Despite-hot foreplay erection? 36 rules and your best friend is ready for use again

Blackberry as Potency:
Blackberry jam on bread

Anthocyanins contained in blackberries, give not only their color of the fruit, but also give you a higher chance of an erection.

That is why the dark fruit:
In anthocyanins is to antioxidants. They protect against free radicals in the body that prevent nitric oxide can be produced. Here it is nitric oxide, which opens your blood vessels, extremely important to get an erection. Due to lack of nitric oxide: a limp member. Anthocyanins may hinder free radicals in the body early and protect the production of nitric oxide.

Proof of their strength: Scientists at the University in Bloomington, Indiana, have researched that blood vessels that are supplied with anthocyanins, contain a higher level of nitric oxide, although free radicals were in the body. "Antioxidants neutralize free radicals before they can do anything"Said Dr. David Bell, acting head of the study. "Your penis can be so supplied with the necessary blood to convert a thrill in an erection."

Smoking clogs your arteries and causes your link remains slack2/36

Smoking clogs your arteries and causes your link remains slack

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Smoking supports the potency:
Let us be the smoldering

You still smoke even though they know that smoking increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer and bladder cancer? Maybe you frightened indeed more the thought of impotence than the risk of dying young! Smoking doubles the risk for clogging of the arteries, which can lead to a completely Errektionsunfähigkeit, according to a study of the Journal of Urology.

The good news: "If men in their fifties to quit smoking, we can usually reduce the damage done"Said Andre Guay, M.D. and head of Lahey Clinic for Sexual Function in Massachusetts.

Dr. Guay has at 10 impotent men (mean age: 49 years old) were measured nocturnal erection. He noticed an improvement in the state by 40 percent after just one smoke-free day.

tip: Fish sticks instead of smoke. researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have discovered that taurine, an amino acid found in fish helps in the regeneration of damaged blood vessels.

Relaxation and your love life benefits3/36

Relaxation and your love life benefits

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Meditation for potency increasing:
Relax times

Stress is sometimes like a cold shower for the psyche. During heavy physical exertion the stress hormone epinephrine flowing (adrenaline) in the arteries and can cause considerable damage. "In the long run, it can lead to hardening of the blood vessels"Said Dr. J. Stephen Jones, author of the book Overcoming Impotence: A Leading Urologist Tells You Everthing You Need To Know. In other words, hard in the artery, soft in his pants.

The solution: Walk every day for a few minutes and focus on your five senses. The movements and rotations of your hand, to sounds in your environment or watch the pretty brunette in the car next to you.

"Do not concern yourself all the time with your stress, because it only provides for a higher secretion of epinephrine"Says Jay Winner, M.D. and author of Stress Management Made Simple. "Through meditative distraction your epinephrine decreases in the body and are more likely to get an erection."

If you snore, you deprive your sensitive foreskin tissue oxygen4/36

If you snore, you deprive your sensitive foreskin tissue oxygen

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Quiet sleep supports the potency:
Place the "sawing wood" on!

Snoring can cost you a night of sex. How do you want your wife to come closer when you loaded on the couch because of snoring. But snoring not only destroys the prospect of sex, but also prevents concrete practical implementation. "Each tissue needs oxygen to stay healthy. Especially the foreskin tissue is very sensitive because"Says Dr. Jones.

Do not waste your money on drugs that are supposed to prevent snoring now. For tests on pilots U.S. Air Force have shown that these drugs have no effect. It is better to place bricks under the bedposts (at the head), because you must lift your torso. "The gravity has a major impact on snoring"Said Phillip Wester Brook, M.D. and founder of Sleep disorders center at the Mayo Clinic. "If you lift the upper body, the delicate neck tissue is relieved", Important: The neck has to be relaxed.

45g dark chocolate a day is enough to increase the blood supply needed by the penis,5/36

45g dark chocolate a day is enough to increase the blood supply needed by the penis,

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Dark chocolate as a sexual enhancer:
Zartbitteres panacea

"Dark chocolate" is the solution to the motivation calendar question of 22 January 2015. Click here for the motivation calendar-day price.

The natural cure for erectile dysfunction. Dark chocolate contains the plant pigment epicatechin, which ensures that important substances that expand your vessels, are released in the body. How much is enough? 45g dark chocolate a day to increase the dilation of blood vessels by 10 per cent is sufficient, according to a study of University of California in San Francisco.

A high percentage of body fat lowers your testosterone levels and makes you an erection6/36

A high percentage of body fat lowers your testosterone levels and makes you an erection

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Slim for better potency:
Fat breaks down

Is your body mass index (abbreviated BMI) over 25? Then perhaps the fat hinders the erectile function in your body. "We know that obese men convert testosterone into estrogen, and that a decreased amount of testosterone or a higher amount of estrogen affects badly to the erectile function"Said Larry Lipshultz, M.D., Men's Health expert and director of male fertility medicine and surgery at Baylor College of Medicine.

Fortunately, a small weight loss can even free you from the high estrogen content and so give you back your sex life again. One third of obese men (BMI 30 or higher) who have lost 10% of their body weight increased with weight loss their erectile function, according to a study of the Journal often he American Medical Association.

With our BMI calculator to determine your value.

Through acupuncture your erectile function can be restored7/36

Through acupuncture your erectile function can be restored

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Acupuncture for potency increasing:
Feng Shui for the pants

Just do not worry, you will not be poked in the testicles. The acupuncture takes place exclusively on the back. An acupuncture helps with psychogenic erectile dysfunction, according to a study in "International Journal of Impotence Research", If you do not get stiff member, it may be due to a disorder of the nervous system. "Traditional Chinese treatments can restore the balance of the nervous system again"Said Paul Engelhardt, M.D. and study leader. In the study, 64 percent of participants have recovered by acupuncture their sexual performance.

Cock-Workout: Stretch 18 times in your pelvis for 10 seconds each8/36

Cock-Workout: Stretch 18 times in your pelvis for 10 seconds each

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Exercises for a better potency:
Strengthen your pelvic floor

Apparently, the pelvic floor has a significant impact on erectile function, a British study. 40 percent of the 55 subjects who trained daily their pelvic floor exercises for 6 months, were down significantly erection capable.

Exercises for everyday life: Tension and relax your pelvis. Daily 18 contractions in which you 10 seconds keep the tension. You can do it while sitting, lying down or standing. Another possibility: Imagine, try a premature ejaculation or your urine stream to stop - this muscle contraction strengthens your pelvis as well.

Talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking9/36

Talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking

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Drugs as a power killers:
Take care that you swallow pills

Make a list of all the prescription drugs that you are taking currently. "Many of these drugs may be associated with your sexual inability"Said Dr. R. Taylor Segraves, co-author of sexual Pharmacology. A potential drug is simvastatin, which lowers cholesterol. It is best to talk with your doctor what medications have an impact and that might not have.

Natural agitators: ginseng and saffron10/36

Natural agitators: ginseng and saffron

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Plants for potency increasing:
Natural sexual enhancer for increasing pleasure

Saffron and ginseng bring the sex life obviously busy. Ingredients of the three plants to increase sexual desire, according to a Canadian study. According to the study authors from the University of Guelph in the province of Ontario there are more natural-looking aphrodisiacs, but they are less known to us: the native of West Africa yohimbine, the Brazilian Muira puama plant and growing in the Andes Maca mustard root.

So far, erection problems are treated with synthetic products such as Viagra or Cialis. However, side effects such as headaches or muscle pain or dangerous interactions with other drugs are associated with these sexual enhancer. therefore of natural sexual enhancers without such side effects, there would be great demand, said John Melnyk and Massimo Marcone in the onlin edition of the journal Food Research International.

Despite the positive results Massimo Marcone reluctant to hire. It still would be enough evidence to support the widespread use of these agents as an effective aphrodisiac. To understand the effects better, one must still carry out further studies.

Watermelons dilate blood vessels11/36

Watermelons dilate blood vessels

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Fruity Potency:
Watermelons have Viagra effect

Watermelon is not only refreshing, but can have the same effect as the potency drug Viagra. Reason: The active ingredient citrulline, which is contained in watermelon, provides for expansion of blood vessels and can increase libido, a US study.

"Watermelon is probably not as organ specific as Viagra, but a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug side effects"Says study leader Bhimu Patil of Texas A&M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center

Watermelon instead of Viagra?
Citrulline is in the pulp and contain the rind of the melon. When consuming large amounts of the active ingredient is an amino acid that supports heart and circulation, but also expands the blood vessels and thus to fix erectile dysfunction is. Just as Viagra, says Patil.

The highest concentration of citrulline is found in the bark. Since we usually do not eat this, two of Patil's work researchers on a new watermelon varieties that will contain more citrulline in the flesh.

Effect is not as strong
However, there are votes against the result of the researchers. Todd Wehner, agricultural biologist at North Carolina State University was to remember that watermelon is not as strong look far as the potency drug Viagra.

What do men and women during sex?12/36

What do men and women during sex?

Thoughts circles as potency Killer:
Always stay on task

Women and men are often distracted during sex. Because in bed couples often deal with non-erotic thoughts, so researchers at the Canadian University of Waterloo. Hence, men are also thinking about not to come too early and women in their perceived cellulite. Another finding: The more men get distracted by such fears, the more they suffer from impotence.

The psychologists Christine Purdon and Laura Holdaway had asked students to their sex life. It was found that over 90 percent during sex in the head was not in it. Instead, women asked frequently whether they were attractive enough and what her partner empfände for them. Men, however, are concerned by the researchers mainly with fear of failure or problems on the job.

Both fear of pregnancy or before becoming infected with an infection and other possible consequences. For married couples these fears are - naturally - weaker. Purdon and Holdaway advise you to consider the future more like thoughts of this kind can affect sexual disorders.

The study corroborated, according to Purdon and Holdaway, the findings of known sex researchers Masters and Johnson in the sixties: Only those who are really in the matter during sex, finds sexual fulfillment.

The daily 2 beer can prevent impotence13/36

The daily 2 beer can prevent impotence

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Akohol for potency increasing:
Beer for more sex-Power

Beer not only tastes good, it also helps to remain potent. This message from the land of beers sounds like music for barley juice fans. Exactly these claims the Czech gerontologist Pavel Zemek: "When men drink two beers a day, they can prevent possible impotence."

The doctor from the Gerontology Institute in Prague has been found in studies that beer flushes the arteries. "A normal amount of beer reduced Artherioskleose, one cause of erectile dysfunction or male impotence," said Zemek told reporters a Czech newspaper.

but on the other hand, he warns against excessive beer consumption along the lines of the more the better. But most women can also confirm the men themselves. If the guys feel after heavy drinking bouts as potent breeding bull, they are usually pretty limp in reality. And what woman has also desire for sex when their beats the concentrated exhaust of a brewery in the face?

In hot temperatures are seeds in flames14/36

In hot temperatures are seeds in flames

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Cold is good for the potency:
Seeds Like It not like hot

In the study of 2,065 semen samples of infertile and fertile men 264 samples, researchers at the University of Rochester found (New York) that the semen quality in winter is significantly better than in the warmer months. In winter, the sperm count was higher, they were faster and more flexible. The number of defective sperm was lower. Apparently it is too warm the testes in the summer. They need a temperature which is at least one degree below body temperature for sperm production. This study could also provide an indication of why fail comparisons of semen quality earlier and so different today.

Regular sex and masturbation benefit of potency.15/36

Regular sex and masturbation benefit of potency.

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Power increase is training thing:
Practice makes stand

Reasons for sex are plenty. And the more often you come to the train, the better for your potency. Because sex stimulates testosterone levels and the penis blood flow. And also against frequent Solosex is from now on no more objections. On the contrary: Increased masturbating provides buoyancy in your sex life. According to the urologist Dr. Neuss Jörn Witt proposes here to the training effect. "If you start early in life with it is aged longer sexually active," confirms the American biologist Robert Pollack. And that's not all, because in medical matters, the hand applying can provide information about your physical condition. Physiological disorders, such as on the vessels can be excluded from the start, when power problems occur only during sex and not when you lend a hand.

The wrong bike seat can become a threat to the power of16/36

The wrong bike seat can become a threat to the power of

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The right saddle for potency:
Cyclists beware

Cycling keeps your body fit without question. However, this sport can be an enemy of your potency. Because by the saddle the best piece is clamped and blood flow much needed prevented. Frank Sommer, a professor of men's health from Hamburg could prove "that cyclists of all ages as likely to suffer about twice of erectile dysfunction as other athletes." Dangerous are less than 3 hours cycling per week, all about it can "lead to a shorter and less firm erection" according to summer. Often the wrong saddle design has to blame. A leather saddle reduces blood flow due to its hardness and thus attracts a higher impotence risk. However, a road bike saddle cuts even from much worse, because it is too narrow and the rest sit bones only partially. The increased pressure in the perineum area leads to a highly restricted blood flow. Also the gel seat emerges as potency killer. The material is pressed together while sitting, whereby the caliper to exert a strong pressure on the blood vessels and the blood flow ultimately significantly limits. The impotence risk this rises to as much as 80 percent. The most gentle for your soft tissues of ergonomics expert is with a low-risk impotence of some 20 percent. The seat bone distance with the correct recess in the saddle center only leads to a slightly disturbed blood flow.

To protect your laptop masculinity from now on should be on the table17/36

To protect your laptop masculinity from now on should be on the table

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Wireless compromised the potency:
The Internet makes sperm lame

Get off your lap! No, we mean not your sweetheart, but your laptop. For the part of your power to please from now on only on the table. A study by the University of Sheffield found that even four hours wireless surfing a day can lead to the destruction seeds. Scientists withdrawals to 29 healthy men semen samples, spread over two vessels. One of which was located next to a laptop that was connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet. The other in the same place under the same circumstances, but without technical aids. The investigation revealed that in addition to the laptop, the sperm had lower buoyancy and a change in the genetic heritage. Despite knowing about the reluctance of sperm to heat, the researchers included a heat overload of the reason for the deviation from normal. The transfer of energy from the transmitter laptop on the body and the radiation of the radio signals could be a cause of the change, however.

Steaks stimulate the production of testosterone to18/36

Steaks stimulate the production of testosterone to

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Beef as Potency:
Steaks leave you wanting more

Be sure to order the next date in the restaurant but for a change, even a minute steak. With great effect on your potency manages the tender piece of beef in a very short time on your plate. It contains a lot of zinc and iron, which stimulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. On top of that prepares you for the zinc contained perfectly on the subsequent audition before, as this will particularly sensitive to gentle touches.

The bark of the yohimbe tree from Kenya is awarded an aphrodisiac effect19/36

The bark of the yohimbe tree from Kenya is awarded an aphrodisiac effect

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Bark as Potency:
Herbal Viagra from Kenya

If your next holiday run to Kenya, do not forget to take a little souvenir from there. Because African indigenous peoples have your own Viagra in the form of a bark of the yohimbe tree. Both you and your loved one benefit: The bark has a positive effect on the libido, promote the pelvic blood circulation and supports the sex hormone production-more orgasms and stability is guaranteed. The Maasai, however, always take a lot of time for your rituals, mostly they take up to 2 weeks. Also in this case boil the bark from only, which can take quite a bit of time.

After sex, you should drink at least two glasses of water20/36

After sex, you should drink at least two glasses of water

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Drinking for potency:
Water bottle on for more Through old assets

During strenuous physical activities the water bottle should always be within reach, including the mattresses sports. Unfortunately, the device during sex quickly once forgotten, because that your gem migrates from the podium gen ground, may be due to such simple things such as a fluid loss. A British study shows that one in two people do not drink enough to compensate for its loss of fluids through sex. Professor John Leiper from the University of Aberdeen said that this situation jeopardizes the erectile function and even lead to sexual failure when fluid loss makes up more than two percent of body weight. The principle behind this is quite simple: Thicker blood flows through the dehydration slower and can not flow in so fast in the corpora cavernosa. So if you have brought the bed violently to wobble, you should balance your fluid balance with at least 2 glasses of water. And do not worry about the full bladder: The pressure, which initially feels very uncomfortable, enhances sexual pleasure and brings even more intense orgasms.

Potency problems due to disc problems are always to fix21/36

Potency problems due to disc problems are always to fix

Active against intervertebral disc problems:
successfully avert power crisis

The bad news: Due to a herniated disc may want the stability of the penis can be left. According to Dr. Gralf Popken, chief physician and director of the Prostate Center of Helios clinics in Berlin, can be pressed by damage in the spine nerves, "so that the excitation stimuli no longer arrive at your destination." The good news: It's not that wild, because in any case the potency problems encountered can be solved. At 60 percent of men affected Viagra. There are also the possibilities of prostaglandins - a syringe ("SKAT") Or (through the urethra"MUSE") - or a penile implant.

Half an hour of exercise a day supports the potency22/36

Half an hour of exercise a day supports the potency

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Sport as a power-Pusher:
Daily Sport is steadfast

Good news for all sports lovers! Because according to several studies of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) reducing a half hour of exercise a day erectile dysfunction already by about 40 percent. It reduces arterial calcification, which badly affect the potency. And as many as one in five men have to fight in his life with potency problems. So get active, because it boosts incidentally also your desire! Especially good for the penile blood flow and erectile function are: Strength training of thigh muscles, running at a modest pace and interval training programs of the pelvic floor muscles.

Through training, you achieve a better potency23/36

Through training, you achieve a better potency

Individual training for potency increasing:
3 exercises for potency

We know: The pelvic floor is the erectile function a significant boost. Dr. Frank Sommer, Hamburg urologist and university professor of men's health has 2 more exercise tips for better potency for you ready:

The hands to the hip carry, knees while only slightly and then bend more. push the pelvis forward, keep the tension briefly pushed back and finally back to the starting position.

Inclined plane
In the supine position, feet and elbow support and stretch the entire body as far as it will go. To increase, you can also to lift a leg.

train erection angle
Pinch together your buttocks. Morning, noon and evening ten times increase continuously up to thirty times.

Pop sounds have a stimulating effect on potency24/36

Pop sounds have a stimulating effect on potency

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Music for potency increasing:
With the pop he makes hopp

The right music at the right time ensures not only a good mood, but can also target a positive impact on the health of the latest scientific findings. Thus increasing pop with peaceful rhythms and inspiring lyrics effective potency. The experts recommend especially the song Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. that was "a classic, to get back in top form", is it [called.

With the testicles massage to increase in the long run your power25/36

With the testicles massage to increase in the long run your power

Testicular massage for more power:
With a few simple steps to success

Testicular massage act as a testosterone injection into old age. Even a few simple Shiatsu handles promote blood circulation. Recommended by the International Society of Andrology (men's medicine), we show you the three main techniques for lifelong fun:

1. Beat finger
The spermatic cord between thumb and forefinger and gently take withdrawn from the penis downward. Then vice versa.

2. Create Hand
The base of the thumb on both sides of the scrotum place, let gently slide down and circular rub between your palms.

3. Press the thumb
Place both thumbs outside the scrotum, hereby repeated revolve around both glands and then let slip away downwards.

Fish contains a lot of minerals for better potency26/36

Fish contains a lot of minerals for better potency

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Seafood as Potency:
Underwater any amount of power

Food from the sea is needed! Because fish has extremely rich in iodine, which is good for our thyroid to keep the hormonal metabolism going. He also scores points with lots of arginine - the amino acid for harder and longer erections. According to researchers, the protein component of relaxing the penis muscles and blood flow to the erectile tissue is improved significantly. So men, always ran to the fish, because in an upright position her best friend needs at least ten times more blood than at rest. The potassium and magnesium contained also prevents an abrupt end by muscle spasms, so sexual failure not at first be considered. The noble oysters make not only good at home-cooked dinner: The zinc contained therein is a true miracle testosterone and promotes sperm production. An oyster covers the entire daily requirement with 15 milligrams of zinc. In each ejaculation you consume five milligrams of zinc, so that is a long night guarantees nothing in the way.

Fruit makes you fit for a long night27/36

Fruit makes you fit for a long night

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Fruity power mix:
Fruit bombs for a hot night

Fruit is not only healthy, it also ensures more fun in bed. In order to bring you and your loved one really in full swing, you should often together snacking strawberries, melons and mangoes. For these fruity treats have with their high proportion of manganese a significant impact on the ability to orgasm by both of you. Kiwis and bananas put your body with a lot of magnesium and potassium the necessary kick and prevent such annoying things like muscle spasms. For the finishing touches on an unforgettable night we recommend berries, grapes and dates, because the fiber contained give all the necessary parts of the body the necessary stamina.

For the correct naked Perfmormance he was packed toward navel show28/36

For the correct naked Perfmormance he was packed toward navel show

© Shutterstock / eranicle

Correct position for potency increasing:
Always stand upright

Trousers and all well packaged? We hope so, because that your best friend at night comes in bed without clothes to train and stands upright, you should store it so that it points towards the belly button. This relieves namely the bands and provides the necessary impetus.

Many vegetables support which contain the vitamins potency29/36

Many vegetables support which contain the vitamins potency

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Many vitamins for potency:
Once transversely through Gemüsebeet

Asparagus has it all. Even the plant substance rutin put next to power increasing vitamin C in it. This substance protects the cell walls and also has not earned a reputation as a "Anti-impotence-phytonutrient", The finishing touches are the minerals added for the necessary staying power in the form of magnesium and potassium. Along with lentils, peppers, corn and onions he gives the body the absolutely necessary dose of zinc. can easily keep up because the celery tuber. It defends its position as an aphrodisiac since ancient times and take you through the essential oils contained both the circulation and the metabolism. In addition, he is a fertility hormone E guarantees a hot and very long night. Also spinach should land from now on more often on the plate. The manganese contained therein is significantly involved in the production of testosterone and that brings not only in driving, but also your Liebste.Zu Last but not the chili she hurries to its reputation ahead and makes you sharp for the night.

Ginkgo is one of many natural potency drugs30/36

Ginkgo is one of many natural potency drugs

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Natural means as power tools:
The nature helps to

Not only Viagra, because in addition, there are still many other useful helper on a natural basis. To buy it is available in hemp shops, pharmacies, or erotic shops.

The root contains the poisonous alkaloid chemical compound in high doses. It is considered a strong inhibitions and sexually stimulating. In the Middle Ages it was known for its aphrodisiac properties and was eaten or soaked in wine.

The seeds of the South American liana especially has a highly stimulating due to the high caffeine content. They are frequently found in chocolate bars, chews or brewed into a drink.

muira puama
The resin of this tropical tree contains sexually stimulating compounds. The wood and bark are boiled and drunk water or alcoholic extracts then.

The substances of the tree Ginkgo biloba are mainly blood circulation. In a German study men with severe impotence got daily 240 milligrams of ginkgo and reported all of spontaneous and harder erections.

betel nut
The pieces of betel nut like to be crushed in the Asian region, mixed with spices and lime, then wrapped in a leaf and chewed. It shall be applied stress reducing, stimulating and exciting.

They contain a lot of nutrients, daunter zinc and vitamin E. They help prostate problems. Moreover, its fragrance has a stimulating effect.

St. John's Wort
This plant is a miracle cure at a depth of sexual desire. As a medicinal plant it is now being used for more than 2000 years.

Damiana Herb
The plant extract from South America, which has a positive effect on erectile function. However, this effect has not been well belgt by studies.

Saw Palmetto
The active ingredient is actually a drug to fight an enlarged prostate. Because that can lead to sexual problems if the nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis are disturbed. The extract can alleviate these problems and help at the same time to a better erection.

Bee pollen and royal jelly
Bee pollen increase the potency as by the royal sperm production royale encouraged and increased. This also explains the sexual pleasure increases. Be careful with allergies!

Movies with lots of action to increase the level of testosterone31/36

Movies with lots of action to increase the level of testosterone

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Action films increase the potency:
The right movies to bring in full swing

At the next DVD evening with your loved ones you can with this argument guarantees the film choice snaffle! For an action film also brings to them a lot of fun with it, they increase the testosterone level that is considerable. According to a study by a research team from Michigan. A love story, however, makes the man only for an extra dose of progesterone. The hormone is one of the progestins and achieved in natural quantities little effect. It acts only soporific and can be used at elevated dose even as an anesthetic. So off switch very quickly to the couch and after the romantic love story on an action-packed strips. 

Pumpkin and lavender is the perfect blend of pheromones32/36

Pumpkin and lavender is the perfect blend of pheromones

© Shutterstock / kApOMnOi

Natural scents as Potency:
Boil what smells good

A well-smelling perfume is an important detail when deciding which man should go to bed with and which not to many women. But also in the local cuisine, there are substances that inflame lust. The celery tuber contains a the male hormone androsterone related substance, according to scientists evaporates on the skin and affects women as a sex attractant. Especially attractive is the fragrance combination of pumpkin and lavender scent. For US researchers discovered increased by 40 percent blood flow to the penis in this stimulating blend. 

Many spices can increase the potency33/36

Many spices can increase the potency

© Shutterstock / Michal Dzierzynski

Spice odor for better potency:
Handle the spice rack

The necessary spice is never wrong. From now on even more Basil belongs to the tomato salad, because the essential oils contained irritate the urethra and can even cause erections. A similar effect has also parsley, because the smell is extremely inciting for the pelvic region. Even ginger belongs in every good spice collection and sustainably improves the blood circulation in the loins. inhibitions extremely looks especially nutmeg. The active ingredient contained therein myristicin was even Ausgangsstoof for the designer drug Ecstasy.

Buckwheat noodles are rich in the impotence plant substance rutin34/36

Buckwheat noodles are rich in the impotence plant substance rutin

© Shutterstock / FomaA

Buckwheat flour as a power-Pusher:
Energy kick for a hot night

Noodles are known to have many carbohydrates and ensure a short time for an energy boost. However, for more endurance and long nights conventional pasta made from durum wheat semolina with their high glycemic index is not enough. The better option: noodles made of buckwheat flour, particularly popular in Asia. Because they are rich in the active ingredient rutin, the anti-impotence plant material and supply power for several hours.

Nuts fill the sex hormone-value35/36

Nuts fill the sex hormone-value

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Nutty power-Pusher:
Snacking more nuts!

Nuts give your sex life going. Especially walnuts make with the included vitamin B6 that the sex hormone-value does not drop too far. In addition, he holds also the prolactin-3 value of your loved ones in check, which slows down the sexual desire of women. Hazelnuts and almonds stimulate the production of endorphins, that is very important for a fulfilling sex life. So if you fancy snacks, pick up the next time the nutty variant.

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