In our video series we show every week a short workout for your core. With these three exercises, you create the precursor to putting Sixpack

Your belly is the focus. We show you at this point every week a new short and crisp training program for your washboard abs. In Episode 28 of our Quick-sixpack workout series there's this exercise:

Four pack for beginners
A distinctive Four Pack is the precursor to putting a six-pack. So close in on the bacon. These training combi cushions your upper abs on properly. To bring the muscles to the limit, drag the exercises as a tri-set: A one-minute break there until you have made of each exercise one set each. If you create three passages, sometimes four compact muscle packages are emerging on your belly. Promised.

Tip: For a Four Pack you need at least as much discipline as for a six-pack. 3 sessions per week will bring you farther. A professional tip for climbing Crunches: Imagine 3 adjacent hanging ropes before, where you pull themselves along.