This summer, the Hawaiian shirt trend is proclaimed! As has managed the short-sleeved shirt for it-piece and what to consider when styling, can be found here

Shirt that has become Lebensphilisophie or symbol of ridicule? At Hawaiian shirt are the ghosts. For some, it is next to Elvis Presley, soap operas and comic strips one of the major carriers American heritage, for the other the most horrible taste perversion of all time.

Prada Fashion Show Backstage
Backstage area of ​​the Prada fashion show

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The Hawaiian shirt trend is proclaimed

However, since the fashion goddess Miuccia Prada showed a series of short-sleeved shirts in the last season in her collection, this garment became the absolute It-Piece of last summer and was so unceremoniously lifted into the fashion Olympus. The special feature of the short sleeve shirts from Prada: They were from the Berlin-based French artist Christophe Chemin designed. The result is four shirts with prints that redefines compose the history of mankind as a remix: deity Isis kissing Elvis P., Hercules strikes with Hulk fists Sigmund Freud, while the singer Nina Simone einboxt the martyr Joan of Arc. And Che Guevara enough Pier Paolo Pasolini an Oscar. The motives beyond any historical context.

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This season, Hawaiian shirts are all the rage!
Catwalk looks from the latest collections from: Missoni, Neil Barrett and Topman

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The Hawaiian shirt advanced from souvenir for it-piece

We owe the Hawaiian shirt stationed in Hawaii in the early 19th century missionaries who made sure that the previously wild, naked locals dressed it. Early 30s managed the Hawaiian shirt (back then "Aloha Shirt" called) the jump to the North American continent. Many tourists brought it eventually as a reminder of their stay on the paradise island home.
The big breakthrough came in the early 1950's years, when Hollywood discovered the colorful short-sleeved shirt. Suddenly contributed film idols such as Burt Lancaster and Elvis Presley in US productions a Hawaiian shirt. Even stars like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby were therein at their concerts. Even then-President Harry Truman, left in 1951 for the title of "Life magazine" photographed in the Hawaiian shirt.

In Europe, the Hawaiian shirt was the end of the 1950's known by American films and magazines. And although the eighties cult series "Magnum"With Thomas Selleck in the lead role once again gave the myth Hawaiian shirt tremendous boost, it stood for European tastes still on the border between kitsch and cult.

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Nowadays handled much casual fashion and also with American trivial and pop culture. Thus became the Hawaiian shirt bearing "al Bundy" from the American Trash Series "A horrible nice family" a cult star. And even THE absolute cult designer of the nineties, Helmut Lang, was inspired by the Hawaiian shirt and drew the same ironic version.

This season, Hawaiian shirts are all the rage!
Current designer looks by: Hilfiger Edition, Sandro and Moncler

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Thanks Miuccia Prada of the Hawaiian shirt trend has now proclaimed again. Accordingly, currently many designers have short-sleeved shirts in the program. So if you want to come out as a real fashion victim, then pick up this summer for Hawaiian shirt!

6 tips to wearing short-sleeved shirt and combines

  • The Hawaiian shirt is worn short, so ends in the best case just below the waistline.
  • It is always worn over trousers - please never put in!
  • The Hawaiian shirt is the star of your outfit and is worn without a jacket as possible.
  • The shirt is wide and loose worn with room to move.
  • Combination partners is optionally the quinone or a pair of jeans, both in modern cut-style suit trousers. Important: The pants legs end at the ankles!
  • The pattern: One can wear classic Hawaiian patterns as seen, for example, choose at Saint Laurent or even Asian prints like at Gucci. Who wants to meet less significance, reaches for discreet, short-sleeved shirt from Calvin Klein Collection.

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And now your say: What is your opinion Hawaiian shirt? Trend? Or kitsch? Will we see you this summer in it? Certainly, maybe, or never?

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