
At the beginning I did not know what to do. We have an exercise bike at home, where I'm just every day driving 15 to 30 minutes. And parallel to it, I have eaten less. So the first 15 kilos tumbled quite fast. However, after 6 months, there was a 4-week shutdown on the scale. I quickly realized that new stimuli were needed - so I signed up at the gym.
Which training method you have always followed in your gym?
I started with a classic full-body workout. Shortly thereafter, I splitted up my program, trained one day the top, at the other the lower body. Today I changed every 4 weeks my splits. In addition, I am completing two times a week a High Intensity Interval Training, in short HIIT. I'll do that on the spinning wheel, in the water or walking, and it's always the same principle: warm up for 5 minutes 30 seconds at full throttle, 30 Seconds loose and so on.
Sounds exhausting. How have you managed so as couch potatoes a stint?
When I started with the ergometer, I was already very short time physically exhausted. Since I had to grope me step by step for now. However, I gave that also extra motivation because I deliberately made my lousy shape as I had neglected my body over the years.
At the beginning you have just eaten less. How do we stand now?
First I eliminated primarily on carbohydrates. This, however, I was constantly hungry and felt during training totally limp because my body was missing energy. Today I eat plenty of carbohydrates, but pay close attention to the fact that they are complex.

Timo Wampe-way recipe can be found in our Pfundskerle guide.

Alexander (23 years; 1.80m) speckte from 95 to 65 kilos32/69

Alexander (23 years; 1.80m) speckte from 95 to 65 kilos

© private; Jutta Kennepohl

Minus 30 kilos:
Protein instead of chips and candy

Alexander's goal: to fit back into the old jeans. Men's Health he betrayed his 30-kg-away plan

They have very fixed slimmed down a lot. What has triggered this?
"Even as a teenager I never had problems with weight. I played football could feed what I wanted. In the study, that changed: Sports took the time no longer held fast food all the more often. Then times when I wanted to buy new pants and had it go into the XL department because regular sizes did not fit, I knew: This is the crux of the matter, it has to change "!
And how did you approach this challenge? What was the first step?
"My goal was clear: slim by summer. So I was half a year. My body was at zero, but my motivation hundred. I wanted to have 20 kilos quickly from the hips, however, had little idea how it would work. So I enrolled in a gym and took me there professional advice from a trainer -. Incidentally, the same also in terms of nutrition "
On average, tumbled incredibly 5 kilograms per month. How was that?
"I would say: My body was positively shocked. In particular, the abrupt change in diet hit like a bomb. Suddenly it was chips, pizza and candy not daily. Instead, I relied on protein from dairy products and meat as well as fruit and vegetables. During this time I took a day only about 1800 calories to me. "
As in this era of fat reduction actually looked her training plan?
"At first, I completed three times a week, a total body workout of devices and additionally 3 times one hour each cardio on the elliptical machine. After a month I had lost so 10 kilos. Then I switched because I wanted more muscle to split workout with 5 power units a week and only a persistence unit. The quick weight-loss success was pleased, but muscles did not materialize. Today I know that I sure did not have the calories. "
Have you turned something on your workout to zuzulegen muscles?
"With tips from Men's Health I have gained 3 kilos of muscle last year. Pyramid sets, bodyweight exercises and swimming helped me. My body fat percentage, I think now at 12 percent. "

Rene (25, 1.68 meters) speckte from 83 to 60 kilos, then he put ten kilos of muscles33/69

Rene (25, 1.68 meters) speckte from 83 to 60 kilos, then he put ten kilos of muscles

© private; Hans-Peter Steiner / Photo Austria

Minuis 23 kilos of fat, plus 10 kilos Muckis:
His old mistakes are eaten

Improper diet made our reader only too thick, too thin later. But then Rene got our magazine in his hands and put to proper muscle food

1. Tuning:correct mistakes The separation from his then-girlfriend was the stumbling block to Rene. "From diet and exercise, I had no idea, but wanted to slim down at the same time and more muscle." Somewhere he snapped on that protein makes you fat. Misinformation! "So I ate only fruits and vegetables." After 10 months and 23 kilos less was concluded Rene was physically too weak. and his doctor said: By eliminating protein although he had weight, but also muscles lost and the almost daily running and power units.

2. Tuning: increase protein Rene threw his nutritional approach to completely. "To this day I'm not a great cook. But the recipes of Men's Health help me tasty, easy to cook and rich in protein, especially. "The three main meals always have at least 50 grams of protein, up to 70 grams of carbohydrates and no more than 10 grams of fat. This gives power!

3. Tuning: increase metabolism Rene is critical of what he takes to himself before and after training. Before that he drinks black coffee or green tea to stimulate metabolism. In the post-workout shake, he sprinkled cinnamon as a natural fat burner (see below). Main meals he seasoned with chili and accelerates fat burning. At bedtime he drinks a casein shake. "The slow-digesting protein acts in his sleep like a protective sheath for the muscles," said Rene.

4. Tuning: improve fitness For many end of the shift also means shift in the shaft. Not for Rene! "After the night shift I go with my dog ​​'a round of jogging and eating a handful of nuts, then I go to sleep." Rested afternoon he goes to the gym. With his training partner he braces 5 times a week for 60 minutes, the iron. "I like to train with free weights and with 10 to 15 repetitions." Result: in 3 years whopping 10 kilos of muscle!

You can find the recipe of his selbstgeklöppelten protein shakes in Pfundskerle guide.

Peter (25 years, 1.85 m tall) speckte from 116 to 90 kilos and built at the same tidy muscles34/69

Peter (25 years, 1.85 m tall) speckte from 116 to 90 kilos and built at the same tidy muscles

© private

Minus 26 kilo:
The belly blown the march

Trumpet games made our readers sluggish. Thanks to this strategy Slim give him now sports and nutrition the tone

Overweight Peter had nothing to do as a teenager, until he came up with 18 years at the military-music services. "We rehearsed every day. As compensation, we did not run, but hearty food - every "day, the 25-year-old. 116 kilos brought Peter ultimately on the scale.  
1. biking instead of driving a bus
About 2 years ago his inner alarm went off. "When you're out of breath after the shoes tie, it's time to change something." Fortunately, sold one of his trumpet buddy then a mountain bike. For Peter a sign to move again after 5 years without sports. He began to do the most routes everyday by bicycle. This alone tumbled pounds.
2. Medium Carb instead low carb
Since Peter was quick and much to lose weight, he followed in the first three months of strict low-carb diet. The carbohydrates he reduced it to a maximum of 50 grams per day, and took every month 5 kilos. "After 15 kilos I built aware of complex carbohydrates in my breakfast and lunch, so I had power for the day." With the medium-carb method, in which he was allowed to ingest daily up to 150 grams of carbohydrates, he speckte in the next half year another 13 kilos. Peters new goal: even by 3 to 4 percent lower body fat percentage to 10 percent and build more muscle mass.
3. Home-Gym instead of gym
To get there, Peter is firmly behind bodyweight exercises. "When I read that you can train many muscles simultaneously therewith without the studio, I knew: this is my thing!" 4 times a week, Peter trained at home with his own body weight. Latest achievement for the home gym: a street-workout station. He polishes with pull-ups and dips of his dream body. Meanwhile, he has even developed its own training concept - and would like to study sports science.

Manuel (23; 1.79 m) from Heildelberg took 22 kilos within 9 months35/69

Manuel (23; 1.79 m) from Heildelberg took 22 kilos within 9 months

© private

Minus 22 kilo:
Muscle updates for washboard abs

After Manuel had lost 22 kilos, he put 6 kilos again. but were not to blame yo-yo effect even laziness, but these new muscle Updates

1. Update:Expose muscles Despite a lot of football Manuel's body was a miss. "I ate too much greasy and simple carbohydrates," he says. He missed to restart: no carbs, dinner deleted! In nine months he took off 22 kilos.

2. Update: Place the egg whites Satisfied the student in special education with its slimmer I was not. "Despite regular full body training, I've barely built up muscles." In order to change that and to learn about training and nutrition, he began training as a fitness and nutrition coach in addition to studying. . "My diet is now much protein stressed, and the dinner I will no longer" As it builds muscles zuzulegen without fat, he knows now: He's training in two phases: toning and definition, each 4 to 6 weeks, alternating ,

3. Update: disassemble workout While the muscle building phase Manuel trained four times a week after a split program. Functionally related muscles, such as upper back and rear shoulder, he goes on in one unit. "For optimum mass gain I make a pyramid training. Here I raise from set to set the weight and reducing the number of repetitions. "At this stage he eats more to supply the muscles as possible. The day's then per kilogram of body weight 2 grams of protein and the same amount of carbohydrates.

4. Update: down devices After the bulk phase Manuel missed his Body the finishing touch. "Functional training, Crossfit or Tabata workouts are ideal for this. I mostly work with the TRX system, the kettlebell or a weighted vest "Here, a unit never lasts longer than 45 minutes, the pauses between exercises are painted or very briefly -. Optimal for burning fat. The intake of carbohydrates, it reduces at this stage to a maximum of 100 grams per day. So he gets his last fat away.

Exact information about Manuel's kradio power mix and its muscle-building shake you find in our Pfundskerle guide.

Mario (45; 1,92m) speckte from 125 to 95 kilos36/69

Mario (45; 1,92m) speckte from 125 to 95 kilos

© private; Christine Leibold

Minus 30 kilos:
In Trance dream figure

Our reader had to be told under hypnosis, first, that sport is better than candy. Then he took off - no tricks, only with willpower

wrapped only in a swimsuit with 125 kilos on the ribs Mario (45; 1.92 meters) was laughing in the holiday beach of strangers. "The fact that people were making fun because my character about me hurt a lot. Because something had to change. "And so he began to revamp his life.
defeat the first addiction One thing was to visit Mario's menu always used: gummy bears. "I was addicted to it," he says. "Every day one or two packs were not the exception." Mario locked the sweet stuff even before his two children away, in a safe, if it was him more. From then on, he locked his vice from themselves off - and so saved a whopping 1,400 calories per day.
2. hypnosis try sport had Mario has always been driven, but half-heartedly. Quite different his family: his son's fitness coach, his wife Zumba instructor. She knew that Mario genuine love of sport was missing. so they sent him to a friendly hypnosis coach. "I was totally skeptical, but the session should change my attitude completely." He explained Mario on diet and exercise, and then put him in a trance for 45 minutes. "Sweets let me ever since cold, but I'm hot on sports."
3. training After optimizing hypnosis Mario sat entirely on sport. "I learned that muscles can melt fat. So I started to train 3 times a week in the studio. For half a year I stayed at the devices to get the body used to it. Meanwhile, I train four times a week with weights following a split program to bring the muscles in shape. "He could his body fat in this way within a year in half from 30 percent to 15 percent.
4. Observe calories Mario tends to quickly build muscle - but also fat! This is a curse and a blessing. ". If I do not take care of very quickly develop love handles" prevent this from happening to him, he pays attention to his daily energy intake: more than 2500 calories are not allowed. His tip: take notes and pay attention when shopping on the nutritional values. Sweets are still taboo - it is rather a bear as addicted to gummy bears.

What foods Mario puts together his 1,800-calorie day, check out our Pfundskerle guide.

Nils (43; 1.75 m) speckte from 115 to 81 kilos37/69

Nils (43; 1.75 m) speckte from 115 to 81 kilos

© private

Minus 34 kilo:
Girlfriend away, ran to the bacon

Our reader was difficult - difficult to love. After the love was gone, it would only have the pounds. With the help of his four-point plan he was slim again

Nils' relationship held 3 years, at the end it had 35 kilos more on the ribs. "I have neglected the sport, also poorly nourished me," the 43-year-old. "During the week I ate late and plentiful. On weekends often there was family gatherings with hearty food and alcohol. "
1. Where do I stand? Result: The scale showed at a height of 1.75 meters impressive 115 kg, and the usually athletic Nils could barely tie his shoelaces. "I felt bad and wanted to get fit again. I also worked too much, had little time for me, "he says.
2. Where do I want to? So he peilte at his ideal weight of 80 kilos, creating free spaces to make sport and to eat more healthily. From then on, he ran in the morning four times a week from 6 to 10 kilometers trained an additional 3 times a week at the fitness center. "First I went for an hour on the stepper. I then put the workout with dumbbells on, 60 to 90 minutes, getting 3 sets with 8 to 10 repetitions at 80 percent of maximum strength - which is ideal for building muscle, "explains Nils running through its sports program continues to be consistent and with joy ,
3. How do I keep my level? In addition, the Hamburg changed his diet: "I eat today after the low carb principle, ie renounce largely on carbohydrates like they are stuck in sweets, potatoes, pasta and rice. Then the blood sugar level does not fluctuate so much, and I stay sick longer. "For breakfast's with him a granola lean cottage cheese or a protein shake. "For lunch and dinner I futtere 100 grams of meat or fish and 300 grams of vegetables."
4. What's next? So do not get bored playing sports, Nils supplemented his training by exercises from martial arts mixed martial arts (MMA) and also regularly goes to Ninjutsu. Nils: "This martial art of the Ninja, it's all about discipline, perseverance and integrity. And I have now. I'm fit as a 20-year-old and I have found a good balance between work and life. "

Tobias (30 years; 1.81 meters) has decreased from 102 kg to 86 kg38/69

Tobias (30 years; 1.81 meters) has decreased from 102 kg to 86 kg

© private; Sebastian Berger

Minus 16 kilo:
Mistakes are becoming thin

Superficial knowledge does not help. Only after Tobias sat down with sports and calories intensively, tumbled the pounds

A desk job and its consequences: 102 kilos brought Tobias to its most severe time on the scale, despite regular visits to the studio.

"I used to go three times a week to the gym, but saw little success to me, "says Social Security In point. By now he knows why: ". I just trained wrong" To close his knowledge gaps, Tobias bought the "Men's-Health Sixpack book"And learned about healthy nutrition and proper weight training. "After I made myself smart, the breakthrough came." Tobias is still 3 times a week in the studio. "But not haphazardly as before." After 15 minutes on the treadmill, he runs through a full body workout and exercises all the major muscles with just one exercise (each 3 sets). Then he devoted 20 minutes intensively his stomach.

Next errors and how Tobias she corrected, please refer to our Pfundskerle guide.

Decrease rapidly: Max (21; 1.82 m) was taken in 10 months 35 kilos and then risen 9 kilo muscle mass39/69

Decrease rapidly: Max (21; 1.82 m) was taken in 10 months 35 kilos and then risen 9 kilo muscle mass

© private

Decrease rapidly: Minus 35 kilos:
Wax board abdominal undercover

Previously, roly-poly, today muscular: our reader was through his weightloss missions to 00Sixpack

1.Mission: to catch!
"In the past there was after the pizza even a kebab," said Maximilian. This went on until the 21-year-old took off from home. The first home he saw as a chance to finally take off. His goal: more comfort and a better appearance. His first approach: "I started with no planning, just less and less to eat."

What further helped Max missions on the way to your desired weight, you can read in our Pfundskerle guide.

Martin (29; 1.78 m) speckte from 117 to 70 kilos40/69

Martin (29; 1.78 m) speckte from 117 to 70 kilos

© private

Lose weight quickly: Minus 47 kilo:
Lean and muscular despite Plautzen Patzer

From mistakes we be wise - and slim. Our Leser Martin has experienced it firsthand

Couch potatoes Martin was initially not slim down, but be really hard. In the fitness basement of a colleague, an experienced weightlifter, Martin laid off. "After the first practice I had to let me sick sign a week because of pain," said Martin. One lesson he drew not from it initially, he continued to train with too heavy weights. Despite the wrong training tumbled 17 kilograms within a year. His ambition was aroused, but it was also clear: Lasting pain and excessive demands are not the right way.

In Pfundskerle guide to Martin as he was concerned his training healthier and finally weighed only 70 kilos told.

Tobias (22 years old; 1.81 m) speckte from 133 to 78 kilos41/69

Tobias (22 years old; 1.81 m) speckte from 133 to 78 kilos

© Carsten Matzat

Lose weight quickly: Minus 55 kilo:
Excellent calorie read-out

Long it was fermenting in him alone. Then, finally, the winery began to take off

Tobias was very obese. "Right bothered me that although only in my job as a winemaker. If I had to go up the vineyards, I was with my 133 kilos quickly out of breath, "he says. A serious car accident took the turn, his doctor advised him to weight loss. Sport was not in it at first because he had injured his hip and knee. So he started the switch of his diet. Simple method: more fresh, not fast food. In just under two months Did he so without sports sensational 15 kilos. But Tobias wanted more.

In our Pfundskerle guide Tobias tells how he managed the terrific weight loss.

Moris (22 years old, 1.88 m) speckte from 114 to 86 kilos42/69

Moris (22 years old, 1.88 m) speckte from 114 to 86 kilos

© Marc Steinau

Decrease rapidly: Minus 24 kilo:
Only big belly, then thick biceps

His goal: a dream body. For this, our readers chose an extreme weight-loss approach. but which proved to be extremely effective

Sport has always made Moris: football and basketball as a child, kickboxing in youth. All that did not change the fact that he weighed too much on false diet. Especially after the diploma he was eating fast food every day. The decision to radical change took Moris 2010 when he holiday watched from the previous year: Clearly "My, Optimum 'at that time was almost 114 kilos." Too much!

In Men's Health Pfundskerle guide Moris, told how he managed to replace fat with muscle.

Dominic (23; 1,86m) speckte from 130 to 99 kilos43/69

Dominic (23; 1,86m) speckte from 130 to 99 kilos

© Frank Seifert

Decrease rapidly: Minus 31 kilo:
taken with fun

Because his work made him thick, rolled up his life for our readers completely

The constant shift work in the emergency center of a security service meant that Dominic Schicht increased by layer. Because due to the irregular hours he never got to play sports and to cook. But he was almost daily visits to fast-food restaurants. "It was only when I noticed that stayed away my climbing stairs of breath, I have my overweight perceived at all," says Dominic. He spoke with his boss and asked for a transfer to the day shift. "That worked for luck, but I would have been prepared elsewhere to look for a new job," he says.

Dominic 'weight loss rules can be found in our Pfundskerle guide.

Sales Manager Steven (29; 1.81 meters) took 20 kilos in 18 months and built massive muscle mass at the same time44/69

Sales Manager Steven (29; 1.81 meters) took 20 kilos in 18 months and built massive muscle mass at the same time

© Rene de Haan; Private

Decrease rapidly: Minus 20 kilo:
Diet pills do not help

Previously fast-food junkie, now cook. To Steven had his dream body, he had to get some experience

Steven was always active. 2 times football and 3 units in the gym per week but brought him not into the 95-kilo mark. "After the training I've gorged lasagna or pizza," he says. Only a divorce and his new job inspired him to change. "I jogged every day 10 kilometers but further fed me bad." However, he lost 10 kilos so in 6 months. A start! er wanted to slim down - and a six-pack.

How he managed that Steven told in Pfundskerle guide of Men's Health.

IT supporter Matthias (35; 1.85 meters) speckte within 12 months from 90 to 74 kilos45/69

IT supporter Matthias (35; 1.85 meters) speckte within 12 months from 90 to 74 kilos

© Shutterstock

Decrease rapidly: Minus 16 kilo:
A man is blogging look slim

Initially, our reader had no idea how to decrease. 16 kilos later he is online expert on the subject

Thick? That was not in his perception Matthias. Until he looked at a photo of himself one day more accurately. "So I did not like," says Matthias. To change something in itself, but still lacked the motivation. Only when he met an acquaintance who had fallen significantly, Matthias thought, "If the can, I can do it too!" Translator losing weight he knew was that one loses by endurance training rapidly in importance. So he began to run: 3 to 4 times a week, each about 45 minutes. In this way, he lost five kilos within 2 months.

A year later, the bacon was gone, and with his knowledge of the removal Matthias wanted to help others - in the form of a blog.

Beyond Matthias' success story.

Steffen (34 years old, 1.78 meters) took 28 kg from within 10 months46/69

Steffen (34 years old, 1.78 meters) took 28 kg from within 10 months

© Katrin Denkewitz

Decrease rapidly: Minus 28 kilo:
Electrified take on the idea

Earlier slob, now bundle of energy: In kilos fight our readers actually helped surges

Spontaneous Steffen has always been - especially when it suddenly overcame cravings. "Despite my 117 kilos I had never given a thought to the weight loss - until I passed a gym, which campaigned with a special offer," says Steffen. The studio offered so-called EMS training. "That made me curious." Steffen walked right into it, after taking advice, completed the same day a trial and reported as such.

What changed in in the following months Steffens' Libra, you can read in our Pfundskerle guide.

Marc (1.85 meters, 34 years) speckte from 108 to 85 kilos47/69

Marc (1.85 meters, 34 years) speckte from 108 to 85 kilos

© Sebastian Berger

Decrease rapidly: Minus 23 kilo:
accrued to top form

For 10 years our Leser Marc had driven no sport.

With the end of school Marc stopped even with the Judo and took almost 30 kilogram to. When he had reached 108 kilos, was clear: If I do nothing now, the door to top form includes final. That's why he bought a pair of running shoes and began to jog 3 times a week, 4 km. His motivation: a GPS watch, which already held up his progress while running in mind. "So I could see if I had made it more than the time before. It was not my intention to be fast, but "to improve my endurance, says Marc. After 12 months he ran 10 km at a stretch and weighed a full 10 kilograms lighter.

These Wampe-off tricks Marc beat the laziness and the fat pads.

Decrease rapidly Andreas (27; 1.85 meters) speckte from 144 to 84 kg from48/69

Decrease rapidly Andreas (27; 1.85 meters) speckte from 144 to 84 kg from

© H.Loske

Decrease rapidly: Minus 60 kilo:
Slim in fast forward

a Men's-Health-reader has never lost so many pounds in such a short time: 60 kilos in just 7 months

Not its weight, an invitation to a festive ball moved the sport lazy single Andreas slim down. His problem: "I had a month's time, but for gym lacked the courage." So he went up every two days to moms stepper. Since his body barely knew motion, he spoke rapidly on training. Up to Date Andi lost a record 15 kilos. Since he knew: It's even more.

How can you decreased Andreas sensational 60 kilos in just 7 months read in our Pfundskerle guide.

Lose weight quickly: Florian speckte 10 kilos in 3 months49/69

Lose weight quickly: Florian speckte 10 kilos in 3 months

© Reiner Riedler

Decrease rapidly: Minus 10 kilo:
Sport, sport and sport again

Sport has always made our readers actually. Nevertheless, at some point made bacon rolls

Not even his fiancee Florian was able to motivate for slimming down. Only a body mass index of 28 (overweight) changed that. He was athletic, he had to spice up his daily routines with extra movement. So he replaced every convenient way through an uncomfortable alternative, and rode a bicycle around instead of driving to work.

What other measures Florian to successful weight reduction helped, read our Pfundskerle guide.

Maik (31 years old, 1.82 meters tall) from Wolfsburg reduced his weight from 120 to 90 kg50/69

Maik (31 years old, 1.82 meters tall) from Wolfsburg reduced his weight from 120 to 90 kg

© Joachim Thies

Lose weight quickly: Minus 30 kilo:
Logi method instead Pudding

Fast food, finished products, fried food - even a cooking mired in grease traps. But then our reader designed his own potbelly-off Recipe

he had his nickname as a child away: His mother cooked him daily Pudding what "Pudding Maik" Let it be in time to 120 kilos. "When shopping, I realized: You take care so nowhere in," he says. Then, when even a girlfriend with diet literature stood outside his door, he was finally active. From that day on there was no pudding for Maik.

What Maik except Pudding waiver nor helped, read our Pfundskerle guide.

Sebastian (27, 1.80 m) speckte from 128 to 75 kg body weight from51/69

Sebastian (27, 1.80 m) speckte from 128 to 75 kg body weight from

© Andre Schuster

Minus 53 kilos:
A man eating yourself slim

Our reader has decreased twice: first by an unhealthy starvation diet with yo-yo effect, then right and forever - without it, with a sly eating plan

Sebastian had a long time no idea of ​​healthy food. Liquid he took only in the form of coke to himself. Result: "With early 20s I got joint pains and had a fatty liver. In sport was out of the question "Your only chance is slim down. Radically change his diet. However, without the help that was not possible. So Sebastian hired a food coach.

And he succeeded Sebastian the turn.

Stefan speckte from 109 to 64 kg from52/69

Stefan speckte from 109 to 64 kg from

© Oliver Oettli Photography

Minus 45 kilo:
lean on command

The stress as an officer ate our readers to himself. Because this could not go on like this, he said Goodbye to the job - and also Wampe

Although only in the mid 30, Stefan felt like an "old, ugly, fat man". So he decided to finally take off. The tactics of the Swiss: always set small, realistic fat-away-goals. Stage one: 15 kilos in three months. Stefan: "Just to say I want to lose weight, does not work" - the slip-danger is too great.

So Stefan's' tactic worked.

January speckte from 111 to 81 kg from53/69

January speckte from 111 to 81 kg from

© Gaby Gerster

Minus 30 kilos:
No more feeding son

If Mom cooks well, which can be for teenagers to thick problem. Therefore, our readers involved the family in its fat-away plan with a

Jans day usually began already with fattening foods - bread, donuts, croissants. Instead of exercising, he preferred to sit at home in front of the computer. So he brought it eventually to a weight of 111 kilos! The year he finally took an opportunity to change that. "I decided to leave it on New Year's Eve again a big bang, and then durchzustarten in the new year."

Said and done: Sun Jan has implemented its intent.

Florian (31 years; 1.92 meters tall) from Bremen speckte of 206 to 100 kilogram of body weight from54/69

Florian (31 years; 1.92 meters tall) from Bremen speckte of 206 to 100 kilogram of body weight from

© Kay Michalak

Minus 104 Kilo:
The man halved

When the scale showed 200 kilos, it was finally too much Florian. From then on there was no stopping - at slimming down. Here is his before-image and its history

More than 200 kilos too much - that was Florian has long been clear, but do not care. Until he stood one day in a pants store for gifts and nothing was what it fit. Looking for size 78, he realized that it's the wrong tactic to always buy only larger Buxen. For the first time the 31 year old thought: I'm too fat! And reached finally slim down the decision. His goal: 100 kilos.

Click here for Florian's' success story.

Bartholomew (28 years old, 1.97 meters) speckte from 116 to 88 kilos55/69

Bartholomew (28 years old, 1.97 meters) speckte from 116 to 88 kilos

© Stefan Köll

Minus 28 kilo:
celebrate sober success

has four years it took, but the heavy abstaining from alcohol and bread helped our readers to 88 kilos - and a modeling contract

At 16 Bartholomew hypertension had, at 17 he was still single. Something had to change in his thick teen life. Our readers started small: First, he banished from his bread, the butter, then he made lemonade away. A simple but effective calorie waiver. With the help of these savings then tumbled the first pounds.

For more weight loss success Bartholomew took other measures.

Decrease rapidly: Josef (47; 1.80 meters) speckte of (large) 109 to 78 kilograms in weight56/69

Decrease rapidly: Josef (47; 1.80 meters) speckte of (large) 109 to 78 kilograms in weight

© Norbert Wilhelmi

Minus 31 kilo:
Instead of running detention

The part-time physical education teacher exchanged yoghurt chocolate against jogging shoes and transformed school bench press in a power exercise. His conclusion: the top grade

"While I helped my parents when remodeling their house, I was getting fatter"Says Josef. Stress was weggefuttert with many calories. The turning point: On the 20th birthday of his daughter, the Bayer, who works part-time as a sports teacher, to finally take his guests committed. His family supported him in his plans, but also reminded him again of his promise.

So Josef speckte from.

Lose weight quickly Jan speckte from 125 to 83 kilos57/69

Lose weight quickly Jan speckte from 125 to 83 kilos

© Sabine Moeller

Minus 42 kilo:
Decreasing aid from the network

With the support druch fat calculator site and nutritional app our reader removed his thick problem

After a doctor had warned him, decided in January to finally take off. First step in this direction: "With a fat computer on the Internet, I have calculated that I have plastered 6,000 to 8,000 calories daily to me. Since I was shocked!" However, with the help of this calorie calculator found sales assistant from Duvensee also much potential for savings.

Like Jan Schießlich decreased 42 kilos, read in Pfundskerle guide of Men's Health.

Marco (29; 1.89 meters) speckte from 130 to 89 kilos and put it neatly in muscle mass to58/69

Marco (29; 1.89 meters) speckte from 130 to 89 kilos and put it neatly in muscle mass to

© Christian Wyrwa

Minus 41 kg:
Mails checked, slimmed

Virtual support and a clever sports program managed Marco remove finally

As a sales representative Marco is always on the move - and even more frequently in the elevator. "No elevator no longer went stairs were the horror. I came quickly out of breath", The insurance salesman says. Terrible was also the view of the scale: the beginning of 2010 he drags proud 130 kilos around with you. He has to change something. First step: as part of daily training, inserted already in burning calories climbing stairs.

Read here what Marco has made to become his kilos off.

Marco (20 years old, 1.80 meters) speckte from 109 to 75 kilos59/69

Marco (20 years old, 1.80 meters) speckte from 109 to 75 kilos

© Christina Dages

Decrease rapidly: Minus 34 kilo:
Eating day as motivation

Dick was Marco, since he could remember. But then he thought about - and changed his diet

If boredom came - and they often came - Marco opened the refrigerator. "At that time I thought constantly about food"He says. Toast with sausage was his daily bread school. At home there was mostly pasta and pizza. In between, he ate a lot of chocolate, ice cream and cookies. At some point, the scale showed him 109 kg. Since it was Marco really thick.

Marcos start to the new life: an 8-week course in the gym with sports and a complete change in diet. His biggest motivation at the time: "The weekly pig out." Here he was able to nibble the what he had to do without otherwise: ice cream, cookies and Co. Despite high calorie day Marco speckte in eight weeks as much as 9 kilos.

How tumbled another 25 kilos with Marco, he tells our Pfundskerle guide.

Decrease rapidly Sascha (33, 1.94 meters tall) slims from 165 to 85 kg from60/69

Decrease rapidly Sascha (33, 1.94 meters tall) slims from 165 to 85 kg from

© A. Burmann

Minus 80 kilo:
Finally, a half-pint

Pizza, cream, cola - looking as the menu for our Leser Sascha. Until rose between him and firecrackers Berliners a light, and he took nearly 50 percent weight

New Year's Eve Sascha was clear: Things can not go on! "I igelte me and walked away only when my friends dragged me out the door." At the opulent dinner table he made the decision. "It should be my last great feast for now"Says our reader. After 16 days of mental preparation, he began to implement his Abspeck projects into action.

So Sasha took off.

Lose weight quickly: Bruno speckte from 87 to 69 kilos61/69

Lose weight quickly: Bruno speckte from 87 to 69 kilos

© Jutta Kennepohl

Minus 18 kilo:
From Speckie for athletes

Much work, little movement: Only when it comes professionally and personally thick, our Leser Bruno changed his strategy

December 2009 was the turning point. "At work and in love, it was anything but good. It was time for a completely new start"Says financial advisor Bruno from Karlsruhe. When his girlfriend separates from him, he rolls up his life for completely. His plan: to appear by the end of 2011 in Men's Health.

Here is Bruno's' six-point plan for a streamlined life.

Stefan (1.73 meters) speckte of 100 kilos to 71 kilos62/69

Stefan (1.73 meters) speckte of 100 kilos to 71 kilos

© Norbert Wilhelmi

Decrease rapidly: Minus 29 kilo:
Dumbbells instead of bacon

Weight training, running, biking - a long time were the foreign words for our readers. Until he realized that all this indeed correct is fun

"I was always a little thicker, but it bothered me a long time"Says Stefan. Accordingly, half-heartedly went occasional weight loss attempts. "A few kilos tumbled, then left me motivation." However, after the umpteenth failed attempt of 1.73 meters large software developers gradually became restless - its inertia bugged him. When his doctor still said he as signs of fatty liver on, he realized: It has to change.

So Stefan brought the pounds for tumbling.

Andreas speckte from 102 to 59 kilos63/69

Andreas speckte from 102 to 59 kilos

© Stefan Köll u. Tim Tadder / Cobris

Decrease rapidly: Minus 43 kilo:
Football held obesity

When the Arzt Andreas obesity attested, it was clear to our readers: The need Wampe away

"I was always kind of unhappy with my body, but the decisive impulse to change something has been missing me"Says Andreas. At the annual routine check then the shock. His doctor said the 21-year-old rock hard in the face that he was not only fat, but already obese. "For me, all the alarm bells rang, I suddenly realized that I had to change something." 

Andreas forged nor the doctor first weight loss plans. "Until that moment I had never been thinking about my diet and just ate what I wanted. And sports was a foreign concept to me."

Andreas moved his paunch to his body.

Decrease rapidly Björn (186 cm) speckte from 142 to 82 kg from64/69

Decrease rapidly Björn (186 cm) speckte from 142 to 82 kg from

© Damaris Klein

Decrease rapidly: Minus 60 kilo:
The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach

Actually Bjorn never bothered to be overweight. To look better but not (yet) for his wife, he launched the mission Decreasing

5 years ago Björn learned - then still with lots of bacon on the hips - know his present wife: "Then 3 years ago I reached my maximum weight: 142 kg. My wife insisted that I needed because of them not to take, but they also said a few kilos less would not hurt." Bjorn pointed the small signals between the lines and resolved to decrease.

And Bjorn then managed to take 60 kilos

Alexander from Hamburg speckte from 24 kilos to 91 kilos of 11565/69

Alexander from Hamburg speckte from 24 kilos to 91 kilos of 115

© C. Richter

Minus 24 kilo:
Slowly but steadily the desired weight

Alexander had lost many times, but only with this strategy he could keep his weight

Weight problems dragged Alexander somehow always around with them. The 1.78-meter restaurant manager took often times 15 kilos, but also fast again. Up a photo made clear to him in the fall of 2008, that this has to stop: "In the picture it looked as if I had no neck, so fat I was." He decided to remove 30 kilos. His staying tactics: telling everyone around him of his plan. Some said: "You never make it!" This spurred him on even more.

Buerk (33 years old, 1.83 meters tall) decreased 20 kilos instead of 105 kilos its balance shows only 85 kilos66/69

Buerk (33 years old, 1.83 meters tall) decreased 20 kilos instead of 105 kilos its balance shows only 85 kilos

© Dirk Mathesius

Decrease rapidly: Minus 20 kilo:
Paternity as diet motivation

With the paternity began Buerk a new life, even when it comes to diet and exercise, because he wants to be his child a role model

"When I first saw me in February 2009 with my son in a photograph, I knew that I'm so not a role model, "Buerk Herrmann says Eggersdorf. He summed up spontaneously a plan: fasting as a prelude to a change in diet. "Although my wife was worried about my health, I was eating only lemon slices for a week, drank daily 3 liters of water." These liver and Gallentee. Thanks to an almost diary he kept through. "I took off five kilos and was motivated to keep going."

In our Pfundskerle guide Buerk tells how he was more excess 15 kilos off.

Ronny (1.84 meters) speckte from 124 to 92 kilos67/69

Ronny (1.84 meters) speckte from 124 to 92 kilos

© Frank Seifert

Decrease rapidly: Minus 32 kilo:
The weight loss planner

After a failed attempt Ronny walked the Kilo-fight with brains, pulled nutrition plans without compromise through - with success

When his doctor said that he was too fat, Ronny began in summer 2008 with sports. "I trained straight on, but not effective"Says the teacher from Bernheim. "The few kilos that I lost, were quickly on it again." So he chose a different strategy and was coached by a personal trainer. Ronny: "We started diet and exercise plans. Thanks to this 1: 1 support, I could not press before training me."

In our Pfundskerle guide Ronny tells how he off fat and built muscle.

Of 107 kg to 73 kg: legacy (1,78m) has reached its desired weight68/69

Of 107 kg to 73 kg: legacy (1,78m) has reached its desired weight

© Andreas Teichmann

Decrease rapidly: Minus 34 kilo:
Altan skin off the kilos

34 kilos took the former radio-food junkie from through boxing, jogging and a change in diet

"Man, you had it but really needed." That had to Altan from eating a Promoterin for gyms listen after he politely declined their offer. Then when his marriage broke up (among other things) on obesity, it gave the 26-year-old. He wanted to lose weight, prove it all.

In the summer of 2008, the 1.78-meter car mechanic laid off: as before 3 times a week martial arts - but then even jog. In addition, weight training three times a week.

His diet presented to Altan. read his entire story in our Pfundskerle guide.

Lehramtstudent Robert (25 years, 1.87 m) has decreased 90 kilos: Before he weighed 180 kilos and after 90 kilos69/69

Lehramtstudent Robert (25 years, 1.87 m) has decreased 90 kilos: Before he weighed 180 kilos and after 90 kilos

© private;

Minus 90 kilos:
Weight halved in just 10 months

Up to 180 kilos of our reader was difficult. Every movement caused him problems. Then he pulled the fat brake. In the interview, he tells how he halved his weight in less than a year

Was there a key moment that led you to your
to change lives?

The balance has eventually only "Error" appears. Much worse but was it that I barely came to my class to the 2nd floor and then totally done in the classroom was. That was really uncomfortable to me the children. In the lecture hall, I can barely fold down the table to the chairs I knew now have to, I have to change something.

In 10 months you have lost 90 kg. How did you do that?
Before that I had no regular meals. I ate an excessive amount. Greasy like pizza, chips, fries and kebabs were part of my everyday life. Then I got myself about healthy eating, omitted from then on carbohydrates, eat protein-rich, worried fresh vegetables and fruits. From time to time there are now fish. I now eat breakfast every day a yogurt with fruit and some oatmeal. Noon I take from home something with the university. In the evening there is nothing left after 18 PM.

Was it hard to go through with this relatively radical change?
The first 2 months were actually very hard. Especially my grandparents were there just do not understand why I was eating at a time no potatoes and no gravy. Hard as it was when I was traveling with fellow students in the evening and everyone has eaten a sausage. Since then only a half: to stay strong, to believe in me and are always one hundred percent behind the plan.

Get ready to get beyond even sports?  
A totally consistent exercise program at first I did not have. The first significant weight loss was based solely on my diet. Since now 4 months but I am logged into a gym and brace there 3 to 4 times a week the iron. And I go everywhere by bike, if that is possible. Because I'm already become so much easier, I move in everyday life much more than before.

What friends and family say about your change?
Fellow students, I have not seen in a while, do not recognize me. From initial skepticism, I no longer feel anything. My friends and family are right behind me. Sometimes I am now even asked for my advice when it comes to losing weight.

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