Formerly a student Pascal went much later, far too little. After 8 weeks of endurance training he grabs now even a half-marathon. Its 21 Tips for 21 km

Our working student Pascal Polosek (22) took the stamina within 8 weeks for a half marathon again:

create facts
I've done it, signed up to a half marathon. So am I holding up the motivation for the next 8 weeks.

define target
For my only previous half marathon I have 1:59 hours needed. Now I want to be faster. Whether this will work? Since I'm running max 2 times a week.

who plan
Sports editor Henning Lenertz, ambitious marathon and ultra runners, drop me a training plan - under you can find a variety of them.

set priorities
Week 3 to 4 units of the plan hums to me. The main unit is the long, slow run over 70 to 100 minutes. A hard tempo run (continuous operation or intervals) and 2 loose units are still added.

bear clock
As early as the first unit I realize that it is difficult for me to keep me pretending to the pulse, Pace and distance. I run too fast, I quickly out of breath. Henning recommended me a GPS clock that also plays music.

Search followers
Music alone does not always help to motivate yourself. That's why I run from now lunch with colleagues at the weekend with a buddy.

keep Calm
To grab the 1:50 hours on end, I must complete in 5:12 minutes in the race every kilometer. After 3 weeks, I can do that no more than 4 kilometers. Henning thinks it will come.

endure pain
And there he is again, the pain in his right knee! One of the reasons why I ran in recent years fewer and fewer. But Henning calms me: A pinch here, a jump-off there, that is normal when you suddenly increased his workload; as long as it does not get worse and the pain disappears in everyday life, is usually all right. It gets better.

Jump Shoes
I buy a second pair of running shoes, a tip from Henning. With only a pair of overburdening foot and supporting muscles on one side.

simulate competition
After 5 weeks, it's serious then 10 kilometers in the race pace (5:14 minutes per kilometer) are pending. I pack it tight. How should I soon run 11 more?

show progress
In the last 4 weeks I have become faster at intervals. For long runs I run with the same pulse much faster now.

purely shoveling carbohydrates
The race day. As a professional, I futtere many carbohydrates for days to fill the memory. Since the race only starts at 18 o'clock, there's now a good breakfast and 4 hours before the start again a light snack.

tie double knots
About 20 minutes before the race I run me 10 minutes easy warm - as my shoelaces goes on. Luckily me that does not happen in competition. To it!

Roll up body
I want the first half slow down. I need exactly 52:22 minutes for the 10 kilometers.

check schedule
My watch has GPS, and I trust in the Pace display. A mistake. At the 10 km mark I'm 40 seconds behind the plan. Had I oriented myself merely to the kilometer signs!

take away food
I feel good and verdrücke a gel, so I do not later still fall into a hole, like it happened to me on my first half marathon. Tip: try the training if the stomach tolerate that stuff when running.

increase speed
I'm going faster and get a runner. That pushes, but I do not exaggerate it and stick to my pulse area. At kilometer 18 I'm 2.5 minutes ahead of time.

begin final sprint
Legs and head are totally empty when I cross the 20-kilometer mark. I cut it all out and walk about a 4: 50-Pace.

smile touchdown
Final corner, 150 meters from the target, burn my muscles. Crossing the line I smile for the finisher photo, even if everything hurts me violently.

fill memory
Do not stop! With the medal around his neck, I plunder the target board - non-alcoholic beer and fruit. For the muscles there is a protein bar.

out jogging lactate
Very slowly I run out for 10 minutes stretching my head, launch runners who finish the race - and just enjoy the atmosphere.
"Devastated? Not at all! After 8 weeks of training I enjoy here only my top target time during an evening Half Marathon "

My conclusion
I never thought, after just 8 weeks of training a 1:46:50 to run - especially because the first few weeks were so tough. But thanks to the structured training progress was very gradually. Before the next race, I think the shape with three runs per week.

8 weeks Half Marathon plan with a finish time under 1:50 hours

week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 week rest day 40 min. Loose rest day 6x400 intervals in 1:45  rest day 45 min. Loose 75 min. Slow
2 weeks rest day rest day 50 min. Loose rest day 45 min. Loose rest day 80 min. Slow
3 week Ruhtetag 6x800 intervals in 3:35 rest day 60 min. Loose rest day 45 min. Loose 80 min. Slow
4th week rest day Tempo 10 Km in 5:14 rest day 60 min. Loose rest day 30 min. + 15 min easy. At racing speed 90 min. Slow
5th week rest day 8x400 intervals in 1:45 rest day 60 min. Loose rest day 30 min. + 15 min easy. At racing speed Test run / competition 10 Km
6th week rest day 8x400 intervals in 1:45 rest day 60 min. Loose rest day 30 min. + 3 loose increase 100 min. Slowly
7th week rest day 3x2000 intervals in 9:00 rest day 60 min. Loose rest day 45 min. + 3 loose increase 60 min. + 10 min slowly. Race-pace in 5:14
8th week rest day 30 min. Loose 6 Km competition Tempo (5:14) 30 min. Loose rest day 20 min. + 3 slowly increases Half marathon race in 1:50 (Pace 5:14)

The terms and proper heart rate zones for your running training

Slower endurance Pulse approximately 70-75 percent of the maximum heart rate
Quiet endurance Pulse approximately 75-80 percent of the maximum heart rate
Easy continuous run Pulse approximately 80-85 percent of the maximum heart rate
Spacious endurance Pulse about 85 to 88 percent of maximum heart rate
fartlek Changing pace for various lengths of sections. The rotor determined pace and length of the loads themselves
Fast Pulse about 90 to 94 percent of maximum heart rate
race pace Pace you can run under normal conditions in a competition
increase Run over a distance of 80 to 100 meters, in which the speed is continuously increased from the toes to the Sprint