To realize the dream of washboard, graphic Ivo had to do something. 8 steely weeks from the perspective of Abspeckers

Ivo Mendes Marques (30), graphic artist
86 kg -> 77.1 kg / 1.77 m
Result: -8.9 kg weight
Schnitzel, spare ribs, chocolate - previously ate Ivo what he wanted. Result: a body mass index (BMI) of 27.5 - obesity! A tight food and exercise plan made disappear the bacon and led him to normal weight (BMI 24.6).

Ivo: "live for 8 weeks different? For this purpose a lot of motivation was needed "
"I'm a big fan of fast food. Whether pizza or fries, it tastes damn good. And now I should be 8 weeks without it? Add to that a so strenuous mixture of strength and endurance training? Since I had to pull myself together right! But I wanted to prove to my colleagues, and especially myself. Finally I usually fell after each visit to the snack into a deep hole fatigue. And playing football with his mates I was ever faster footwork. Reasons to change anything, so there was enough. For this, I used the following motivation strategies.

Ivo: Ivo Mendes Marques (30), Grafiker86 kg -> 77.1 kg / 1.77 m

© Timmo Schreiber

snap self-portraits As a graphic designer I know what power can have pictures. This helps me certainly at slimming down, I thought. The all-morning photo with my phone quickly became a ritual, and after a week the first changes were visible. After 3 weeks, it was very clear then: The belly is shrinking, growing muscles. The photo strategy worked like a drug, the next day could not come soon enough for me. Sure, the workouts were tough, the low carbohydrate diet too, but my body did both well.

play soccer My training had to be fun. That's why I had me my weekly celebration evening kick does not take, do not care if I run in the morning already "was or not. After the first day with the double dose of sports, I was completely exhausted. But after a few weeks, another Ivo stood on the court. The also noted the miners, and they wondered where come at a time running and ball-winning ability with me. Since then I ran, it ran with me. So I was happy, I put on headphones while jogging - so that's what was on the ears. Electro-sounds were pushing me particularly. Because I can particularly recommend the beats of over work.

nothing snacking Even if that was not always easy, because the small abuser lurking almost everywhere. The contents of my snack drawer, previously packed with Naschkram, I gave friends. So I do not reach for a soda, I have finished my water with lime slices and mint leaves. And bang, before I knew it, the first half of our Sixpack- was already at Challenge! The second went by even faster.

My conclusion Real nice if there was a sudden hail of compliments. And who came not only from colleagues at Women's Health, my pals in the Fussi cabin nodded approvingly. Clearly, it must go in the future! "


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