Do you want to end up with the new flame, there are some things you should never do in their presence - like this 13 No Gos on the first date

No Go # 1: touch

Although their buds ever so cheeky stem the blouse and pushing toward you: Do not enter your hands in the territory of the plump lady. First, the removal could be quite painful and secondly you then have nothing more to which to look forward. The same applies to all other parts of the body beautiful. Stay away until they are launched manually pampering.

No Go # 2: Too much alcohol 

Fact: Alcohol is the most popular way to maintain control. But as everywhere there is also on the dose. For what you will experience in noise, usually has little relation to sober reality. A minimum level of communication and accountability should therefore remain available. If you drink, then in moderation. Because there is still a difference between loose and be with the waitress at the bar want to get off to a strip.

No Go # 3: Beer flag

Even if it is the men drink number one beer belongs to the skat or front of the TV. For the women that you are, do not stand on beer flags. What woman has probably desire to venture into the lair of the lion when it strikes against already at the gate of the breath of half-digested beer?

No Go # 4: belching & Co. 

That you stand for the loudest burp in the Guinness Book of Records, better not to know the new acquaintance on the first night. So you practice body control: Suppress all bodily eruptions - or go once just "around the corner",

No Go # 5: chew fingernails

Is what you do not already since kindergarten. If you are already excited, then stick to prefer himself on his hands: place it loosely over each other, the poise and left. Still nervous? Then think about once in a while, you have to make for the next tax return.

No Go # 6: car keys

You do not really want to park your car keys on the counter yet. Then no one more start. And if you drive a Porsche look forward to and enjoy silence. Your data will admire the beautiful game Mobil still enough when you go home, or sometimes just for a cappuccino to Milano.

No Go # 7: Mobile

That you are a much sought-after man, you know by the number of daily calls. That you can afford not to be available, show the lady of their heart by turning off the phone. After all, the mailbox plays 24 hours a day your personal secretary.

No Go # 8: Garlic

They get up hearty and savory cuisine? And really good it tastes until the Koch stir the garlic cloves with the shovel? No problem. But then pack please is oxygen masks for your new flame. Because garlic breath is not exactly what you should plant as a sign of conquest to the height of pleasure. You may starve then that is already at base camp.

No Go # 9: Halitosis

Before the big night brushing your teeth - and to celebrate the day by all. By the way: When did your biter last seen flossing? The good end nor a shot mouthwash, so you are guaranteed kiss fresh.

No Go # 10: Talking

You have something to say, but she also. So listen to dear and appraise the new, without revealing too much of yourself. For as never come as low of information. And where to go, you can make clear the Small still, if you "for a coffee" sit with her in the apartment.

No Go # 11: Welding

If you had prior to the date the studio to the Mütchen to cool off, which is understandable. But for the sweetness you should be not only fit, but also fresh. Full body wash is announced. And a delicious perfume increases your irritation in the nose of beauty. That you otherwise sit only in fine rib vest front of the telly and WM and beer to enjoy to the fullest, they will find out soon enough.

No Go # 12: pocket billiards

What is to think of the sweetness? You need it? So stay away from the pants. Wash your dear thoroughly beforehand so that afterwards nothing itches. And bring your hormonal balance at home in order to help you stay cool in the bar, is also wenn's hot. Similarly, if you have opened such a sharp slut that you've been upset right the drink, drink what and think about the last defeat of your football club. This makes your pulse for sure return to normal beat numbers.

No Go # 13 (bad) jokes

Sure you should be funny and just as sparkle with wit, if you address the lady at the bar. But please stay with the taste above the waistline. Everything else belongs in the skat or the joke page from Playboy.

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