Low Carb we know, high carb too - but so what because please be slow carb? A rather clever food concept, not prohibited in the carbohydrates, but are explicitly allowed

In times where everything has to go fast and hectic, we turn you lose weight now relaxed into a lower gear. Because "more quickly" is not automatic "better"With the low carb diet you slims it fast a few kilos, but many are not able to integrate the low-carb eating long term in their daily lives. The waiver of bread, pasta & Co. drags namely quickly to the nerves and many complain that they are never really full with low carb.

Not so with the slow carb concept: Here are the carbohydrates in focus, but they are not banned - they are the key to weight-loss success.

In this article:
  • Which does ______________ mean "Slow Carb"?
  • What exactly are slow carbohydrates?
  • How decreases with the Slow Carb Diet?
  • Slow carb diet in the criticism: the concept of Tim Ferris
  • What is the role fats and protein in the slow carb diet?
  • The 10 Best Slow carb foods
  • Slow carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Conclusion: Does the slow carb concept?

Which does ______________ mean "Slow Carb"?

If we translate the English words "slow" and "carb" into German, the principle of slow carb diet at a glance is clear: Slow carbohydrates. Because that's the point: In the back Slow carb diet, the so-called "slow" Carbohydrates in the foreground, ie: Complex Carbs from whole grains, legumes and vegetables should be an integral part of your diet, as they effectively help you lose weight.


What exactly are slow carbohydrates?

Slow carbohydrates are burned by the body not as fast as fast carbs from sweets or white bread. The reason: They are structured differently. The body takes longer to break down the complexities of slow carbs and to convert it into energy. Because we can utilize carbohydrates only in the form of simple sugars (glucose). In principle, all carbohydrates are at the end of the sugar units, they are built just different. In candy carbohydrates already exist as simple sugars. The body can use it directly as an energy source. Complex carbs consist of a series of linked simple sugars, which must be dismantled only in simple sugars, which takes much longer. 

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The energy boost (which we of chocolate bars & Co. know) remains after drinking slow carbs - and that's a good thing. Because of this kick is triggered by the rapid rise in your blood sugar level. The problem is that your blood sugar bagged at least as fast again and remains the cravings. 

Plus: Her insulin levels on a rollercoaster ride, because insulin is always paid when sugar in the bloodstream is. With the help of insulin, the sugar may only be transported to the cells. A clever system, but which can fall apart when continuously fed too much fast sugar. Is too much sugar in circulation, it is also converted into fat and stored in adipose tissue. A real vicious circle that overloaded the pancreas (which produces insulin) and leads to constant cravings and hypoglycemia.


How does the Slow Carb Diet?

The body needs not only longer to the slow carbohydrates from whole grain pasta & split Co. and convert it into energy, keep us full longer. The sugar components are released into the blood stream only gradually and our blood sugar and insulin levels is constantly to be kept at a level. This gives you less hunger and cravings are a thing of the past. 

As an additional filling foods but also the fiber must. Fiber also belong to the group of carbohydrates, but we can not draw energy from them. Unnecessary "ballast" but they are not so: the indigestible plant fibers bind in the gastrointestinal tract and water sources there. The increased volume so also ensures fast and long lasting saturation effect. 

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Slow carb diet in the criticism: the concept of Tim Ferris

google it "Slow Carb", You will come sooner or later to the slow carb diet by Timothy Ferris - and in connection therewith, to a lot of criticism in regard to this diet. What many do not consider this: There is not "the one" Slow Carb Diet. As with the low carb concept (Atkins, LOGI, etc.), there are several approaches to slow carb. And although they have the same name, there are sometimes large differences in execution. Just like in the case of Tim Ferris, for his interpretation of the slow carb diet is anything but healthy. 

In his book, "The 4-Hour Body" He describes how he has decreased by Slow carb diet incredible 9 kg in 30 days. Without a lot of sports, but with a lot of food supplements and quite strict rules. Some of these are quite reasonable, like banning unhealthy, fast carbs from wheat flour products and the engagement of a weekly cheat or refeed Days. Other we would, however, advise against: fruit is deleted at Ferris because of fructose radically from the diet - and thus many important vitamins and minerals. You should, according to author then in the form of pills (supplements) reinziehen easy. Another rule of Ferris: There are always (and again) the same meals or foods are eaten. And the list of allowed foods is not long. Result: They eat very one-sided, which can lead to malnutrition. 

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Here you can with the Slow Carb Diet - achieve quick weight-loss success - even without such blatant restrictions. We do not recommend the method of Ferris therefore. 

What is the role fats and protein in the slow carb diet? 

In the slow carb diet, the focus is indeed on the long chain carbs, but also fats and especially high quality proteins play an important (and decisive) role in weight loss. Protein is the building material for our bodies because in principle all structures such as muscle cells, are made of protein. Especially good is recycled animal protein as it is found, for example, chicken, turkey, beef, fish and eggs. But vegetable protein source, such as quinoa, legumes and nuts are not to be despised, and should ideally be combined. 

Even healthy fats should not miss if you want to lose weight. These include unsaturated fatty acids, such as nuts, avocados, vegetable oils and fish, such as salmon or mackerel. Stay away from hydrogenated fats and trans fats that lurk in ready meals, hot chocolate and chips.

Our Recommended reading:
Our Recommended reading: "Slow Carb for beginners" by Rebecca Schilling

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The 10 Best Slow carb foods

A few examples of long-chain Carbs we've already given you our products, such as whole grains (bread, pasta, rice), legumes or vegetables. In the book "Slow Carb for beginners" by Rebecca Schilling (published in Christian publishing house, 20 euros), we found even more stars of the slow carb cooking. And are found naturally also reflected in the more than 60 delicious Slow carb recipes in the book.

1. Lenses: Whether red or yellow lentils, beluga lentils or plate of lentils, legumes are an ideal Slow carb foods. They are high in vegetable protein, fiber, carbs and long-chain hardly fat: an ideal combination for losing weight. 

2. hazelnuts: Although nuts contain a lot of fat, but it is healthy, unsaturated fats - and should not be missing in your daily diet. They are also good vitamin E suppliers, which protects the skin and tightens. Even top: tiger nuts, almonds, cashews & Co. 

3. Berries: Use (in winter you can access telecommunications berries), the berries-season, because the small fruits are super healthy, contain little fruit sugar, but high in fiber and vitamins and minerals. Along with skim cottage cheese or plain yogurt and a few nuts, it becomes a prima Slow carb breakfast.

4. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a real must-have for every Slow Carber, because the cereal flakes are outstanding energy suppliers. Eat them two to three hours before exercise, then you have power without end. besides slow carbohydrates they provide also important dietary fiber, high in protein, metabolism supporting B vitamins and athletes minerals such as magnesium and iron. 

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5. Flaxseed: Flax seeds are real fiber Grenades: 1 tablespoon provides 6 grams of healthy digestion boosters. Every day you should take about 30 grams of fiber intake, the DGE recommends (German Nutrition Society). In addition, you are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Flaxseed you can simply sprinkle or over cereal or salad integrate into your morning smoothie. Also good: chia seeds. 

6. Dried fruits: Although plenty of dried fruit contains fructose, but you are indeed snacking is not a whole bag of dried apricots, dates or cranberries, but only 1 to 2 pieces, as power snack for in between. They are also a natural sugar substitute. Tip: Dry fruits are too sweet to you? Then snacken but cocoa nibs. The crushed cocoa beans taste intensely chocolatey but not sweet. Be sure to try out!

7. Beans: Beans are one of the top Slow Carbern, because the legumes contain lots of healthy ingredients: fiber, vegetable protein and natural complex carbs. The perfect combination to saturate a long time and to provide you with all the essential nutrients. 

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8. Jerusalem artichoke: Jerusalem artichokes know the least, it can be the exotic tuber points at us with their inner values. It contains the soluble fiber inulin, which hardly affects the blood sugar levels and promotes the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. Roh is similar to the flavor of Jerusalem artichoke artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes cooked tastes more sweet.

9. Kohl: Whether cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, red or white cabbage: cabbage is not only a 1a-fiber provider, but also a completely underrated vitamin C source. For example, while an orange only 73 milligrams of vitamin C has in stock, it creates a full-size serving of broccoli to a whopping 115. Vitamin pushes the immune system and also has an antioxidant effect, say: It protects cells from harmful influences. 

10. chickpeas: The third legume in the top 10 - and making good reason: chickpeas provide our body a lot of high-quality vegetable protein, fiber and plenty of iron and calcium. Canned chickpeas are already pre-cooked and can be quickly and easily into a healthy slow carb dish transform.

Incidentally, even cereals and pseudo-cereals are allowed in Slow Carb and encouraged. Dare to see the bigger picture and try also times "exotics" such as green core, millet, amaranth or quinoa.

The best Slow Carb Recipes

The Basics of Slow carb kitchen you know now: vegetables, legumes, whole grain flour, pseudo cereals and low sugar fruit you must now combine only clever with healthy protein and fat suppliers. And that's not all that difficult as you might think now. For the good of the Slow Carb Diet: You must - in contrast to low carb - without a lot less food.

So you should look slow carb breakfast

What many difficult in the low carb diet, in the slow carb diet is not a problem. Because here you do not have to give up your beloved carbs in the morning. (Unsweetened) cereals, rolled oats (or other cereals) in combination with fruit (such as berries) and milk, yoghurt or quark, resulting a full Slow carb breakfast. Topped the whole thing, ideally, even with seeds, nuts or seeds.

This is how a healthy slow carb breakfast from
Berries, nuts, yogurt: So Slow Carber optimally start the day

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And of course, whole grain bread or buns are allowed, best with cheese, smoked salmon, chicken breast meat, (granular) cream cheese or a boiled egg. Speaking Egg: Eggs are genuine all-rounder - not only in the slow carb kitchen. Whether fried eggs, scrambled eggs or omelets: more accurate, the eggs with bacon, salmon, ham, cheese and vegetables of all kinds, for example, Tomatoes.

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Recipe Ideas for Your Slow carb lunch and dinner

Both the Slow carb lunch, and at dinner, you have many options open, because the number of healthy foods that you can use Carb Recipes for Your Slow is great. Especially at lunch time you can certainly use the boost of energy in the form of long-chain carbohydrates well. In addition to whole wheat pasta *, brown rice, lentils, chickpeas & Co., as well as satisfying protein sources such as lean fish, meat, eggs or tofu may not be missing. 

And so you could look Slow Carb Lunch: A piece of fish or meat (for example, salmon fillet, shrimp or turkey breast) with brown rice and vegetables (eg broccoli or spinach). In addition, top: Hearty stews and curries - with or without meat. Inspiration anyone? Then try it out this Chickpeas and coconut curry

Example of a Slow Carb Dinner: Sweet potato fries with meat (E.g., bovine or pork) or stuffed vegetables (e.g., eggplant or zucchini) with couscous, millet or rice.

A healthy slow carb lunch: salmon with brown rice and vegetables
Example of a Slow Carb Lunch: salmon with brown rice and vegetables

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Who puts the focus on weight loss, can the evening reduce the amount of carbs a bit. Completely omit you do not have it, but to lose weight more quickly, reduce the carbs a bit to make room for healthy protein and fat suppliers: Protein-rich foods such as fish (eg, shrimp, salmon, tuna), meat (eg turkey, chicken , beef, meat), eggs or tofu occupy on the plate the most space. They are complemented by tasty side dishes, such as salad, vegetables or wild rice. 

Our tip: Who does not like or whole wheat pasta in the mood for a change, should try some lentil or chickpea pasta.

Conclusion: Lose weight quickly with slow carbohydrates

The Slow Carb principle is actually not all that revolutionary, but it combines everything that makes up a healthy, varied diet. So that you can lose weight, of course, is great, but is not necessarily at the forefront of nutrition method. That's why you should not slow carb as a classic "diet" See, but rather as a healthy diet shape you long term without problems "keep up" can. Because they get here all the nutrients you need to lose weight healthily and keep your weight in the long term.

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