Fancy paddling? We compiled the most beautiful routes for canoe and kayakers in Europe for you

1. Mecklenburg Lake District: Between Berlin and the Baltic Sea a maze of more than a hundred lakes, canals and rivers, a total of 2,000 km canoe. Whether the paddle trip takes only three hours or three weeks here each tour is a highlight. Another important note: Do not forget map and compass.
The Müritz - there is water without end in a spacious National Park.
Best time: Spring to autumn.

2. The Lahn: "All around an ineffable beauty of nature" - Goethe so enthused by the Lahn. The Lahn is 245.6 km long and a tributary of the Rhine. The river between the Westerwald and Taunus is technically easy to drive and offers plenty of nature and attractions. A true classic.
Two-day canoe migration (with tent) of casting to Limburg.
Best time: year-round; on summer weekends very crowded, the most beautiful in the fall.

3. Weser: 140 km unspoilt river landscape that exists only rarely in Germany. The Oberweser is a true paradise for canoeists: In a multi-day overnight trips from Münden to Hameln real trapper feeling arises.
highlight: The rousing flow - even lazy come really far here.
Best time: year-round, even when it's cold

4. Bayerische whitewater round: The three streams around the Zugspitze: Ammer, Loisach and Rissbach. Every river offers crisp white water also stages for kayaking novices. In the tour included: Upper Bavarian countryside delicacies - and at the exit always a hearty beer garden. Paddling in without a canoe instructor: For beginners true!
highlight: The Rissbach Gorge - this is Germany's most difficult whitewater point (only for watching, not for paddling).
Best time: Once the snowmelt has been used in the mountains.

5. Gudena (Denmark)In Sweden there are hundreds of canoe grounds and billions of mosquitoes. In Denmark, there is only one area, but no mosquitoes. The Gudena, a 160-kilometer long river wilderness in Jutland, is the perfect paddle terrain for beginners Scandinavia.
highlight: Panoramic view of the Lake District from Himmelbjerg - with 147 meters above sea level, the Danish Mount Everest.
Best time: Mid-June to autumn

6. Mazury (Poland): In northeast Poland nature is still almost in its original state. Dense forests and waters are the 3300 Mazury. For grandiose holidays with tent, canoeing and fishing, the area is ideal.
highlight: the Czarna Hańcza Canoe Route (80 km) in the loneliest part of this region.
Best time: summer months

7. Styrian Salza (Austria)
Bang Green water in bright green countryside - the Salza looks like the kitschy Walt Disney version a river landscape. But they really exist, in Upper Styria. The odyssey into the farthest inland Austria will be rewarded with 80 kilometers easy whitewater. Class for beginners!
highlight: "Paradise", a paradisiacal kayak passage in a gorge (about 15 kilometers downstream from Wildalpen).
Best time: Early summer (May and June)

8. Soca (Slovenia): In the border triangle Austria, Italy and Slovenia is the Mecca of European canoe scene: the Soca. She is the favorite with the whitewater canoeing beginners and schools, offers 55 kilometers as well as hiking and waterfall paddlers cracks beautiful and thrilling stages. Who paddling, it is essential there.
highlight: everything
Best time: Spring to late summer

9. Ticino Inferiore (Italy): Even among experts still a secret. From Lake Maggiore, the Ticino winds over 110 kilometers to the Po. Away from all the roads you go three days on thoroughbred flow across the Lombardy. Caution, beginners should not start at high tide!
highlight: Wild tent sites on the river - so take plenty of food.
Best time: April-October

10. Reuss (Switzerland): In the town of Bremgarten (near Zurich) is a wonderful-same canoe route: first the Reuss raises a half meters high, standing wave, the surfer and kayak acrobats magically attracts. Then it goes to 10 kilometers at a gentle flow through the idyllic Gnadental in the canton of Aargau. An extremely varied area for all ability levels.
highlight: Hot spot on the Reuss Wave: come, amazed and paddle.
Best time: Spring to autumn

11 Loire (France): Here you can experience unspoilt scenery, camping on deserted islands, landing in front of the most beautiful castles and exquisite restaurants. Whoever wants to can paddle the entire 1,000 km from the Massif Central to the Atlantic throughout (but takes a long time).
highlight: They come in 15 different vineyards over, and the best part: Most wine tasting is possible.
Best time: summer

12 Ardeche Gorge (France): The wwohl most popular canoe route in Europe 30 kilometers through an imposing Kalkfelsenschlucht, the generally calm water is dotted with twelve small rapids. For the physically fit, paddling by in a day, the connoisseurs bivouac halfway.
highlight: Under the famous rock arch Pont d'Arc durchzupaddeln, is unbeatable.
Best time: Spring, fall (summer: full)