Björn and Jan finally want to strike like a girl - like a professional boxer, of course. They show you how to get in 5 weeks more speed and power in your lefts and rights

Target of Björn Krause, lifestyle editor, and Jan Mötting, deputy art director:2000 Newton * clout in boxing

* Unit of force in which the impact strength is specified

For a year in January and I get in the ring. How strong we strike well, we wonder for the first time, as we come from sparring Jan has a violet, I'm bleeding from the nose. Just 2 weeks later, we are on the way to Leipzig to make a performance test in the Institute for Applied Training Science.

1st round: the effectiveness test
Jens Bussweiler, Fachgruppenleiter boxes, cared only top athletes from the national team - for us he makes an exception. First, there is tutoring in physics: "The effect of a blow equally dependent on the mass and the impact velocity of the boxer." Who wants to hit the enemy, must be fast to beat, accelerate the fist from the start, maximum - one way. Do I want to achieve maximum impact, I have to hit hard - Option two. For this, the fist at the opponent must strike at maximum speed.

However, the muscles, it is possible for only a small part of the striking way, to let the greatest acceleration forces. So you have to choose a variant. Jan and I want to hit a maximum hard. In 3 times 3 minutes of each firing of us about 160 blows onto a equipped with sensors wall cushion. January reached with his batting, the Cross, a maximum force of 1550 Newton *, I land in 1900. Bussweiler: "A top athlete flyweight also brings it to almost 2,000 Newton." A woman? Stronger? As we? It is quiet in the room in which we have just been yelling, as if we were covered in blood on the battlefield. A glance at Jan (ex-football player, 90 kilos): How does a woman look like well that hits harder than a guy who earlier knocked refrigerators?

"The secret of a hard shock is in the deployed mass and speed," explains expert Bussweiler. Men beat not automatically harder than women. It is also essential to the technology. Because we want to work.

Round 2: The Iron Fist Training
"I do not know - when I - the so - that was" groans Jan. "If you can not talk, the training was too lax," counters our coach. Tim von Fintel from Hamburg is martial arts expert ( and related to the devil: It gives him hell fun to torment us. It looks like a training day: warm up with rotational movements and shadow boxing, then combinations on the wall upholstery, one minute each bench press, squats and exercises with medicine balls. After three of these passages I can feel that even sweat my eyes.

3rd round: the punch-finals
4 weeks later, at the next visit of the test lab, the bar hangs very high. "The last time here has made the performance test an Active, it was like a wrecking ball hit," says Bussweiler.

Then our renovations begin. We propose 9 minutes every hand as if it were the last. "The result looks good - for recreational athletes," the boxing expert. The improved technology has advanced in January with the batting of untrained area in the trained, I have raised me by the jab, the jab. And we both were able to get our maximum impact hardness constant - important to put opponents under pressure. The average hardness of the batting of an untrained is 500 to 1000 Newton, keen recreational cyclists come to over 1500, Jan and I scratch the 2000. "Theoretically it is possible in 3 months 2500 Newton to reach," said Bussweiler. Sounds like a future goal. First of take Jan and I are but firmly intend to work on our coverage.