The pinnacle of kissing is available in three variants - from a fugitive until sauscharf

This is the mother of all kisses - and the supreme discipline. Subspecies:

The volatile mouth kiss makes similar to the kiss on the cheek (see point 6).

Come on, kiss' mich

The intense mouth kiss without tongue is already a serious Erotikum, you should either take the face of loved ones in the hands or the head by the hair gently but pull demanding backward.

The French kiss is a chapter in itself. The most important point: Do not Go insert the tongue, but only open lips gently-tender or playful and demanding. If you are in it, remember: A perfect French kiss is a paradox - soft but firm. This are good kiss 30 muscles in action. Sagging lips giving a woman kissing a slacker feel. The frequently occurring in kitsch novels expression "He drank her kisses" is not to be taken literally - too much spit in lovemaking turns her off.