The clitoris is a mystery to most men. It is very easy to bring his sweetheart with the right Zungenschlag boil. We tell you how to stimulate the clitoris properly 

"If I'm just before orgasm during oral sex, my husband licks quickly on my clit back and forth. As rich a few seconds, and begin to shake the walls."

Why does it work?

"Most people keep the clitoris for a small bud under her Hauthäubchen, but in fact it reaches far into the female body"Explains the US Sexualaufklärerin Lou Paget. "If you rub your tongue with rapid movements on the Kitzlerspitze along, you not only capture a larger area, you also stimulate still areas in which your tongue does not penetrate."

How do you do that exactly?

The important thing is to push the Kitzlervorhaut a little bit to the side. Do not worry, because you can break anything. Just gently pull back, then make rapid, jerking movements of the tongue, as far as it can detect the tiny Kitzlerschaft.

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She will tremble with pleasure by the Schnurrgasmus
Purr it out down there around, they will love it

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Vibrato effect: So it comes to oral "Schnurrgasmus"

"I like it when my friend hums quietly while he makes me orally. When it still touches my clitoris, I get the best orgasms, more specifically Schnurrgasmen."

Why does the "Schnurrgasmus"?

There's a reason why vibrators are so popular. "Each time the skin of something vibrating is touched, the sensations over a much larger area to spread than when it is stimulated directly and continuously"Says Lou Paget, "To enable twice as many nerves with half the effort." If you still sweeten with a direct contact at the right time in the right place - z. As the clitoris - you will probably zumOrgasmus bring."

How do you do that exactly?

Relax your lips and hum a tune. Touch the outside of her clitoris, the small hood above the bud, and her labia with the outermost point of your kiss mouth. Move the mouth slowly around her clitoris. If they do not take it anymore, tap rhythmically with your fingertip on the clitoris or lick a few times gently over the entire clitoris.

The erogenous zones of women: from the clitoris to G-spot
The erogenous zones of women: from the clitoris to G-spot
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