From the SmartWatch to smarten socks: These 24 fitness gadgets and technology tools to make your workout even better

Fitness gadgets for your workout

What fitness gadgets are there?

In addition to the classic sports watches, pedometers and heart rate belts each watch with digital now offers functions for sporting self-tracking. The booming market of smart coaches and wearables. There are bracelets, watches, headphones, sensors in socks, belts or in clothing that can measure all sorts of body values. Of sleep, movements, heart rate, speed up to body composition amateur athletes are able to track everything digitally and evaluate today.

What can afford fitness gadgets?

Fitness gadgets to facilitate your training and improve. To make your achievements and progress to measure, collect and analyze them using various sensors plenty of data: for example, physical activity, calories burned, heart rate, distance covered steps and floors, running tracks and times, quality of sleep and time, and calories burned. Most gadgets are working together on the phone with an app. Here you can set individual goals and check. The apps or platforms provide your services then clearly in diagrams Plus. There are personal movement and training recommendations.

How does this help me?

The advantage of such fitness gadgets is obvious: They motivate permanently to achieve the set objectives and monitor their own performance and improve. Especially for training beginners to quickly see progress, which can push your own motivation. However Fitness gadgets are by no means a guarantee of success. Will and discipline must ultimately come from yourself.

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Fitness Gadget: NB RunIQ Watch from New Balance2/25

Fitness Gadget: NB RunIQ Watch from New Balance

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SmartWatch for runners:
RunIQ Watch from New Balance

By 375 Euros

The RunIQ Watch from New Balance running the operating system Android Wear. In order to use not only the typical notification and voice features of Google, you also have access to many apps for the SmartWatch. The special features: In addition to heart rate monitoring and integrated GPS, the sports watch is also water resistant to 50 meters. The battery lasts according to the manufacturer up to 24 hours of normal use. Are RF measurement and GPS turned on, you can be up to 5 hours active before the clock breaks down (that's enough even for a marathon). Ideal for runners: The Activity Tracker supports interval training, synchronizes with Strava, a social network for athletes. Here you can share your sporting successes with peers. 

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Fitness Gadget: Apple Watch Series 23/25

Fitness Gadget: Apple Watch Series 2

© Apple

SmartWatch for all-round athletes:
Apple Watch Series 2

From 419 €

Apple Styler SmartWatch works with virtually all fitness apps. Housing material, bracelet, display presentation You can adjust. Serves the Nobel o'clock touch screen, voice command and a rotation crown on the side is. The Apple Watch is waterproof and nudges at you when messages or calls received. There are even different nudge for different notifications (appointment, mail, etc.). About the built-in microphone and the loudspeaker, you can make phone calls directly from the watch. The clock reminds you when it's time once again to train. Plus, you can enter sports goals and evaluate your performance. The Apple Watch Series 2 is an all-rounder of fitness trackers. No other gadget currently covers so many sports. Works only on Apple devices. At least one iPhone 5 with iOS 8 operating system is required. The battery holds by 1.5 days.

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Fitness Gadget: TomTom Adventurer outdoor GPS watch4/25

Fitness Gadget: TomTom Adventurer outdoor GPS watch

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GPS watch for outdoor sports enthusiasts:
TomTom Adventurer

By 299 Euros

With the TomTom Adventurer you have an ideal tracking companion on the wrist for all popular outdoor activities such as running, swimming, cycling, hiking or skiing. The robust sports watch with GPS, barometer and built-in heart rate monitor for example, offers a variety of outdoor sports modes, Route, MP3 Player with 3 GB of storage and an automatic lift detection. Even the Fitness Tracker is water resistant to 40 meters. Whoever wants to can obtain audio feedback to their personal performance. Outdoor enthusiasts will satisfy even the most battery power: For example, the TomTom Adventurer keeps the manufacturer over 10 hours in the sport modes by, in walk mode that number will reach 20 hours.

Fitness Gadget: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Sports Watch5/25

Fitness Gadget: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Sports Watch

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Rounders sports watch:
Samsung Gear Fit 2

By 199 Euros

Thanks to GPS module, pulse measurement and an integrated MP3 player with 2GB, the new edition of the Gear Fit can convince even the most ambitious athlete. In addition, it stands out with its very chic, sporty design and a comfortable fit. The essential criteria for a good sports bracelet meets the Gear Fit 2 very good. Through the interplay of the many sensors fitness tracker automatically detects activities. Whether you walk, jog, climb stairs, sleep or even rowing, detects and protokoliert the Gear Fit 2 usually by itself. Otherwise, the brief statement, which is pending sport so recording starts targeted accordingly sufficient. per App "S Health" the collected health data can be evaluated more extensively on the smartphone and compared to a friend. The Gear Fit 2 runs with the operating system Tizen. The battery lasts about 3-4 days.

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Fitness Gadget: Triathlon high-end sports watch Polar V 8006/25

Fitness Gadget: Triathlon high-end sports watch Polar V 800

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Sports watch for triathletes:
Polar V 800

From 300 €

The Polar V 800 is the training analysis tool for ambitious endurance athletes. You can adjust the display ads, sports sections and functions of the watch via a web application. The Polar V 800 not only records your workouts, it measures your daily activity, detects your training load and recovery are recommendations. Supported sports: running, cycling, swimming (open water and indoor), Triathlon (including changing time). In addition to a Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate belt and running and wheel sensors with the V 800 are compatible. The GPS watch provides heart rate training zones, Fitness Test, sleep analysis and a free app with extensive training evaluation. Messages, calls and appointments on the Polar V 800 are coupled with the smartphone forwarded: Plus. 

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Fitness Gadget: multisport GPS watch Fitbit Surge7/25

Fitness Gadget: multisport GPS watch Fitbit Surge

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GPS watch for multisport athletes:
Fitbit Surge

About 250 euros

The surge of activity tracker manufacturer Fitbit You missed a total of eight sensors. The heart rate is measured at the wrist, a heart rate belt, you do not need. In addition, the watch is an activity tracker for everyday life. With the Fitbit Surge You are able to track steps and calories, record sleep, record running training with GPS and heart rate, and receive messages from your phone and control music there. 

Fitbit Surge in Test

The most important feature of the Sport Watch is the GPS receiver. Means that you can go without running smartphone. The Surge measures throughout length of the route, speed and elevation changes. The Fitbit Surge is a successful multi-sport GPS watch with good motivation features, especially suitable for occasional runners who want to familiarize themselves with pulse training. In addition, you avoid the chest strap, which some athletes perceive as a hindrance. 

Fitness Gadget: Activity Tracker base peak8/25

Fitness Gadget: Activity Tracker base peak

© base peak

Activity Tracker for the lazy:
base peak

About 230 euros

The Sport Watch Peak from Intel subsidiary base running with Android and iOS and is packed full of sensors: You will track exercise, sleep and heart rate of the wearer. Plus: Coupled to the smartphone there's also news from the mobile phone on display. Sensors measure even skin conductance and skin temperature. Means that the peak knows your Schwitzlevel. The battery lasts through all four days, a GPS sensor there is unfortunately not. 

The base peak in the test

The biggest selling point: The base peak know what you're doing for a sport. Switch from walking to running speed, the sport shown on the display changes all by itself. Even cycling recognize the clock without any problems after a certain delay. The base peak is a powerful fitness tracker. Who does not want to start training sessions manually and evaluate automatically get a very good overview of his sporting activities.

Fitness Gadget: Activity Tracker TomTom Touch9/25

Fitness Gadget: Activity Tracker TomTom Touch

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Fitness Tracker with body analysis:
TomTom touch

About 149 euros

The Fitness Tracker Touch TomTom measures not only running track, steps, sleep and heart rate directly on the wrist, it also analyzes the body composition with percentage body fat and muscle mass (via bio-impedance analysis is conducted through the body in a painless, lighter AC). Ideal for fitness beginners and poker pros who want tracken the changes in your body. Advantage: Simple notifications (text messages, phone calls), there's also at the display of the bracelet.  

Fitness Gadget: Activity Tracker Jawbone UP310/25

Fitness Gadget: Activity Tracker Jawbone UP3

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Activity Tracker rate monitor:
Jawbone UP3

About 180 euros

The UP3 Jawbone comes without a display of, but has a heart rate monitor on board. The bracelet analyzed steps, resting heart rate and sleep phases. All data is wirelessly sent to the app and analyzed there. There's then health recommendations and tips. The battery lasts by one week, charging time about 1 hour. 

Fitness Gadget: Motion bracelet Runtastic Orbit11/25

Fitness Gadget: Motion bracelet Runtastic Orbit

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Movement Bracelet:
runtastic orbit

About 120 euros

Orbit of Runtastic measures movement, sports, calories and sleeping around the clock and fit into the bracelet or with a clip on the belt. You can set goals and stick by double-clicking when you feel particularly good. Via Vibrate You can set reminders or simply wake up in the morning. The Orbit band is waterproof, compatible with the Runtastic apps and holds out one week before you need to recharge it again.

Fitness Gadget: Jabra Elite Sport12/25

Fitness Gadget: Jabra Elite Sport

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Headphones for wireless Sports Tracking:
Jabra Elite Sport

About 250 euros

The completely wireless headset Elite Sport by Jabra are the perfect companion for all music-loving sports enthusiasts. The 2 Ear Buds be customized with different ear pieces and wings to the individual ear cup, so they do not slip during sports. The sound is very good for wireless plugs, operation with small buttons on the buds as well. The battery lasts 3 hours (with the small charging case in which the plugs are placed), you can extend the time up to 9 hours. About the hear-through function of the headphones is via microphone and external noise on the ear - ideal for runners and cyclists. But the biggest selling point of the Jabra Sport Elite are the extensive fitness and sports functions. The right ear plug a heart rate sensor that measures your pulse infected. The accompanying app's features are more for endurance athletes: Here next heartbeat also track and calories burned are measured. Info coming upon request regularly or by pressing a button as audio prompts. The app analyzes the training and gives suggestions for improvement, offers a VO2max fitness test and regeneration tips. Strength athletes can do a circuit training. The app provides predefined short workouts and over 50 exercises, for which there is information (exercise name, time interval, or required number of repetitions and breaks) directly as an audio message on the ear.

The Jabra Elite Sport in Test

The elite sport can do everything that needs a recreational athletes for training tracking. With the individual customization options he is sitting relatively comfortably in the ear, the operation is very easy to track running or cycling route (via GPS smartphone), speed and heart rate works very reliable. I particularly like the hear-through function: Here I get on the road despite music on the ear almost everything. The fitness circles options are nice, but not for any sense (it Bodyweight exercises are mainly offered). Plus: The sound is really very, very good. Currently, the ultimate sports headphone. 

Fitness Gadget: Wireless in-ear headphones Gear IconX Samsung13/25

Fitness Gadget: Wireless in-ear headphones Gear IconX Samsung

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Wireless headset with fitness tracking features:
Samsung Gear IconX

About 229 euros

The in-ear headphones "Gear IconX" Samsung are simply plugged into their ears and come completely without annoying cables. However, the real highlight is the tracking capabilities. be measured next pulse and Geschwindgikeit also distance and duration. This information can also be given by voice output during training. Is the smartphone near, calls can be accepted or rejected via Bluetooth connection. By synchronizing with the mobile phone, there's also an extensive analysis of the collected health data on the app "S Health", Otherwise, the Gear IconX get along just fine without phone nearby. Is integrated as an MP3 player with 3.5 GB of free memory available. Practical: the ambient noise mode you get with during your favorite songs, what happens around you. Because the battery lasts only about 60 to 90 minutes with constant use, long workouts with the IconX however, are not possible.

Fitness Gadget: Sports-in-ears UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate JBL14/25

Fitness Gadget: Sports-in-ears UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate JBL

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Wireless Sport-in-ears:
JBL UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate

By 199 Euros

Audio specialist JBL and sporting goods manufacturers Under Armor have joined forces and developed a sports headphones with great sound and heart rate measurement with the UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate. The in-ears can optionally with the fitness tracker "UO band" be extended. About the app "UO Record" Data can be collected to evaluate and analyze. Also be given on request on a regular basis by voice arbitrary training parameters. So you can have by giving, for example, while running at a certain interval heart rate, without having to look again to the sports watch. The Bluetooth headphone is water and sweat resistant according to IPX5 certificate. The battery lasts just under five hours by the manufacturer.

Headphones Jabra Sport coach Wireless15/25

Headphones Jabra Sport coach Wireless

© PR

Headphones as a personal trainer:
Jabra Sport coach Wireless

About 150 euros

With the sports coach Wireless You can run, ride or hike. However, the device is particularly suitable for so-called cross-training. Behind it hide short interval and circuit training units, mostly with exercises using your own body weight. The wireless sports headphones then becomes a kind of virtual personal trainer, gives audio announcements directly on the ear. 

Jabra Sport coach Wireless in the test

A friendly female voice whispers me a countdown and the operation to be completed exercise his ear. The nice voice says exercise name, time interval, or required number of repetitions and break times. In units of time is counted down, but the integrated motion sensor does not automatically detect when you have completed the required repetitions. This must be confirmed by pressing a button on the headset. The free app's are currently five predefined short workouts and over 50 exercises that you can put together your own circle units. Who makes regular spontaneous interval units with bodyweight exercises and has fitness experience, get a meaningful training aid with the Jabra Sport coach Wireless. With the built-in microphone, you can even lead the way phone calls during training. The battery lasts for 5.5 hours. 

Fitness Gadget: On-Ear Sport Headphones from Monster iSports Freedom16/25

Fitness Gadget: On-Ear Sport Headphones from Monster iSports Freedom

© PR

Robust on-ear sports headphones:
Monster iSport Freedom

Nearly 200 EUR

The Bluetooth wireless headband headphones iSport Freedom of Monster operate with or without wires. Per integrated microphone and buttons on the ear cup lets you take calls and control the music playback. The bracket can be folded for transport. Paktisch: The ear cushions are antibacterial, the headset is washable and protected against sweat and moisture. The battery lasts according to the manufacturer by just under 24 hours.

Fitness Gadget: heart rate belt tickr X Wahoo Fitness17/25

Fitness Gadget: heart rate belt tickr X Wahoo Fitness

© PR

Pulse belt with Reps Count:
Tickr X Wahoo Fitness

About 100 euros

The Bluetooth belt tickr X Wahoo Fitness measures your heart rate, cadence, your running style, cadence when indoor cycling and using the "7 minutes Workout" app even your repetitions (reps) in bodyweight training. the belt is coupled directly to the smartphone and its associated free app. Special feature: The smartphone you can also leave them at home. For the Wahoo tickr X stores your training files, so you can synchronize them later on your phone. Another plus: The tickr X also works with many other sports apps like Runkeeper, Strava and MapMyFitness. 

Fitness Gadget: chest straps Garmin HRM Tri and HRM Swim18/25

Fitness Gadget: chest straps Garmin HRM Tri and HRM Swim

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Chest strap for swimmers:
Garmin HRM Tri and HRM Swim

About 130 or 100 euros

The chest belt HRM-Tri and HRM Garmin Swim measure heart rate in water and store the data until you can transfer to a Garmin device it ashore. The HRM Tri measures other than the heart rate in addition while running cadence, ground contact time and the vertical movement of the upper body. Both straps are sturdy and non-slip, even with fast rolling turns. 

Fitness Gadget: Game analysis chip Adidas Micoach Speed_Cell19/25

Fitness Gadget: Game analysis chip Adidas Micoach Speed_Cell

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Game analysis chip:
Adidas Micoach Speed_Cell

About 70 euros

The Speed_Cell of Adidas Micoach comes in or on the athletic shoe and then measures the football, basketball, rugby, handball or American football speed, distance and time that have moved. The data is then sent "multi-sport Micoach" via Bluetooth to the app where your game performance is evaluated. The chip fits into Micoach Adidas shoes or by lace clip to every other sport shoe.

Fitness Gadget: Schwimmuhr Swimmo20/25

Fitness Gadget: Schwimmuhr Swimmo

© PR


Approximately 190 Euros

The Swimmo is a sports watch for tech-savvy swimmers. The Smart Watch, which is marketed through a Kickstarter campaign, measuring tracks, pulse (wrist), speed, time and calories burned. Controlled the clock through movements of the wrist and display taps is. The apps Pace keeper and IntensityCoach check heart rate and speed. The Swimmo warning by vibration when the swimmer swims too slow or too fast. A training evaluation, visit the appropriate app.

Fitness Gadget: running style analysis of Tune Kinematix21/25

Fitness Gadget: running style analysis of Tune Kinematix

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Running style analysis:
Tune of Kinematix

From 199 €

The running style analysis system "Tune" consists of two thin insoles which are placed in their running shoes and connected to a small chip. Then, the tracking that records next distance, time and pace especially the actual running style starts. So (the time in which the leg is in the air) are registered with the wearable among other soil and heel contact time, stride length and swing time. About an app, the collected data can be analyzed immediately. Audio guide's tips for immediately running style improvement on the ear. Toll: The app provides on request a work based on your data training program included exercises to specific running style optimization.

Fitness Gadget: Cycle Computer Garmin Edge 100022/25

Fitness Gadget: Cycle Computer Garmin Edge 1000

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Bike Computer:
Garmin Edge 1000

From 549 €

The Garmin Edge 1000 is the top training tool for cyclists. It measures distance, speed, cadence, temperature, watts (with the Vector-pedal system by Garmin) and heart rate (via ANT + -Brustgurt). coupled with the mobile phone and the Garmin Connect app to get smartphone notifications (SMS, calls), weather reports and live tracking your exercise for third parties. The pre-loaded maps and the GPS receiver to navigate to a destination or take routes other driver after that you downloaded from Garmin or other portals. Plus, you can compete even with other athletes. With the feature round-trip routing can also explore an unfamiliar area, you can simply type a distance and a starting location before and the Edge 1000 proposes three circular routes before. The 3-inch touch display works in portrait or landscape mode. 

Fitness Gadget: fitness Extra anklet and Smart Socks by Sensoria Fitness23/25

Fitness Gadget: fitness Extra anklet and Smart Socks by Sensoria Fitness

© PR

Smart foot band:
Fitness Extra anklet and Smart Socks by Sensoria Fitness

About 180 euros

The smart sock and the corresponding ankle bracelet measure cadence, step surface, speed and distance while running. The data will be via Bluetooth to an app that will improve your running technique.

Fitness gadget: smart training bandage tape Push Push24/25

Fitness gadget: smart training bandage tape Push Push

© PR

Smart Training Bandage:
Push belt push

About 170 euros

The push belt of push trackt reps, sets, speed and power in watts at power exercises that are performed with the upper body - about the weight training. In an app, you can track your progress. There are also tips on when you should change weight and number of repetitions. 

Fitness gadget: Adidas Micoach Smart Ball25/25

Fitness gadget: Adidas Micoach Smart Ball

© PR

Smarter Football:
Adidas Micoach Smart Ball

About 200 euros

In this training ball lies a three-axis accelerometer, are measured with the shot speed rotation trajectory and hit area. The idea: Technology, foot position, shooting power and accuracy of footballers to improve. The accompanying app for instructions for the training of penalties, free kicks, corner kicks, passing and Abstößen.

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