Bread, vegetables and thin beer - the food in the Middle Ages was indeed monotonous, but much healthier than our current food

In the Middle Ages, people may have suffered from the plague and cholera - to cardiovascular disease and diabetes at least not. Because healthy diet and hard work she put out a much lower risk for this disease than us today, says the British medical Roger Henderson.

According to him, came from a farmer a day on the table: two loaves of bread and about 230 grams of meat or fish. For this, a generous portion of vegetables, beans or beets. For flushing it down the many carbohydrates there were three pints of thin beer. Although come together whopping 4000 calories, this diet was better for the heart, so Henderson. Because many calories were burned quickly in a tough 12-hour day. And the people ate little sugar - compared with today "sweet life" with biscuits, cookies and candy.

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