Shortly before the date the tension increases. The stains under the armpits are getting bigger - if you do not follow our advice. To avoid sweat stains

    1. The driest sprays Deo alone does not help against sweat. For that you need a so-called antiperspirant. This usually contains aluminum salts, which narrow your sweat pores - and leave white residue on the clothes. Therefore, after the application just check the shirt or shirt, if necessary brush the stain gently.
    2. The airiest clothing Wear under your good dress shirt best an undershirt. This absorbs the sweat like to receive and distribute it so that it can evaporate quickly. Both shirts should be made of cotton, not made of synthetic fibers. And: The more casual is the cut, the better the air circulation.
    3. The coolest diet In order to sweat less, you should drink more. Do it without, however, on black tea, coffee and alcohol - all this promotes sweating. They should also refrain from sharp, high-calorie foods, because they are boosting your circulation - and thus also the heat in the digestive tract.