Granted, the female orgasm is hard to decipher. But with these tips, you are well on the way to lead the lady to your destination

  1. Seduce begins with laughter

    Women want to be entertained like before going to bed. So convince through humor and let you play your charm. For example, start on your console a karaoke game and sing you "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" Whitney Houston for the woman of your dreams. You will lie on the floor with laughter - the best foundation for sensitive highlights.

  2. Tell your loved one, they should think about sex

    And all day long! Call the office and breathe her something dirty ear. Get off the wife of Job and touch when driving casually her knee. Every touch counts! In the evening they will be guaranteed earlier.

  3. Relax!

    Relaxation is the main factor for the female orgasm. So Spread just no hassle and give the woman feel that she has all night to do so. Ignite some candles and put on soft music. The more clearly you convey that you are patient, the easier it is for them to let go - and to explode at some point.

  4. Kiss with passion

    This awakens in her the desire to be pampered elsewhere, such as the abdomen or between the legs. Then you lick a gentle tongue into the pleasure center, on the outer labia to the internal. Place your hand on her stomach: If you feel a twitch, she's almost ready. Then decide whether you want to save your partner or to leave fidget a bit.

  5. give safety

    Some woman gets too much about her appearance and feels naked uncertain. Give her shelter and take their fear by making her compliments.

  6. Place hands on

    Proceed first with your fingers lightly over her soft skin. Strip delicate and slow the outer labia along. Increase the pressure until the excitement of your partner increases. Then you can massage the clitoris with your fingers, if possible in a steady rhythm. If your index finger penetrates, turn it upward direction G-spot.

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  7. First she, then

    If you rub too long in the clitoris, it can be insensitive or sore. Then all Orgasm attempts are doomed to failure. Satisfy only the desire of the loved one, whatever she likes it. And then you get your money.

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  8. The small difference

    While men from a certain point on know no turning back and just come, women can decelerate from 200 to 0 abruptly - for example if you deviate just a little of what you do as just. If you just pause for a moment, it may have been the already. Past! Of course, women like it when you in between vary the techniques.
    But if you have found once on the winning path, stay on it until you have reached your destination.

  9. rush hours

    Slow movements stimulate women more than fast. Will they turn up, you will notice that. Urging flat into the first third of the vagina. There are the most nerve endings - especially when it is swollen with excitement.

  10. Provide for a change

    Try it once but with role-playing games - that promise crackling erotic. Arrange to meet with your flame for the evening. Meet behave yourself like two strangers who meet just in a bar, at the amusement park or the cinema, but. Go flirting never too fast - Delay increases the voltage, thus ensuring a memorable finale.

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