We explain what men can do for gray hair and how attractive & look sexy

Gray hair early 20s? Mid-30s? Why do we get gray hair and what you can do something about it, we will tell you as well as the latest methods here to free gray hair from yellowing to repigmentieren it to sound and turn it into an attractive color.

In this article:
  • Causes of gray hair
  • Stress and diet-related causes of gray hair
  • Stages of graying, and something about it helps
  • free gray hair from yellowing
  • drown Gray Hair
  • color gray hair
  • Haircuts for men with gray hair

Causes of gray hair

Our hair grows from hair follicles in which cells are responsible for the color of our hair. In technical jargon, these cells melanocytes, the melanin pigments are called. Once the hair is visible on the scalp surface, they are pigmented horn threads. To view the information that they have noticed in the cell. Once they become visible hair is almost dead matter that can get any information from the root more.

In order to produce melanin, the body needs the amino acid tyrosine. Is it not sufficient, in the cell no more melanin is formed. In the hair production, it is then voids s.g. "Vacuoles" replaced. "Are Melanin residues nor built with gray hair is produced. Absent entirely, the hair grows colorless or white to, "said Dr. Frank Matthias Schaart, dermatologist and hair expert from Hamburg. So Gray hair is an optical illusion to be: The combination of white, colorless and even pigmented, dark hair, the hair seems a total of gray. "On the diet include additional doses of tyrosine to prevent the graying of hair or hesitation out, have proven to be ineffective," says dermatologist Schaart.

That gray grow more and more hair in the course of life, is a natural, genetically defined process. The melanin production in the hair roots slows down until our bodies completely ceases sometime. In Central Europeans that begins much later usually mid-30s, in Africans and Asians.

Stress and diet-related causes of premature gray hair

 "Stress can be a trigger for hair loss and thus also for premature graying of hair, "explains hair expert Schaart," If degradation products of stress hormones accumulate in the body, they can cause a hormonal hair loss. Since dark hair are less firmly anchored in the hair root as a non-pigmented, dark hair fall with prolonged stress faster, leaving only the gray hair. "

Lack of nutrition or acidification are suspected to be the origin of gray hair by nutrient deficiency trigger. "However, there is no study that shows that a specific food can prevent gray hair," says dermatologist Schaart. But since dark hair are anchored from medically yet unknown causes less firmly into the hair roots, a healthy diet and lifestyle, which generally protects the body cells, help the they remain longer on the head. The recommendations are well known: fruit, vegetables and proteins provide the body with plenty of nutrients, while coffee, alcohol and sugar are acid pictures and nutrient robbers.

Stages of graying, and something about it helps

Stage 1: Here and there a gray hair
In your otherwise strong hair sprouting a few gray streaks? This can have many reasons: age, stress, diet and the like. Check if and what has changed for you, and place it where possible - maybe it grow out again.

Anti-gray shampoos
promise, that can accumulate in the charge of the white color voids with regular use color pigments targeted to replace the missing there color pigments (e.g. Alpecin Tuning shampoo). "Your hair gets thereby to its natural color," explains Rudolf Reisbeck, vice president of the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Trade.

Stage 2: Gray temples and first white whiskers
The precursor to the full graying look first at temples and beard where the hairs have a shorter lifespan. At this stage, the production of the pigment melanin color is already throttled.


Do you want to disguise the graying, a product for repigmentation (for example, Re-Nature Schwarzkopf) that you massage into the hair every 6 to 8 weeks will help. Here is deeply introduced a precursor of the color pigments in the hair roots where they then develop. Rice Beck: "The good thing about a repigmentation that the color change does not happen so suddenly, because the hair gets back its natural color after a few days."

Stage 3: Wholeheartedly gray
Already completely gray? Then you lack the ability to form melanin. New hair are white or colorless. Reinforcing factor is that you do not have darker hair more, which weaken the effect visually.

You now have two options:

  • to wear the gray hair with pride and to ensure that it looks neat.
  • Or to drown out the gray hair or color. We recommend the former!

Well-kept gray hair in men are attractive
Since there are men more readily than women: Gray hair in men gelt be very attractive

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free gray hair from yellowing

Congratulations, you have decided to stand by your gray hair. You are in good company: Rayan Reynolds, Ben Affleck and Bastian Schweinsteiger making before, may be this look as attractive. If properly maintained. Because white hair are more sensitive than dark. They can not protect themselves well against UV light due to lack of melanin. Chlorine, nicotine or car exhaust deposit on visible in them. Result: The hair gets a yellowness. contain special shampoos and -tönungen blue pigments, in order to reduce the yellowing effect (e.g. kaypro Silver no yellow shampoo or anti-yellowness cure of Guhl silver gloss). Blue, the complementary color to yellow, brings back the strong white and silver shine, you can then wear it with pride. "For a nice, cleanes Gray I like to recommend the Bed Head by Tigi Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo" advises hairdresser and an expert on men's hair Frank Senner from Reutlingen.
Barber Markus Salm from Bonn, brand ambassador for the men line Men System Professional is recommended to tint the hair with little white strands in a pearl gray. "It depends on the amount of white hair," says Salm, "ranging in almost 100% white hair like Richard Gere a Silver Shampoo for an attractive, smoky look. "

In the summer you should have a Sunscreen sprays for hair use (for example, Sun Sunscreen Spray Wella).

drown Gray Hair

Hairdressers can help men, no matter what stage they are graying. But be careful: dyed hair look unnaturally fast - especially if they previously were completely gray day.
"Men rarely come with the desire to the salon to color their hair because they are afraid that it looks too unnatural," says Markus Salm, "I'd gray hair never stain completely but drown, as it has a natural effect does not cover completely and the white hair. "He convinces his graying customers prefer a Gray-reduction (E.g., "Color Camo" by Redken or "Gradual Tone" system Professional). It is color foam that refreshes the natural color again. It is available in different colors. This is combed into washed hair and then have to react. The hair regains its color by gray hairs are covered discreetly with the natural hue without coloring them. Salm: "Depending on the frequency of use can be the natural color amplify up to 30%."
It is best to seek advice from the hairdresser when choosing colors. For dark hair men can appear older than they are. Therefore always prefer to choose a tone too light than too dark. Also falling residual and renewable gray hair by less. Since the color is gradually weaker with every hair wash, you can best perform this procedure on a regular basis when you go for a haircut anyway.

Incidentally, you can also gray beards drown. "Most see gray beards usually cool," says Markus Salm, "However, you can help out with some partially with a tint. Again, Light transparency increases the naturalness ".

color gray hair

From dyeing almost all hairdressers advise their male customers from having gray hair. "More than one intensive toner is not taken as a rule, in order to achieve a stronger gray coverage," says Markus Salm. Since the hair usually grows 1 cm per month, the gray truth would come quickly to Vorscheinen.
Even star stylist Tobias Tröndle from Frankfurt finds that gray hair men make more interesting and experienced in his salon that men only have problems very rare. "My customers with gray hair are more concerned with, optimization 'of the natural hair color," said Tröndle. If a man still chooses a classic hair coloring with 100% opacity, Tröndle based on the color depth of the eyebrows. Tröndle: "The nuance is dependent on the eye color. Order to be on the safe side and take the appropriate tone. Basically, the nuances must be as cool as possible - whether intensive tint or color. "

Haircuts for men with gray hair

"I tend to advise on gray hair to short, precise haircuts à la George Clooney, David Beckham and Ben Affleck," says Tobias Tröndle. "Longer hair often seem dry, brittle and can only be bad style. You need intensive care and a lot of moisture. There are few exceptions, such as the hair of Colin Farrell. "

Conclusion:"I observe that today's men are confident and have no problem to get gray hair," says Trend Barber Tröndle. There are so many ways to create an attractive gray with slight tints, a good cut and appropriate care so that the color loss in men the image gain is.