You and this madness lady disappeared just in the bedroom and they can never drop the shells. Wherever your eyes wander first? We have over 12,000 men asked

For highly scientific purposes (or perhaps out of pure self-interest), we have the readers of Men's Health then asked where you look at a naked woman first. More than 12,000 of our users have made on women's bodies clear statements regarding the highly interesting places:   

Women are aware of their advantages 

So watch out! The most important finding first: women know exactly where men look at them first. For in all areas they have congruent responded to the men on the poll and very smart recognized where their advantages are sitting. We find that cries out for a small award ceremony for the hottest parts of the body!

>>> Then women naked men first look

1st place for the breasts

Your dream woman is standing stark naked in your bedroom, how do you respond? Gaze as the majority of men (45%) first time on your plump bust? By contrast, nothing can argue that evolution is thanks. Above all these things are sitting exactly in the center of attention and stand out clearly from shoulder and tummy from. No wonder! 51% of women also believe firmly in her breasts as an absolute eye-catcher.

>>> Thus, women want to be touched in the bosom

Second place for abdominal and hip

Now, 25% have a view slowly, very slowly moving down. First stop then the abdomen and hip. No wonder: the navel finally one of the six erogenous zones of the woman. 

>>> The most beautiful women in

Bronze title for the Po

12% have a view calm a little further hike, now to meet the sexy butt your lady. Many women know very well (11%) what a glaring effect that has on the male primordial sex drive and put her behind deliberately for you in the limelight.

>>> How should pay homage to the female Po Men

Honorable mention for the face

Do not hang from the rooftops rather that her look after the body in the face (11%). On the other hand, the women of knew that even quite accurate (11%) and feel in a "Wow, you're damn sexy" certainly not offended, but an honest-meant compliment to her beautiful eyes or her infectious laugh can not hurt you certainly.  

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Consolation prizes for private parts, feet and thighs

These 3 zones occupied only values ​​of below 10%. We suspect: That makes the genital area from nothing, because you dedicate their yes then still a lot of deserved attention. 

>>> To spoil the vagina with your loved ones

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