Not only in winter bald heads need a particularly good treatment. The Solten note shave the hair and other care tips for Bald carrier

    shave a bald head

    You have chosen a cool bald, but still sprouting on your head a few hairs that you need to shave regularly? Tip: If you fix your scalp a little with your fingers and tighten, minimize the cuts risk when bald shaved to the scalp.

    Very important: The skin on the head is irritated again and again by a shave and therefore then requires a careful treatment: "A short showering with cold water after shaving bald closes the pores of the scalp, which should be dried by a gentle swabbing. Thereafter, a suitable cream is applied. In severe irritation after shaving should, for example, D-Panthenolhaltige creams are used, "advises Dr. med. Lilia Westermann, Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology in Hamburg.

    wash Bald

    Clean the scalp with mild hair shampoos, advises Westermann: "The scalp bald men to adverse environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, allergies, rashes or pimples, etc. extremely sensitive. The first step is not to wash the scalp with the means with which to clean the rest of the body, but use a mild shampoo."

    creams Bald

    Since the Bald is about as sensitive as our skin on the face, recommends the expert to maintain the scalp regularly with a mild facial cream. However, too much gloss on the bald head can also be uncomfortable. A cleaning with a mild cleansing gel takes the shine. Alternative: The powder scalp easily.

    protect bald

    If you opt for convenience only for baldness, you should perhaps think again. The equation 'no hair on his head = less care on the head' does not open. Your baldness takes a lot of attention: "At high altitudes, such as on a ski vacation, of course, must be taken as well in the summer to strong sunlight. In winter dehydration and heat loss through the bald scalp is imminent. For moisture loss carry not only frost and wind, but also the dry, heated air at, "said the doctor.
    In the summer, especially UV rays threaten the sensitive scalp. Therefore Bald carrier should always put some cream in the summer months their plate with a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, but most carry a Cappy or a cool hat outdoors.

    cover bald

    In the cold season, and in direct sunlight, it is especially important that you wear a hat. But not all headgear are bald compatible. The dermatologist advises caps of cotton: "It often happens when using wool caps, hypersensitivity and allergic reactions, so that in these cases, caps or hats made of cotton are most suitable."