Testosterone makes you male and healthy - at least if you produce your own. We give tips on how to increase the natural production of hormones

Remove fat, and increase your testosterone

The thicker the belly, the lower testosterone levels - as the result of numerous studies. Because the fat tissue itself is a hormone factory, but it produces the wrong hormones builds to female male to. "Even those who a testosterone value has in excess weight in the normal range, may increase it by reducing weight"So the Hamburg men doctor Frank Sommer. So, nothing like ran to the bacon! One of the most effective fat burner exercises: squats with barbell.

Find yourself a good football club

One win and three points - so you score testosterone levels also in things. Whoever loses, however, is dejected hormonally. So the way to respond not only the players, but also their fans watching TV - demonstrated by US researchers in the Soccer World Cup in their own country. Also, the home advantage is related to testosterone. At home, the hormone level is higher than before away games. Computer games bring that way, nothing. Bad air, fatty snacks, exercise and sleep deprivation even reduce testosterone production. With the right club, so you can boost your testosterone!

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More Mukkis? Check your testosterone value!
Testosterone makes you male and healthy

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Work out rather short, but fierce

Extreme endurance sports lowers the testosterone level. "The decisive factor is not the number of kilometers, but the duration of unit"Says Frank Sommer. So, divide your weekly workload rather into several shorter routes, each of which should be to create in a maximum of 90 minutes. Or try strength training. This can increase testosterone levels, especially if you are working short but intense high weight. "A maximum increase can be attained by forced reps, where you go back-only briefly about the muscular failure"Said Sommer. Nevertheless, do not overdo it: 1 hour in the weight room last!

The testosterone level rises: Eat proteins

Men need meat. British researchers at the University of Worcester have found: the protein poorer, men eat, the more globulins (special protein compounds) swimming in their blood - and these are precisely those that draw the testosterone from circulation. Can act only free hormone molecules and not bound to globulin in the body. Adequate protein intake can increase your testosterone!

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The best action movies for men
The best action movies for men
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Look at the right movies

Action films boost your testosterone. This could a US research team from the University of Michigan show. however, romantic movies only led to more progesterone. This hormone is one of the progestins in natural amounts, it is in men little effect. Maybe this is a new argument, if you fight next time with your loved ones over the TV program.

Read Men's Health

In addition to the fitness exercises especially the erotic stories appear hormonally stimulating. If you do not have time to read, view just the pictures - which alone provide ample testosterone-enhancing views.

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