Bounce: How to get high up
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Bounce you need not only the long jump or high jump. In many sports you benefit if you exercise your vertical leap. Sure, in basketball you score with a strong bounce, but in football, playing tennis and even while running helps you one extra bounce to success.

But why helps a better bounce in almost any sport to better results? Although it is not so much goes into your sport around jumping, work by a jump strength training speed and explosiveness. The latter help you achieve higher performance in many sports.

Training Tip: With this simple exercise (three times a week) you get high:

  1. Squats: Walk to the right angle in the knee (10 times).
  2. Vigorously jump from the ground (arms to take up), do as long as possible in the air (15 times).
  3. Repeat exercises 1 and 2, but with (basket) ball in hands.
  4. Jump with both legs in succession over 10 boxes.
  • 02/01/2014

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