The rapid martial art comes from Korea, helping to extend the range

What is it in Taekwondo? Taekwondo is a very fast combat sport that is dominated by foot techniques. In the center are kicking in all its variations - the abdomen or head, turned several times or cracked. "The basis for this is a first-rate flexibility"Says Manuel Kolb, coach of the German Taekwondo Union (

where does ... come from Taekwondo? The beginnings of the Korean National Sports are in the dark, as the inventor of modern Taekwondo applies General Choi Hong Hi. He developed it after the Second World War and introduced it in the army. Mid-1960s reached Taekwondo Germany, in 2000 it became an Olympic.

The fitness profile shows which areas are specially trained in Taekwondo:

Fitness Profile Taekwondo
Fitness Profile Taekwondo

What is the TaekwondoTraining like? Usual 90 minutes divided into three blocks: warm-up and stretching, technique exercises duels. A common exercise to improve mobility: A student goes to his knees, another puts his leg stretched on his shoulder. Then he focused on slowly into the squat. In some societies, there are also special self-defense lessons.

What do I need Taekwondo? Ideal is a very elastic suit with V-neck ("dobok", From 30 euros, a balancing act should therefore be no problem). Moreover protection for the sparring (helmet, vest).

What I have of Taekwondo? The martial art Taekwondo is well suited for self-defense, making nimble legs and a very moving hip - best for any team sport.

Where can I learn more about Taekwondo? On the side of Taekwon-Do Federation Germany find not only information about the sport of Taekwondo, but also current news and dates of competitions. The page is independent and has its own community.

Standard step in Taekwondo
Martial Arts: Taekwondo consists of numerous step sequences

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Basic step of Taekwondo


A lift left heel, almost fully extended swing right leg upward.
B Reclining, the foot describes a half-circle (the head of the enemy).
C back down heel, upper body before.