A condom is only reliable protection if it is properly seated. To find the right sized condom

The problem with ill-fitting condoms

You go to the drugstore casually King pack to the cashier? But only if it fits. The problem with too large a condom: "It can easily slip off, back rolling again and it can leak sperm," explains Andreas Gloël, qualified social and sexual educator of Pro Familia in Hamburg. But also to close Condoms can be your undoing: "You stretch, whereby the material is additionally stressed," says the expert. And they can cause your erection breaks down.

Seating for a good condom

"It should fit snugly, but do not feel uncomfortable," says Gloël. "If air bubbles, which is a clear indication that the condom is too large". However, "wrinkles" often could not be avoided, since every penis is shaped individually. "The roll-over should not give you any pain. Otherwise you need a wider condom, "the expert says.

These six steps will help you to find the right condom size

Your honey will help you determine like to find the right condom size - © artemisphoto / Shutterstock.com

1. Pay attention to the width

"It is not the length that counts, but the width," said Gloël. If you had not thought of? Is in condom sizes but so! If the condom is too short and stay two centimeters at the base of the penis uncovered, that's no problem. "If it is too long, on the contrary, do not roll the rest easy," says the expert.

2. Calculating the size

"Put a flexible tape measure around the thickest part of your erect penis," advises Gloël. To measure the circumference. The correct width of the condom calculate by dividing the circumference by the second

3. Standard condoms

"Very often a width of 52 millimeters and a length of 185 millimeters," said Gloël. If no additional name on the packaging, the reference to a different size is, it is a standard condom.

4. Recognizing the size

"At the side or on the back of the packaging, the width of the condom is marked" explains Gloël. Wider condoms often call themselves "Large", "king" or "Large". Narrower often have "Slim" or "Small" in the name.

5. condoms in different sizes

Most condoms are 49 to 55 millimeters wide. "These are available in drugstores, pharmacy, but often also at petrol stations and in vending machines," said Gloël. Sizes differ more from the standard width, there's online and in sex shops. Some brands like My.Size, Coripa and Theyfit have specialized and offer up to 95 different sizes depending not only on the width, but also by length.

6. The right shape

"The shape of the condom should be as of the penis match," the sex educator advises. If you notice that the standard form of the glans is too tight, take a condom with extra large headboard. Is it too tight on the contrary on the penis, one that becomes wider towards the shaft helps. If the width is right in itself, the condom but still slipping, or air bubbles, choose a condom that is close behind the glans. Such condoms call waisted, anatomical or contoured. "Ribs, grooves or knobs do not affect the fit," says the expert. "They should make use only one feeling intense experience." A good overview of forms offers the Kondomotheke.

No fitting condom handy?

If you have a condom in the right size on hand, the expert advises: "Use a standard condom. If you care about contraception that is better to use than none, even if the risk of preventing spread so is higher. "Therefore, look for during intercourse, whether it is still in place. In general: "Weighing between risk and pleasure factor from," said Gloël. If you already flutes goes erection at the thought of a condom, talk to your partner about alternatives.

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