Benefit editor Björn Krause (27): abdominal workout for me is always a highlight

A six-pack I had tried until recently only in the gas station sometimes on weekends. In the last 7 weeks but hops and malt was lost. More precisely prohibited! 3 lessons I learned:

Abdominal workout for me is always a highlight
"Abdominal workout for me is always a highlight"

© Dietrich Halemeyer

Lesson 1: legs off to be in the belly there's not a six-pack
the belly program: the same when the final weight decreases by more than 2 hours weight training to the ground, the hardest time of the day begins. The same if I hang on the chin-up bar to my knees 20 to be balanced 30 times towards the chest, the force of gravity seems to triple. When I do, curved like a coat hanger, fall off the hook, I have to lie immediately to nachzulegen further 50 to 100 leg lift and 100 to 200 crunches.

The rest 60 seconds to the next tri-set are too little to live and too much to die. Under normal circumstances, I would now have 2 to 3 minutes rest, but to see a success in just 7 weeks, we need to increase the training intensity. Now is the worst time: Before the pain fades, my pulse clocked nearly normal and tracks derailed features again, I'll hang me again, again lie on the rack, again snap like a folding knife and blunt. In these phases, I have often a low, but stay, thanks to training partner, further fired up my muscles - the burn.

Breast from 100 to 105 cm: Björn Krause:
© Holde Schneider

Lesson 2: Without the right genes there's no full Sixpac
The abdominal muscle is the most masculine muscle for me. No other workout transported me quickly to physical and mental limits. Although my belly gaining hardness and depth, I am discouraged. It is becoming apparent, or just not know that I'll never get a six-pack, no matter how hard I train.

Laterally, the lower abs are easy to see, but the lower edge defining the Sixpack only right, I just do not get in shape. The genetics shows me my limits on - and because of the genes I now have anger inside.

Lesson 3: I can be happy without a six pack
My world in numbers: 3.2 kg weight gain, fat 12.3 percent, body mass index 22.7. Once a woman has lifted my shirt, once again I was pleased that over 10 000 crunches have left their mark. Conclusion: A Four Pack is after all a half Eight Pack, and that's enough for me to stay 100 percent there. Is as a gut feeling.

Look how Björn Krause came to what he has now:

Björn Krause on the components: his training in pictures


parameter Before afterwards
Weight size 78.4 kg at 190 cm 81.6 kg at 190 cm
biceps 36 cm 37.2 cm
waist 81 cm 79 cm
chest 100 cm 105 cm
Body mass index 21.6 22.7