To get rid of your belly fat: With our Tummy guide to get your dream body. The most effective tips to finally be slim. Plus: In record time washboard abs!

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  • Which Tummy-training is the best?
  • Module 1: abdominal away with endurance training
  • Module 2: Belly away with strength training
  • The best abdominal exercises off
  • Tummy exercises for home
  • Module 3: The Tummy nutrition
  • How do I calculate my calorie consumption?
  • The right belly-way diet
  • The yo-yo effect: why do diets thick
  • Component 4: abdominal exercises for washboard abs
  • Health: Find out about belly fat
  • To motivate the project "Belly off!"
  • As important as regeneration while losing weight

Aha, they therefore are also included! Among the men who procrastinate more belly right than they would like. Or have you a flat stomach, but still miss the coveted six-division of the muscles, the washboard abs? This Tummy Guide is the beginning of your success. It contains the best belly-off tips of all time, the experience of 20 years of men's health. Who wants to have his belly away, needs a plan - because headless drauflos train and throw themselves unprepared confused diets rarely brings the desired results. The good: You have it in your hands to shape your abs specifically. Change your life and give you a whole new feeling. A permanent change is the secret. 

The Tummy-secret: the energy balance
For weight gain, are too little exercise and too high calorie intake - no matter from what sources - responsible. So reduce your energy through healthy diet and increase your energy expenditure through exercise. The solution consists of four components: A balanced diet, regular cardio and strength training as well as targeted abdominal exercises - these are the components on which it with the company "belly off" arrives. You reduce your fat and thus your belly fat through a mix of strength training and aerobic exercise and follow a diet ausgeogene - so get your tummy guaranteed gone.

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Which Tummy-training is the best?

Around your belly wegzutrainieren, you need to challenge your muscles properly - © lithian /

Right at the beginning we clean up with a widespread Irrgauben: Targeted abdominal training brings in the fight against streaky little. Although these, grow your abs, but even the most vigorous representatives do not contribute to Sixpack, if you are covered by a layer of fat. Your metabolism it does not itch, which the body you train specifically - in short, you can not selectively at each point toned body, in this case your stomach, lose weight, but the loss is distributed always on your entire body. This means: In order to exchange your paunch against a washboard, is the magic formula intense weight training plus endurance sessions equals success.

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    Running is a real fat burner
    Belly away: endurance sports is best suited to burn fat

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    Module 1: abdominal away with endurance training

    Endurance sports is best suited to burn fat, and the longer you hold out, the better. Endurance training consumes already a few hundred calories per hour even with moderate load. This energy your body needs fetch somewhere - for example from the unpopular bacon rolls on the belly, although that happens delayed. Our endurance training tips:

    • only train more often, then longer, more intense
    • Setting fixed training days
    • 2 to 3 imal per week, for 30 minutes endurance training

    Combine that with twice weekly strength training and success will not be long in coming. Also, do not run the risk of overwhelming yourself and your body in this exercise dose. The fat burning starts from the first minute workout, if the intensity level is not too high. Start your training so best with 10 minutes warm-up (Also prevents injuries). Otherwise applies to a fat-burning workout "Run without wheezing" (Also applies to all other sports). Once you get out of breath, your body makes quite quickly tired. Moreover untrained create intense pressures only for such short periods that the calorie consumption here is ridiculously low. So let your ambition at home and walk it in a sensible and slow. Many sports are suitable for endurance training. Most importantly, it should be fun. Pick out your favorite sport from, or combine and try more often something new. So the training is varied and exciting

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    Inline skating: Even beginners with lack of physical condition manage to cover long distances comfortably. Skating is the joints than jogging, making it ideal for just-pr beginners. To warm up, you should easily stretch before skating (also recommended after training). When in-line skating you consume 700 calories per hour. Recommended target: Three times exercise per week.

    Jogging or walking: Walk anywhere. The only thing you need is a good pair of running shoes. You should always only run so fast that you do not fall speaking hard. Also walking breaks are not a defeat. Goal: Increase the run-time at a constant pace. You consume 600 to 700 calories per hour. Since Jogging much strain the joints, it is not recommended for more overweight. Instead, you should prefer to enter with walking. But while you consume only 250 calories per hour.

    Swim: Swimming is one of the best sports for fat loss. It is also very easy on the joints and therefore particularly recommended for overweight. Breast and backstroke are ideal for endurance training. Select a moderate pace, so you do not come as quickly out of breath while swimming. Goal: Three times a week to train. You consume 500 to 800 calories per hour.

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    Cycling or Spinning: Here, your knee joints are especially protected because your weight is indeed on the saddle. In bad weather, spinning (indoor cycling on stationary wheels) is a good alternative. You consume 500 to 1000 calories per hour. Goal: Three times a week to train.

    In general: Every move counts. If you prefer, you can perform longer duration loads at lower intensity so well. But leaders in terms of fat burning HIIT units ( "High Intensity Interval Training"). Here quick sprints and short recovery periods alternate with lower intensity. Within a short time (30 minutes maximum) bring your fat burning so at full speed. But: Perform your cardio units training days or after weight training. This ensures that you do not have enough concentration, energy and motivation for your muscle workout, because the movement sequences are simple cardio usually the risk of injury is lower.

    The top 10 foods for more muscle
    The muscles are burning fat machine of the body.

    © Rocksweeper /

    Module 2: Belly away with strength training

    The muscles are burning fat machine of the body. The bigger they are, the more effectively you burn the fat (even while sleeping). Because with your muscle mass also increases basal metabolic rate and metabolic activity and the higher your energy consumption. Every extra kilo muscle consumes about 200 calories per day. Because you not only burn calories during the workout, but also when you are at home already back and put your feet up. By antrainierte muscle you burn more fat during aerobic exercise also. To properly train: A good warm-up before the workout and subsequent cool-down is a must. This performance and elasticity of the muscles is increased and prevented injuries. For both, you should allow about 15 minutes. Your warm-up should consist of a light endurance exercise and a warm-up set specially designed for to be trained muscle groups. For the cool-down is running, ergometer and stretching are.

    To expose your ab muscles from fat, you must consume more calories than you take in. This is best achieved through an effective full-body workout, in which you build tidy muscles. Especially large muscle groups such as legs, buttocks or back should be in your Tummy training in the foreground. For large muscles require more energy than small ones. Important: Always enter full throttle while exercising - with exercises. You should start your training in the first month with low weights and about 15 repetitions. You should focus primarily on the correct movement execution. It is advisable to comply with a rest period of 48 hours after a weight training and then train again. For a successful training of the optimal exchange between stress and recovery is critical. For in the recovery phase, the muscle is expanding its energy storage. To achieve success, you should train 2 to 3 times a week constant over a longer period. Increase continuously. Increase your performance every 2 weeks. But not the same with more weight, but you train initially more per week. then run for your exercises a series longer, increase the number of repetitions and perform the exercises more slowly.

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    The best abdominal exercises off

    Your Tummy workout consists of exercises that appeal to many muscles. Basically, you can refer to the classic exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups and rowing. Strength training beginners should log in to the gym and start there under the guidance of a trainer with exercises on machines. Leg press, rowing, chest press, shoulder press, lat pulldown. For the finishing touches to complete your strength training through targeted abdominal exercises such as crunches, planks and folding knife (see module 4). Both for your whole body, as well as for your isolated abdominal training applies: Change regularly, about every 4 to 6 weeks, your training schedule. Over time, your muscles get used to the load, which reduces the training effect and can lead to stagnation in muscle building. You do not have to always think entirely new exercises themselves. It is enough if you vary the number of repetitions, the gripping techniques change (eg rowing in cross handle, wider than shoulder width grip deadlift) or with the pace of movement phases play (eg reducing the concentric (lifting) phase, but the eccentric (lowering) phase extend). 

    Tummy exercises for home

    Too cold, too far away, too full - excuses not to go to the gym, and thus can again turn the workout, there are enough. But not anymore - for top results you need is a few square meters of space and own it. For the secret of an effective abdominal workout away home's bodyweight training. As the name suggests, work here with your own body weight - the best training tool in the world! Always and everywhere to use and incredibly versatile, you can impoverish every muscle group without cell phones and make your belly legs. Do not you believe? Then try it out: pushup, cracked squats or lunges, pull-ups, crunches, Mountain Climber, forearm support in each variant - this is just a sampling of the variety of bodyweight exercises. 

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    Module 3: The Tummy nutrition

    Low Carb is the perfect diet to rid the stomach - © iodrakon /

    Abs are made in the kitchen - heard that before? Because the right training is only half the battle. Much more important is a proper diet. And no matter what diet you follow - be it Paleo, Low Carb or Vegan: The foundation is always the calorie balance. To stick with your diet with calorie intake below your calorie needs, you must of course first know how much you consume at all day - for example, your basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate, so the number of calories consumed, the body per day for complete rest, depends on the age, body weight, and power state. With the following formulas, you can calculate it relatively accurate.

    • Up to 18 years 17.3 x body weight in kg + 651
    • 19 to 30 years 15.3 x body weight in kg + 679
    • 31 to 60 years 11.6 x body weight in kg + 879
    • Over 60 years 13.5 x body weight in kg + 487

    Calculation example for a 35-year old with 80 kg: 11.6 × 80 + 879 = 1807 kcal. Your body burns at rest within 24 hours, 1,807 calories. Every move you perform extra consumes more energy. Athletes who are very active, burn significantly more calories.

    How do I calculate my calories burned during exercise?

    You will need your daily calorie basal metabolic rate (see above). Jogs a 35-year-old 80 kilo of body weight at a speed of 10 km / h, and the factor of 7 is considered (see table). This value of the basal metabolic rate is multiplied. The result is the calories sales for a day, so for 24 hours or 1440 minutes. In numbers: 12649 kcal. Since most athletes jogging 24 hours straight, the actual running time yet to enter into the calculation. It works like this: day-calorie revenue divided by 1,440 minutes times actual duration in minutes. (12649: 1440) Thus, if the sample man running 30 minutes, then the bill is × 30 = 264 calories. This too is only a guideline - but a very realistic. The exact power consumption depends on the actual individual load intensity and the external circumstances.

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    The combustion value table

    Find the value of selected sports that require you to determine the calorie consumption.

    sport  value
    sailing 3
    Cycling (ergometer)  5.5
    fencing 6
    Weight lifting (Training) 6
    wrestling  6
    Running (10 km / h) 7
    cross-country skiing  7
    Basketball (competitive) 8th
    beach volleyball 8th
    ice Hockey 8th
    Circuit training  8th
    Soccer  10
    Swimming (Freestyle)  11
    Squash (competition)  12
    diving  12
    Skateboard (competition)  15
    To go biking (> 32 km / h)  16

    Skiing downhill

    Running (17 km / h) 18

    Once you have determined your total sales or your total caloric needs, pull for losing about 300 to 500 calories from - more, it should not be.

    The afterburn of sports

    Sport is the only thing which you can use your basal metabolic rate and thus lower your calorie intake up. It is important that you have a large quantum of muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn - even while sleeping. Each pound of muscle burns about 17 to 25 times more calories than the same amount of fat. While they do sports you consume more calories natural anyway, but what is even better: The metabolism is still running up to ten hours later in top gear - a afterburn. And finally seems Sport also absorbing and regulating effect on your appetite. A wonder-weapon, right?

    Small plates help you lose weight
    One thing is clear: Balanced must be your diet

    The right belly-way diet

    Not only how much you eat determines whether you fail Tummy projects or, but also what you eat. A balanced diet is what matters. To change the permanent, you should familiarize yourself with the basic nutrients. Fats (lipids), carbohydrates and proteins are called macronutrients.

    Our recommendation: It has been proven that those who take the least that feed more fat and high in fiber. With high-quality meat, fish, eggs, olive, canola or walnut oil and nuts, you are tapping into the best fat and protein sources. Combine that with plenty of fruits and vegetables and supplement it with dairy products. Opt for cereals products for whole grains. This diet is balanced, healthy and above all tasty. The best way to a defined six-pack via the low carb diet. Here it comes, to reduce the carbohydrate content of your diet. This helps one hand you lose weight, but then keep the weight. Low carb is not only a short-term diet but a permanent change in diet. The principle is simple: Instead of mainly carbohydrates land more proteins (also called proteins), supplemented by high-quality fats in your plate. The advantage is: proteins saturate persistent, help you build muscle and regulate your blood sugar levels, so food cravings are avoided and starvation is passé. In addition, stomach and intestinal need a lot of energy to digest protein. This stimulates the metabolism in addition. The consumption of carbohydrates, however, is not very conducive to rid your stomach, because they cause a particularly high output of insulin, which can drive your blood sugar roller coaster. The result: Only a short time after eating you hungry again - on sugar. Since carbohydrates are basically out of this, access quickly to bread, pasta and the game starts all over again - a vicious circle and the death blow to your aspired six pack.

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    Low carb does not mean no carb: More and more scientists advise against a low carbohydrate diet emphasized. Especially for people with little movement can be harmful in large quantities. But our body also needs carbohydrates. These are converted into glucose and then used as fuel for the brain and muscles. Unnecessary carbohydrates are also transformed by the body into fat and stored. Especially athletes rely on carbohydrates to guarantee the smooth running of all bodily functions and charge the storage after exercise quickly. Daily from 50 to 120 g carbohydrates, you can safely eat, pay attention only of the fact that quantity "good" refer to sources such as whole grains, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, instead of empty carbohydrates such as sweets or white flour products.

    All carbohydrates must be converted in the body gradually to glucose (dextrose), this circulates continuously in a certain concentration in the blood - which is of the blood sugar levels. It dip down, you know it by roaring hunger. In a high-carb diet of blood sugar rises too high, just like the insulin levels. Because of the overload of blood glucose, the body responds with increased insulin secretion. The constantly excessive blood sugar and insulin levels is now regarded as major cause of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and obesity. 

    By moving (you consume glucose) You can prevent this fatal concatenation and change your diet. Because, as already mentioned, not all carbohydrates have the same effect on blood sugar levels. The faster a carbohydrate is digested to individual glucose molecules, the faster and higher the blood sugar level, which is expressed with the Glycemic Index (GI) increases. After that, the various carbohydrates are valued today. With a low GI are the "good" and with a high GI, the "bad", Low-GI foods make for a long time continuously for glucose supply - this keeps full longer and prevents cravings.

    Low GI - under 55: Fruits, vegetables, basmati rice, coarse wholemeal bread, pasta made from durum wheat, milk, yogurt; Legumes (peas, beans, lentils), leafy vegetables, nuts

    Medium GI - 55 to 70: Muesli bars, boiled potatoes, bananas, table sugar, unsweetened fruit juices

    High GI - 70 to 100: White bread, pasta made with flour, conventional rice, soft drinks, candy, cakes, cereals, honey, beer

    Tip: Through fiber and a high proportion of fats and proteins in the same meal can lower the index (GI), as these delay the digestion.

    Protein pancakes are quickly and easily made and even
    Protein-containing meals take long sick and healthy

    © Vladislav Nosik /

    Proteins (proteins)

    Proteins saturate well and have a beneficial effect for the figure. Is called protein foods as a fat burner, as fat burners. Because the body has to shoot energy to produce, for example, supplied from proteins, a lean poultry, the body's own protein. Pro four kilocalories protein the body needs to churn one kilocalorie of its fat stores. A diet with more protein and less carbohydrates also leads to a lowering of all "bad" Bluttfettwerte while the "quality" Cholesterol increases.

    How much protein? The protein requirement of humans is about 0.8 g per kg body weight (1.6 g / kg in athletes). However, due to the good qualities that have to show proteins is eizuwenden nothing against a higher share in the Ernährungvon healthy people - as long as it comes from natural sources. Protein shakes are unnecessary. Every protein consists of one or more chains of amino acids. Proteins of animal origin are higher quality than to look at plant because its composition more in line with amounts required by humans in amino acids. The main role of proteins is to form the various body structures (muscles, ligaments, bones, organs).

    Conclusion: Protein-containing meals make long fed and healthy. So a Eieromlett with tomatoes and spinach plus fruit is better (30 percent protein, 30 percent fat, 40 percent carbohydrates) for breakfast, as a cereal with skim milk (16 percent protein, 20 percent fat, 64 percent carbohydrate). The Kaloriezahl is identical for both types of breakfast.

    Fat does not equal fat

    The tasks of fats are varied and important fat serves as a backup energy storage, insulation, protective padding for internal organs, transport medium for fat-soluble vitamins, building material for the cell walls, as fuel for endurance performances and for the production of hormones. How much? As much as you want. But: Although it does not matter how high the percentage of fat of total calories - as long as you stay within their calorie requirements. Only then do not increase. The following applies: the energy consumption must remain under your consumption, only then remove. Whether this is achieved minus calories by reducing carbohydrates or less fat, does not matter. What can not be denied, fat has twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrates.

    Tip: To comply with your calorie limit, it is more important to the low energy density (large quantity, low in calories) to make a meal for you one with fewer calories anyway "rich" have feeling. A large part of your meal should consist of bulky food so - Vegetables is a hit (also like cooked with fat).

    saturated fatty acids stuck mainly in animal fats like butter, lard, dairy products and meat, but also in many sweets. Raise the level of both the "good" as well as the "bad" Cholesterol and are therefore not as dangerous as previously thought.

    Trans fat occurs naturally only in dairy products as well as meat from ruminants, but only small amounts, which are harmless to humans. Not without hesitation are trans-fatty acids from industrially hydrogenated vegetable fats, such as in candy, chips and some Magarinesorten. When buying on the statement "hydrogenated vegetable fats" in the ingredient list. Let these products are left, they worsen the ratio of HDL to LDL.

    Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are found only in animal products, especially in fatty cold-water fish (herring, salmon, mackerel, tuna) with green fodder reared cattle and venison. Their precursors are also found in canola and flaxseed oil, walnuts and green leafy vegetables. Eat more omega-3 fatty acids, it increases the "quality" HDL cholesterol, thus lowering risk of heart and Hirninfakte significantly.

    Omega-6 fatty acids are also unsaturated fatty acids, and just as important for the body because it can not produce you. However, through our diet (rich in cereals, and thus fed animals) we are so abundantly supplied. In addition, we find omega-6 fatty acids in sunflower, safflower, soybean or wheat germ oil.

    Monounsaturated fatty acids are found in olives and in your oil in nuts and seeds, and avocados. Unlike the omegas, the body can be produced from other fats. You should eat more of it anyway, because the monounsaturated fatty acids positively affect all blood lipid levels.

    Our best weight loss tips
    Is the belly away, many fear the yo-yo effect

    © cristavao /

    The yo-yo effect: why do diets thick

    They are known in all possible variants of the pineapple diet on the cabbage soup diet to flash diets. Forget buzz word as "Slim in two weeks", Because most diets pull the infamous yo-yo effect by itself. Diets are inherently paradoxical, because they mean nothing but a famine for the body - and he responded well: He hoarding. With a diet you should not take more than 1,000 to 1,500 calories mostly. That is well below the energy needs of an adult human. But when the body does not get the needed calories, he screwed his first demand back - the basal metabolic rate decreases. And with it the joy of life - listlessness, difficulty concentrating and bad mood occur, but growing appetite and greed.

    They lose water instead of fat: And although initially the pounds fall off, it's not the life ring disappears. Because your body attacks in the famine first on his carbohydrate deposits back, and they are available with plenty of water in the body. Rather than reduce fat, you initially only lose water. And that's not all - you consume a lot of the body's own protein during a diet, that is, muscle mass is reduced. So you can actually lose weight while still fatten.

    The yo-yo effect: After the diet, most return to your old eating habits and false. The body hoarding everything for the next famine and your fat cells fill up plumper than ever. In addition, your basal metabolic rate has dropped to a diet and a desire for tasty food is more powerful than ever. The body wants to have his masses again and reacts with hunger. so take up again, try the next diet. But the result remains the same: your weight goes up and down - the yo-yo effect.

    Crunches or crunches are always among the best exercises for abs
    For a distinctive six-pack abdominal exercises are required

    © Kzenon / Shutterstock

    Component 4: abdominal exercises for washboard abs

    To keep your abdominal muscles is a real six-pack, be sure to take all the muscle groups in your workout - the obliques (internal and external), the rectus abdominis (upper portion) and the lower abdominal muscles (lower portion of the rectus abdominis muscles). Take advantage of the first weeks of training to build stamina and make sure you understand the exercises familiar. Listen to your body and do not overextend. The optimal training time is 10 to 30 minutes.

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    Health: Find out about belly fat

    Obesity - also called obesity - can cause people to vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and colon cancer. Generally, it can be distinguished between two types of fat: Subcutaneous - so the fat that is visible as the abdomen, buttocks and hips from the outside and is located under the skin - and the visceral abdominal fat - so the fat that the inner organs such as liver and intestinal surrounds. By the way: People with a lot of visceral abdominal fat tend to have a big belly.

    Visceral abdominal fat related diseases

    Visceral belly fat pours inflammatory neurotransmitters free and therefore affects the hormonal balance of the body. Adipose tissue pours example, which is responsible for the saturation hormone leptin increasingly. The consequences: The body does not feel a sense of satiety, high blood pressure rises and blood lipid levels also increase. This can lead to diseases such as diabetes or even trigger a heart attack. But as it comes to the formation of visceral belly fat? The causes are usually in an unhealthy diet combined with lack of exercise and sport. Sugary food and saturated fats help the body to release the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin. Then it come to a rapid storage of fat.

    Apple vs. Type Pear Type: Men are more at risk

    How vulnerable a person for the belly fat is seen in the body type. The so-called apple type the fat is more like the abdomen, while the fat attaches more like buttocks, hips and thighs while pear type. Most of bulbs type is observed more in women, while the apple type is more common in obese men who are therefore more susceptible to the dangerous belly fat.

    To motivate the project "Belly off!"

    Stress hurts your figure, so give yourself enough rest - © Shutterstock

    1. "No time" is no excuse: If you want to lose fat, can also complete a short training intervals. Three times ten minutes Sport nibbles also on the fat deposits - even if not as much as 30 minutes at a time.
    2. Those who want to exercise after work should equal the morning to take his sports gear. If you go to work after home, you run the risk of yielding to the seductive call of the couch, and yet reach into the chip bag.
    3. To get variety in your training, you run it out back for a minute or two. By the way also promotes your agility and your coordination.
    4. Bring tension in your endurance training. Just take a globe or a world map and tap with closed eyes on it. Land in the water, go swimming or rowing, jogging on flat land lines. Mountain ranges run to indoor cycling or on the exercise bike, icy regions in the track, alternatively in the in-line skates.
    5. Prohibit nothing. Before you spend the whole day with your thoughts in chocolate - you never really wanted to touch it again - you can indulge in a piece. The emphasis is on "one piece", Buy only a small bar and not a whole panel - Hand on heart, it will anyway be nothing.
    6. Socially sports more fun. If your friends or colleagues should be lazy, ask it out to the nearest sports club. In athletics department there is guaranteed to anyone who trains with you. There you might also get good professional advice.
    7. Who sweats a lot during training should wear breathable clothing. It transports the moisture quickly to the garment surface.
    8. Role reversal difference: Grab it to a buddy or your girlfriend to a bike and off you go: One runs, the other rolls on the wheel on the side. After a specified distance (or simply on your mood) is called for a change.
    9. Do not worry, you do not smell unpleasant in sports. Fresh welding is 99 percent water, only one percent of salt and metabolic waste. The lactic acid contained therein not yet exudes its characteristic aroma.
    10. Treat yourself to an expensive and posh training outfit. Believe us: Whether vanity or just because of the price - get are in the noble things and go for a workout.
    11. Collect kilometers. Who logs its training distance, you can find great destinations can put: even walk to Sylt (about 120 km) in two weeks by bike from Munich to Rome in three months (950 km).
    12. Show true greatness. Access the clothes buying a size smaller than normal. Then you have to do something once in order to grow.
    13. Music playing sports brings up to 25 percent more power. So you access to a mini-radio or a compact MP3 player and support your training by hot sounds.
    14. The goals that you set up should be achievable. Anyone with their own requirements - such as "10 kilos in two weeks down" - trained, sits just under unnecessary pressure. The best intent is still: "I want to feel better after exercise than before."
    15. When Audauertraining most beautiful route will eventually become routine. For more variety you provide when you run the same route or a different drive around. This brings new impressions surprising. Or explore but'mal a whole new way.

    As important as regeneration while losing weight

    In addition to the factors training and nutrition and regeneration, has an important role to realize the dream of six pack. Sufficient rest periods are important because muscles do not grow during exercise but during rest periods. Start early with the next workout, your body does not come afterwards to repair the strained muscle fibers. stagnated their performance or even takes off, at worst, you get into overtraining. Muscle you build at least no more if you engage too early to iron - and as you now know, muscles are your favorite ally for your belly off projects. Pause after your workout at least 24, better 48 hours. Also helpful for a flat, coached middle: Keep your stress level low. Because in stress situations, your body releases the body's hormone cortisol, which has a strong tissue degrading effect.

    In short: Stress can shrink your muscles and so boycotted your efforts. If you follow these tips, your belly is soon gone - instead, you can present your six-pack. And now: Ran to the abdomen.