For example, a woman's body is a mystery: He wants to be explored. We explain erogenous zones in women and provide you with different itineraries with spectacular highlights.

There are still in the female hemisphere regions in the regrettably a male has never penetrated. Follow us on an expedition to the female body. We have drawn up a short expedition on the planet woman for you.

Men should know the erogenous zones of a woman
Did you know that the ankle is one in women to the erogenous zones?

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Female pleasure points: the erogenous zones of a woman

These hot spots of the women are allowed on any Sexpedition missing

  • neck
    Why? In the area many nerves run. The stimulation of the bristles produces a creeps.
    As? With the thumb circling left and right of the spine, from hairline to her shoulders and back.
  • lateral chest
    Why? Close, but not quite - that stimulates their imagination. As? let fingertips in small and larger circles wander over her skin in exchange.
  • belly button
    Why? Very sensitive, because the Holy of Holies is very close. As? Some oil between the palms rub, with the palm of the hand in large circles about their abdominal stress.
  • cleft between the buttocks
    Why? Left and right of the sacrum are erotic reflex points that make the Po approach to an erogenous zone.
    As? Thumb circulate along the spine, from the waist to the bottom. Baking and thigh insides of stroke.
  • ankle
    Why? known from reflexology massage: Gentle massage stimulates the abdomen.
    As? With the fingertips always revolve around the ankle.

The more the better!
The signal your Herzdame your arousal and accelerate their own

The eroticism of the head and neck

Okay, So you've greeted with a passionate kiss, which should be clear. Now you are dedicated to her throat

Is not already the eroticism of vampire films based on the fact that a woman ivory neck bends back voluptuous and almost surrenders voluntarily to the undead? considered Pragmatic the neck is exactly the place you get close to your mouth while your hands still dealing with buttons and bra hooks.

Let her lips open as you slide them through the skin of your partner so that they can feel your breath. It's called spring kisses. The signal your excitement of your heart lady and accelerate their own.

Do not go to the mountains
simply do as if the area a minefield

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Tricky Terrain: minefield female breast

This time you are working purposefully downwardly. but touch the nipples only slightly

Or head gently with the tongue or the palm over it. It is women (and even men) give that come solely through stimulation of the nipple orgasm. But be careful: "More is better" is the wrong slogan! simply do as if the area a minefield. If you somewhere to tread too hard, it gets uncomfortable.

zulangen properly the experienced Minendienstler should at the earliest when the woman bends with delight, then decreases namely the sensitivity threshold (which incidentally is the reason that love bites, love bites and scratches are often noticed only after that - remember this for the final sprint).

Kamasutra punches are recommended on the ass: a matter of taste
Kamasutra punches are recommended on the ass: a matter of taste

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Attack from behind edit Po and the surrounding area

Kamasutra punches are recommended on the ass: a matter of taste

Make in situations of acute shortage of time nothing of which you do not know one hundred percent that it stands out. Indeed it is clear that you need to access when you now pick up your desk.

It is important that you edit multiple fronts simultaneously: kisses everywhere. Of the buttocks, it is not far to the perineum (perineum). Another one of China's tip. For the dam between vaginal entrance and anus. Massage this area circling, until you find a point that gives the pleasant feelings of your partner.

Never Irritate directly the clitoris
You can focus, of course, classically the clitoris - but please never irritate the right!

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not irritate the clitoris

Did you know that only the outer end of the clitoris is visible and so to speak, marks the tip of the iceberg?

The stem of the clitoris extends up to three centimeters along the vagina inside, therefore pressure in its interior is also an indirect stimulation of the clitoris. That means:

  1. The old Siggi Freud could - if he was still alive because - his distinction between the "tire" vaginal and "immature" clitoral orgasm occur in the bin.
  2. And it explains the resounding impact of the discovery of a gentleman by the name of Ernest Grafenberg. The noticed a puzzling pleasure point in his bed comrades. Apparently this button worked perfectly, so named Ernie the part in all modesty after himself - Gräfenberg point. To find this, slide a finger with the tip up into the vagina, then bending it. There he is, the G-spot.
  3. You can focus, of course, classically the clitoris - but please never irritate the right! They found it so probably not so great if anyone hearty round presses on your penis, right?

Final destination: Come on in! Experienced get with this method as quickly to their destination that they do not even have to give up the planned lunch.

The erogenous zones of women: from the clitoris to G-spot
The erogenous zones of women: from the clitoris to G-spot
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