For a toned, muscular body you need to train hard and eat right. We reveal how to build muscle quickly and effectively - in the gym or a workout at home

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What do I gain muscle building workout?

Effective muscle training brings you very clear: more muscle! This Muckis course you need not only to look good, as in the disco or on the beach.

Muscles prevent pain
Also for your health, a strong muscular corset is immensely important. An example: A poor posture can cause headaches. The reason: too weak back muscles prone to tension. You can selectively prevent with muscle building and strength training. Even if you have back pain, you should not neglect sports. On the contrary, proper toning exercises to strengthen your back muscles and help. Other reasons for resistance training:

Muscles slim
Yes, you read that right: muscle growth helps with weight loss. Because your muscles are the fat burners Number 1 - around the clock. It does not matter whether they do anything or not. A muscle is always ready. This basic tension, also called muscle tone constantly consumes energy. In plain language: The more muscle mass you have, the more energy can burn your body. In technical jargon, this is called an increased basal metabolic rate. The result: take off faster, can easily keep your weight, or simply to increase more food without. On average, your muscles consume about a quarter of the energy that converts your body.

Muscles protect your bones and joints
Many of your joints are covered by muscles. The strength of the muscles around the joint ensures that you are not constantly dislocate the shoulder or break the knees.

You are never too old for toning workout
Through targeted strength training to increase your muscle mass sustainable. Do not, however, strength training, your muscles shrink. From the age of 30 you lose no weight training every year muscle mass, about 3 kilos per decade. So is the older you get, the more important physical fitness. The good news: Even in the age of the body responds very quickly to muscle training. So it's never too late. Before you start, you should, however, have it checked by a doctor in order to take into account any previous damage.

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How do I plan my muscle building workout?

So that your weight training is successful, you should challenge your muscles properly - © Shutterstock / lithian

So how do you properly trained for the target muscle growth? Building muscle mass and strength gains are adaptation processes of your body. Ask for it via the familiar boundaries, he imagines the future on one. In order for your muscle training is successful, you should follow these training rules and training principles:

How strenuous muscle building training should be?
No pain no price. Says: Ask your body! Only then will he respond to training stimuli and change. Sweat, muscle burning and even sore muscles are important and intentional. Only in this way you will build muscle. "You should obtain your muscles with high intensities and volumes to a maximum muscle growth to fatigue training. For beginners it is quite sufficient to require a muscle just barely up to the maximum load. Advanced to take him to the limit. For larger muscles such as the quadriceps in the thigh, you can draw ever 10 or more sets. But beware: The loaded muscles must then necessarily 2 to 4 days regenerate! Who is no time to thicken the Muckis, given away valuable growth potential"Says our power Prof Stephan Geisler, from the IS-University in Dusseldorf.

How often do I have to train to build muscle?
Only repeated, regular exercise leads to the goal. therefore work out at least 2 times better 3 times per week. Beginners train two times a week, advanced up to 5 times. Ideal are each 30 to 60 minutes per workout.

How many reps and sets to choose in muscle building training?
Select the weights so that you create no more than 8 to 12 reps - the last with difficulty. A good movement speed for beginners: 2 seconds for the overcoming, 1 second for the static and 2 second for the yielding phase. In a push-ups thus one second stood 2 seconds for the downward path, to the lowest position and 2 seconds for the upward travel to. Already one intense set sufficient incentive for muscle growth. At least after the third set, you should devote the next exercise. Between sets allow yourself at least 1 minute break. At the latest after 3 minutes to do next.

What weight brings optimal muscle building?
The amount of weight is very important for your exercise intensity and muscle growth. The load is optimal when it generates an effective stimulus to the muscles without increasing the risk of injury unnecessary. The ideal weight should be 10% less than the maximum exercise intensity. These determine when you do an exercise for the first time by estimating and try (or seek advice from a trainer). When strength training weight should be selected so that you create 8 to 12 repetitions. Create less than 8, the weight is too high. With more than 12, it is too low.

When should I change my muscle building workout plan?
Always the same processes, movement tempos and exercises do not demand perfect your body in the long run, no matter how much weight you draufpacken. Result: stagnates your muscle growth. therefore change the training stimuli every 6 to 8 weeks by, for example, replace exercises. Take other training equipment such as free weights instead of machines. Change control techniques, body position, pause length or tempo.

How do I share my muscle building workout?
Beginners who only train two times a week to complete, best a full-body workout, where they train all muscle groups. When you exercise at least 3 times per week, it makes sense to divide the total body workout for muscle groups over several days. For each muscle should only after complete recovery, after about 48 hours, will be charged again. Advantage of the so-called split-training: You can train on consecutive days. The three most common split tactics:

The push-pull method: Divide the units by functioning of the muscles. On a day are Drück-, at the other train movements on the program. A push workout for example, could work the following muscles: chest, triceps and front shoulder. The next day, the pull-workout with exercises for the back, biceps and back shoulder follows.
The player opponent Method: Conversely working muscles are specifically trained together. Example: 1 times biceps and triceps and abdomen and lower back, front and rear thigh and chest and upper back. Advantage: Each muscle can be loaded to a maximum, as it is fresh and rested.
The upper body lower body method:  You train in a unit, the legs, the abdomen and lower back, next time the arms, chest, shoulders and upper back. To avoid overloading of specific muscle groups.

How important is regeneration in muscle building?

Recovery times are in building muscle mass just as important as strength training - © Shutterstock / Satyrenko

Recovery times are as important as your muscle training. The muscles need to regenerate nutrients need to be filled and the residue of combustion energy in your cells need to be removed. Plus: In the recovery period your muscle grows. Therefore, you should better treat after each workout the loaded muscles at least 24 48 hours rest. Who picks too early to free weights, is gradually weaker. The reason: The body has no chance to recover its performance. This is called overtraining. Tips on how to recognize overtraining, can be found here. but you should not wait too long with the next training session, otherwise you miss the moment when your body has more power. After about 1 week, he is in fact back to the original level of performance. It adapts to the lack of stimuli by muscle breakdown.

How does building muscle in the body?

Building muscle is the enlargement of the muscles of the body. Hypertrophy training, the technical term for muscle building training aims through thick growth of individual muscle fibers to increase the total cross-section or the extent of the muscle. But what happens when muscle growth in the body? Prerequisite for building muscle: The muscle is required beyond the usual level of performance. Microcracks (soreness) in the stressed muscles in this training stimulus through the workout. In the recovery phase after the strength training (about 24 hours) the body begins to repair the troubled fibers and thickens it even to adapt it for loading similar in the future and to reinforce. In the training theory, this process of adaptation is called super-compensation. 

Is soreness dangerous, I can wegtrainieren him?
Our expert Prof. Stephan Geisler from the IS Academy in Dusseldorf explained in the video, whether aching muscles is really dangerous