The diet plan includes 2,000 calories on days without training and a maximum of 2,200 kcal on days with training

The diet plan is Marco dispute with meals that contain 2000 to 2200 kcal.

  • Breakfast (= cold meal): about 550 kcal
  • Hot meal: about 650 kcal
  • Cold meal: about 550 kcal
  • The best drink only water, coffee and tea and save calories on drinks!

On training days: 1-2 x Snack to 200 kcal

According to the reference values ​​Marco should take daily 2700 kcal without training. To lose a kilo of fat, you need about 7000 kcal "reduce" i.e. eat less and consume. Marco burns an average of 500 kcal daily for the training to be eating plan comes with 2000 to 2200 kcal. The result is a deficit of about 1000 kcal. This means one kilogram of fat loss a week! But: He must adhere to the dietary advice and exercise regularly.

On non-training days are enough three meals of the day, the snack is omitted. The meals are rich in protein. Protein contains few calories, saturates best boosts your metabolism and increase muscle mass. In addition there are many plant compounds and healthy fat. The carbohydrates are restricted, as they promote the appetite and prevent fat loss.

Marcos Teller should look like:
hot meals

  • 50% vegetables or salad
  • 40% protein: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, tofu, milk products or other legumes, for example, Peas, beans or lentils
  • Max. 10% coverage = carbohydrate (KH), e.g. Potatoes, pasta or rice

is best but if Marco completely avoids the side dishes and eat enough of protein. Before training and after training, however, he should eat carbohydrates, otherwise he might, the power, especially in the power range, not keep.

cold meals

  • To 1 slice whole wheat bread belongs 1-2 slices of low-fat meats or 1-2 eggs, to min. 100 g of vegetables or salad
  • On training days, 1-2 Snack matters worse
  • A snack about 60 minutes before training is recommended here. There may like to be quickly available carbohydrates, for example, ripe banana or a white bun
  • If the load persists for 60 minutes, then Marco can during which absorb carbohydrates, e.g. isotonic drinks or juice spritzer

...and remember: Eat slowly and chew!