You want to lose weight or build muscle? Then you should know your daily calorie needs! Our calorie calculator determines it for you - fast and free

How many calories I should take me to lose weight? How much do I eat when I want to build muscle? You can only answer if you know your individual calorie needs per day these questions. How to calculate? With a rather complicated formula. But do not worry: You do not own the calculator that takes our calories faster computer for you!

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That's why you should know your daily calorie requirements

Especially for the Abspecker of you, it is important to know the daily calorie needs. When removing counts at the end of the day that is really just your calorie balance: Only when you take fewer calories than you burn a day, you lose weight. This is called then "negative energy balance", Conversely, take more calories than your body uses ("positive energy balance") You take. 

However, this is only partly true, because if you want to build muscle, you have said "negative energy balance" cause and provide daily for a calorie surplus. Why? It's simple: Your body needs extra energy and "building materials" for new muscle tissue. However, it works only if you run regularly weight training. Otherwise you will even set, but not in muscle mass, but fat.

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But who wants to keep his weight, should know what amount of calories he must perform daily. For if calorie intake and calorie consumption holds about the scale, keep your weight. But how exactly do you calculate its daily calorie needs?

So easy to calculate your calorie needs

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Just enter age, height, weight and gender in the fields below. From these values, our calorie calculator first calculates your basal metabolic rate (GU). The basal metabolic rate is how many calories your body, maintain vital functions consumed in complete tranquility. The basal metabolic rate is different for each person and is determined by the age, sex, height and weight. Even muscles ensure that the basal metabolic rate rises.

However, since the physical activity at GU does not matter, in addition to the basal metabolic rate and the so-called power sales (LU) must be calculated. Power dissipation is only the amount of energy consumed by sports and exercise. Depending on how much exercise you exercise and whether you tend to include or type Bürohengst work physically hard, and the LU Type varied easily to you how much exercise you drive normally and how movement intensive is their job. their very individual calorie needs per day (GU + LU) is then calculated from these values.

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Note: To lose weight, must reduce its calorie needs - but be careful to receive definitely enough calories to meet their basic needs. The optimal calorie needs, with the healthy slimming definitely located approximately in the center of the basal metabolic rate and your total needs.