"I want a child of yours!" Shouts you the stranger behind. Latest findings help

Maintain up
In an attempt at the University of Valencia Spanish women had male subjects assessed in terms of their attractiveness. At the same time the quality of sperm was determined for men. And was quite amazing to light: The more attractive a man of women is judged the better is his sperm.

Take off
Researchers at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine found a link between sperm volume, the function of the sperm and the body mass index. At her
Study of 500 volunteers, they found that men produce with increasing body weight less sperm.

Do you drink coffee
A Brazilian team from the University of São Paulo found that coffee drinkers have better sperm. In their study, the researchers studied 750 men. Interesting result: Both Coffee junkies (more than six cups a day) and moderate coffee drinkers have more active sperm than caffeine abstainers.

Wait's from
Italian physicians at the Department of Gynecology in Modena determined the timing of the traffic at 14,335 pregnancies. Most fertile the months of September until November. Optimal outdoor temperatures are not below 12 degrees. Incidentally, even the chance of a son and heir is greatest.

So your sperm is fertile

Those who want to have children, need fertile sperm. In the video you can see how to optimize your sperm quality

So your sperm is fertile
So your sperm is fertile