If drug to something else be good to be out of high? Of these, researchers believe that used the famine-causing effects of hashish to develop a diet pill.

Many artists smoke hashish for inspiration. Also, researchers at the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Synthelabo were inspired by Grass. They developed into a new drug against Fettleigbigkeit. However, they did not smoke the joints, but used the chemical reaction mechanisms of cannabis to develop a new diet pill.

Who smokes grass gets hungry. This not only know Kiffer, but since the 80's scientists. They found that cannabis has a direct effect on appetite. It triggers the brain namely a wave of hashish-like substances, which the body produces itself in order to regulate hunger. For these so-called cannabinoids, experts have now synthesized a drug that is intended to suppress hunger.

to be removed without high
If you're thinking: How exciting to finally get a diet that makes high, we have to disappoint you. The researchers from Sanofi-Synthelabo have made only the hunger Mach ends components of the drug advantage, not intoxicating. The drug works by blocking the receptors to which the cannabinoids bind in order to turn on the hunger signal in the brain.

The first tests in the US and Europe with the new drug rimonabant were promising: Patients have lost up to four kilos in four months. The company is now contained in the middle of a large-scale trial with more than 6,000 patients. To be completed in August of 2003.

If the test was successful and the long-term effects are adequately studied, hoping the drug company to introduce the drug in two years for approval.

The drug hashish itself is derived from the flower of Indian hemp. but as long as the diet drug is not yet on the market, it does not help thicknesses to console themselves with a few joints. For the hungry work and who goes first then to stuff, is especially thick.

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