Dumbbells are ideal not just for the arm workout. This week we show you in our video series 3 dumbbell exercises for washboard abs aspirants

Your belly is the focus. We show you at this point every week a new short and crisp training program for your washboard abs. In Episode 29 of our Quick-sixpack workout series there's this exercise:

Sixpack thanks dumbbell
Dumbbells are just for biceps Pumper? Not correct. Those who use free weights correctly, thus bringing the abdominal muscles to burn. You do not need a heavy weight. Already the new movement brings the muscles out of balance, thus setting a new training stimulus. For example, with these three exercises. 2 to 3 sets of each exercise are due to set breaks last a maximum of 30 seconds. Beginners rich 2 passes, intermediate are better served by 3 to 4 passages.

Tip: Effective are 2 to 3 weekly units. It is important that you pay attention to a clean movement execution at dumbbell exercises. It is not about to move a lot of weight. Let sit for the exertion stage therefore 3 to 4 seconds.