Younger, stronger and leaner - the growth hormone HGH (Somatropin) are attributed miracles. But desire and reality are far apart. A status report

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Even the champion should have taken it in December of last year it was announced that US football star Peyton Manning, then quarterback for the Denver Broncos, reportedly HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is said to have taken. Manning denied these allegations, but was never able to refute them. The doping accusation hovering as gloomy cloud over the triumphant end of the career of the Super Bowl- winner 2016. Suspected reason for taking somatropin, such as the growth hormone is also known, was faster in the case of Manning recovery from a neck injury. Other stars like Sylvester Stallone openly admit that they have taken HGH. The real figure in sports is large because the most commonly used test to detect HGH doping is relatively unreliable. In the doping debate is often forgotten that HGH is actually a prescription drug with medical benefits. "HGH is a very important hormone for the growth of people," explains Professor Matthias Weber, Director of the center of gravity of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases at the University of Mainz. Produces the pituitary gland (pituitary) not enough somatropin, this deficiency should be compensated.

HGH acts throughout the body

If you go to sleep at night, your pituitary gland wakes up. The kirschkern large hormone gland at the base of the skull produces several hormones - including HGH, a chain of 191 amino acids. It passes through the bloodstream to various stations within the body and remains there hanging on the cell surface. HGH docked to about fat cells and brings them to throw a portion of its freight. It also acts in the liver and encourages them to produce a hormone-like polypeptide: Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) promotes the growth of bone, cartilage - and muscles! Therefore, somatropin achieved high growth phase - in childhood and in adolescence - peak values ​​after falling continuously.

The HGH production is in full swing

By 1985 Somatropin has been obtained for medical purposes from the pituitary glands of dead. Then it became clear that HIV and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can be transmitted in this way. Soon, scientists developed a way to produce the hormone indefinitely and without risk of infection by zoom breed the genetic information in a bacterium. Since then, the production of HGH occurs in microscopic hormone factories. In the context of medical treatment, the hormone level is brought to a normal value by injection of HGH. but that is not entirely without: "In case of overdose some serious side effects occur," says endocrinologist Weber. "There is much healthier, natural ways to increase its somatropin Level." If the values ​​move in the ideal range, the hormone affects the body in a positive way. What effects desired and which are really dangerous, read here. 

Injections of HGH, you should keep young and slim - but do not do it
Injections of HGH, you should keep young and slim - but do not do it

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Promises no. 1: HGH builds muscle and fat from

The desire: share professional and hobby even bodybuilders their training mostly in two phases: phase mass for maximum muscle growth, followed by a definition phase to get rid of fat. Breeding of muscle mass can not normally be simultaneously implemented with the breakdown of fat itself. But somatropin could change that now. For many bodybuilders growth hormone is for all legal powders and pills of protein to creatine, the next hope as muscle booster.

Reality: Most users do not access HGH alone, but combine it with other anabolic hormones like testosterone. Which of the components can grow at the end of the muscles was far from being clearly demonstrated. Australian scientists at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney have to conducted an experiment: 96 study participants were divided into four groups and injected himself for 8 weeks either HGH (group 1) or testosterone (2) or both (3) or a placebo (4 ). At the end of two months the racing performance of HGH subjects had improved, but their muscle mass remained unchanged. "No matter what you read on the Internet about a healthy person without hormone deficiency does not build by HGH as if by magic on muscles and not burn magically more fat," says Professor Weber. Yes, this hormone acts on the metabolism - but only if it lacks the body. In the few cases where high-dose hormone somatropin cocktails actually lead to more growth of muscles, the result has disadvantages. "The thus constructed muscles is disturbed," the expert warns. "At worst, the heart muscle is affected." Cardiovascular diseases are a typical sequence of HGH overdose. Years of abuse may increase organs and lead to death. In addition, psychological dependence threatens. But not only for your health, the price is high - the illegal acquisition is financially a risky endeavor. on the black market - it costs up to 10,000 euros per year is. And you often do not know what is really in the vials. Stretched or adulterated drugs are not uncommon because charlatans have long since discovered that a lot of money can be earned with it. 

The conclusion: Doubtful if it works that way. We strongly advise against illegal experiments. 

The injection of growth hormones to speed up recovery
The injection of growth hormones to speed up recovery

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Promises no. 2: HGH accelerates healing process of injuries

The desire: With a joint injury, such as a tennis elbow or damaged cruciate ligaments many athletes end up in the operating room. What follows is a long pause for regeneration. After an operation, the training falls first, of course, and as a result the body joint, ligament and muscle tissue expands massively. In unilateral injury such as a cruciate ligament the affected leg is weaker than the healthy after a pause in movement by up to 40 percent. Then building training is usually very lengthy and also burdened psychologically. speed Anti-inflammatory painkillers also only limited healing and are also not very easy on the stomach. then to athletes again be able to deny competitions, often goes half a year. Scientists now want have found that injections of growth hormones speed up recovery. HGH is to counteract the loss of muscle through activation of IGF-1. The hormone-like polypeptide stimulates tissue growth and blocks myostatin, a protein that inhibits the development of muscles.

Reality: Now this all sounds almost too good to be true. "The research is ongoing, but unfortunately there's still no clear results," slows endocrinologist Weber. Currently, the regenerative effect is explored in the operated cruciate ligaments in a large-scale US study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The results are expected for the 2017th Many excited about the potential the previously banned in sport hormone. Whether somatropin causes healing without surgery should also be examined more closely. For a time, also already ran a study in which the growth hormone has been used in intensive care units to compensate for muscle wasting caused by bed rest. But when in the course of this study increase the death rate, the studies had to be canceled.

The conclusion: In this area, the research moved a fine line. As long as the risk of serious side effects is not yet clear, there will be no medical approval. But "Medical progress is omnipresent at HGH," says expert Weber, "because you can still do something." When somatropin really shortened injury breaks, then this would revolutionize the sports medicine. 

Promises no. 3: HGH acts like a fountain of youth on the body

The desire: Over time, many hormone levels, not just the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen decline. This process is a natural side effect of aging. The pituitary gland never filled in again as much
Somatropin look like in the time of puberty. In numbers: With 40 your hormone gland produces only about half of what she has produced with 20th This leads to age-related changes in body composition, that is: the muscles are gradually added, removed fat mass, body fat percentage increases - who wants that? But not only Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone and other celebrities trying to counteract - even for normal people who are blessed with the wherewithal, the prospect of a youthful body is very tempting. A HGH supplementation could prevent the unwanted aging process.

Reality: grab preventive for hormone injection, thereby to preserve the current state, which sounds a plausible. Finally, it is well established that an HGH injection in case of shortage actually strikes. Weber physicians but as has his doubts: "The hoped-for rejuvenation effect has no medical purpose. Nature does nothing in vain, and will have thought something shutdown hormone production. In the female menopause finally speaks no man of hormone deficiency and keeps the level artificially maintained. "There are currently no reliable studies to an anti-aging therapy with growth hormone in healthy adults before. Maybe life is even shortened by overdoses, as there are numerous side effects. Really dangerous is it when slumber undetected cancer cells in your body. HGH does not distinguish between good and evil - and so not only healthy tissue receives a growth spurt, also burgeoning tumors are fed. For products on the black market, there is also an increased risk of infection. In some specimens are still found hormones from old-fashioned production, ie from pituitary glands of cadavers.

The conclusion: Take action by HDH in no case on your own, as long as the targeted use of hormone injections to obtain eternal youth is not yet scientifically funded in terms makeover. The current hype helps illegal providers to flush money into their coffers. 

In case of accidents in traffic as well as in sports head injuries are a very sensitive issue
In case of accidents in traffic as well as in sports head injuries are a very sensitive issue

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Promises no. 4: HGH protects people from trauma

The desire: In case of accidents in traffic as well as in sports head injuries are a very sensitive issue. In sports such as boxing, American football and ice hockey's are particularly common one on the nut. The brain then pops inside against the skull bone. Resulting from the impact concussion or whiplash also the pituitary gland is affected, mostly. The pituitary gland is connected only by a thin, all 14 mm long stem with the diencephalon. If this delicate structure irritated or damaged, the body's hormone production can fall sharply. Researchers believe that this vibration also triggers inflammation, the gland is added to the bad. In any case, damage to the pituitary catastrophic consequences for the physical and mental well-being - sleep and anxiety disorders, persistent pain and increased sensitivity to stress, but also more body fat with reduced muscle mass and decreased bone density. Doctors now hope to be able to mitigate all this by HGH.

Reality: Often suffer troops to combat missions under mentioned problems - Results of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of head injuries. In a US study at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle 26 soldiers were tested for hormonal deficiencies. One result: almost half of them suffered from an underactive pituitary gland. Should show growth hormone effect a treatment that could improve the quality of life in many sufferers. The assumption that the somatropin dose may help in patients with hormone deficiency due to an injured pituitary gland, is close. With a distinct lack due to a traumatic brain trauma, the use is already approved. However, doctors do not throw around with recipes for somatropin syringes. "It must be hit several hormones in order to make a reliable diagnosis," says endocrinologist Weber. Since HGH is very expensive, see coffers closely, if it is to be prescribed.

The conclusion: "The information that an isolated failure of growth hormones is reason enough for it to prescribe HDH, not even the research here," says Weber. Who after an accident symptoms such as fatigue seizures or cognitive impairment not get rid of, you should definitely see a doctor - preferably an endocrinologist. 

Without futile attempts unsuccessful
Fitness is the best medicine - completely legal and without side effects

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With these strategies, you drive your somatropin to the max - completely legal and without side effects

  1. Strong auspowern with endurance sports
    Nothing brings so much hormones boil as endurance training. Whose intensity is the key to success, not the duration. Whether jogging, rowing and spinning, you always try to incorporate a week 2 cardio workouts with high intensity. High intensity means: Powers 45 minutes by at a pace that you noticeably overwhelmed.
  2. Strenuous strength training
    Strength training should be intense. Inflate your HGH levels in the gym right times to: Switch from one device to another, without making breaks. And the weight should always be set so that you come to your limits at 8 reps - about 75 percent of the maximum weight with which you can run just a repetition clean. Then, in spite of high intensity, the risk of injury is low. Aiming for you to insert two such sessions per week.
  3. Sleeping deeply
    For somatropin production bedtime is prime time - but only if you get enough sleep in the first half of the night. For many this is unfortunately not the case. Provide best sleeping conditions by bringing the room temperature at 18 to 20 degrees and darken the bedroom - that helps you to quickly fall into a deep slumber.
  4. decrease slightly
    Visceral fat is called the stored in the abdominal cavity fat that accumulates around internal organs and the digestive system around. At the same time growth hormones are reduced. Pay attention to your diet: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you feed little processed carbohydrates. Even healthy fats from nuts, avocados and olive oil will help balance insulin levels. And thus lose weight.
  5. daily exercise
    Although studies have shown that supplements such as L-arginine can increase HGH levels; However, you would have to swallow for a dozen pills a day. Whether releasing so-called releasers extra HGH is not yet proven. is exercise and remains the most effective (and probably cheapest) means. 

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