Question: How does the "correct / optimal" Water together? Of which minerals should be more of which have less in it, if you athlete?
Murat S. from gravels, by e-mailTo guarantee performance, plenty of water is essential
To ensure health and performance, plenty of water is essential

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Our answer:

To guarantee a good performance and health, it is very important regularly to drink plenty of water. On day 3 liters of water optimally. A lack of minerals leads to performance degradation and physical exhaustion. Natural mineral water is a good source from which one can draw the minerals and trace elements. They are readily available for the body.

Calcium and magnesium support the muscle contraction. The recommended daily intake for athletes is 350-500mg in calcium and magnesium 800-1000mg. In sports, the body per liter of sweat lost about 20 mg of calcium and 40 mg of magnesium. Therefore, a good mineral water should contain approximately 200 mg / L of calcium and 100 mg / l magnesium. Look for a 2: 1 ratio.

Potassium is the sports mineral and provides sufficient muscle recovery. As an athlete you need potassium also to replenish the carbohydrate stores in the body and provide power. Instead 2-4g daily need physically active 5g or more per day. At deficiency can cause circulatory collapse. So pay attention when buying a high potassium content.

Of sodium is generally not recommended as it apparently increases blood pressure. However, the sodium is in the water not in saline form and sweating much sodium is excreted. But sodium supports the carbohydrate and amino acid uptake. If you train long-term endurance is recommended a sodium content of 200-400mg / l. In order to lower blood pressure and sweat loss should be a mineral ideally contain 1.9 g / l bicarbonate.

As depth reading is recommended: Drink yourself fit-manual for the correct drinking sports Beruf- Leisure by Günther Wagner, Dr. med. Johannes M. Peil and Uwe Schröder for about 7 euros.

  • 05/01/2010

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