Meat your vegetables, a life as a vegetarian for you is unimaginable? Good, because steak and Co. provide valuable protein for muscle building. However, there are several things to consider when you cook your steak. Find out now about the perfect steak!

In this article:
  • Steak: healthy and protein-rich at the same time
  • fry steaks perfectly - Here's how
  • The right cooking point for your steak
  • The steak-finger test
  • The four best steak tools
  • buy steaks clever
  • Characteristics of fresh meat
  • Proper handling raw meat
  • The best cuts of beef
  • Tip by celebrity chef Christian Henze
  • So steak is served correctly
  • The best side dishes to steak
  • Conclusion: Steak should be!

Steak: healthy and protein-rich at the same time

Steak is one of the best and highest quality protein suppliers, because the protein content is over 20 percent. Therefore, steaks good nutrient and energy suppliers, especially for men who lose weight and / or want to build muscle. Food cravings can be mitigated by a delicious steak and in combination with a crisp salad gives a protein- and vitamin-rich meal. It may not always be beef: Even veal, pork and turkey steak also taste good and make your diet more varied.

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If red meat is not totally unhealthy?

Especially red meat in recent times come under fire again, it is still under suspicion, heart disease and diabetes to favor. Quite so simple but not things are, as a recent study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health showed in Boston: Dangerous is especially processed meat, such as products that have been "treated" for example by smoking or salts. Sausages, ham and salami will therefore continue to be responsible for various diseases, while the consumption of steaks, according to the scientists there were no basic health concerns. So your next steak, nothing stands in the way! A perfectly cooked steak must not only have the optimum cooking point for you, but be nice and juicy and tender and especially. Anyone who wants to enjoy a really good steak, so either goes into the next steakhouse or skin at home a decent piece of meat to the pan. But how exactly do you prepare a perfectly cooked steak to actually? We will show you step by step what matters fry the steak.

Steak perfectly fry - Here's how

Steaks frying perfect - step by step - Top © Vector Studio /

Before you go, get the steak about 30 minutes (even better: 1 hour) before searing from the refrigerator so that it has room temperature. Then heat the oven - the lower the temperature, the more tender the meat will be. Disadvantage: It must remain in the oven longer. Select a temperature from 65 to 140 ° - ideal would be around the 110 °. Besides a good cast iron pan or iron, including high-quality oils are essential for the preparation of a delicious steaks. Canola, peanut, sunflower and sesame oil and ghee are hocherhitzbar making them ideally suited for frying. Butter is less suitable because it burns when hot. The meat you should always first in the pan, when the oil is hot enough. And so you can see whether your pan is ripe for meat: Place a drop of water in the hot pan - it sizzles is the correct temperature is reached and your steak can be fried.

Cook your steak in the hot (!) Pan on each side for about 60 to 90 seconds from both sides sharply.

By sharp searing the surface of the meat and the meat juice does not run out. In the time the steak may not be moved, so that a delicious crust can form. But keep in mind: The longer the steak in the pan remains is the drier - and this must be prevented. Salt and pepper are the way AFTER the roast used because especially pepper would burn in the hot pan.

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Almost there: Now needs irh steak only some rest, because that is when frying a steak perekten one of the main points. The meat juices can thus pass through the piece of meat and adjust its temperature. There are now two options: push the steak just with the pan in the preheated oven OR Take the steak out of the pan, it wrap in aluminum foil and then push it into the oven where the heat can slowly and evenly distribute the meat.

TIP: Even the right-angle is important. Cut your steak always transverse to the fiber at meat, so NOT lengthwise. Why? If you cut across the fibers, through separate them simultaneously, and the meat is tender, since interfering meat fibers are cut.

Rare, medium and well done: the right cooking point for your steak

find the perfect cooking pointStill almost raw or well? How do you like your steak like best? - HLPhoto /

Whether the steak has reached the correct cooking point, check the best by using a meat thermometer. Has the meat 56-59 degrees core temperature, it is medium rare (medium) and when cut reveals a pink-sectional area. You like your steak like blood (rare)? Then take it to a core temperature of 55 degrees from the oven. Over cooked (well done) is your steak at 60 to 62 degrees. 

Core temperatures for the perfect steak:

  • Rare: 48-52 ° C
  • Medium Rare (inside pink): about 52 to 55 degrees
  • Medium: 56-59
  • Well Done (completely cooked through): 60-62 degrees

The steak-finger test

But even without meat thermometer to check the cooking point of your steaks - with the finger test: Place the thumb and forefinger of one hand together and press with the index finger of the other hand on the palm. Your steak feels like that, it's bloody. Do the same with your thumb and middle finger or thumb and ring finger. If you press with the index finger of the other hand on the heel of your hand, you feel for the degree of cooking for medium rare or medium well. Use the same way thumb and little finger to recognize the cooking point for well-done meat. Only when your steak is cooked perfectly to your liking, salt and freshly ground black pepper come in the flesh. "When seasoning timing is the A and O"Says star chef and author Alfons Schuhbeck ( "My kitchen spices," about 25 euros). "This is so like a good joke: The Pointe always concludes."

4 indispensable Steak Tools

1. Pan: When frying steak it's hot up, so you need a pan that is optimally prepared the heat. Stainless steel pans, like the classic Stainless steel pan or Steelux Premium Fissler this is ideal. They tolerate more heat than normal aluminum pans and store them even better. Professional tip: Cast iron pans - the classic steak pans! These pans are still thick-walled and very heat-stable. 

2. Meat Thermometer: So you do not exceed the optimum cooking point of your steaks, the use of a meat thermometer is recommended. There are now numerous, digital meat thermometer in the market, which already preset cooking temperatures ensure for meats of all kinds that a perfectly cooked steak lands on your plate. 

3. Tongs: One of the most famous No Gos fry the steak: Never use a fork or other sharp utensils to turn the steak in the pan or get it out. The problem: the precious meat juices inside the meat should not escape, because that provides primarily for the juiciness of the steak. therefore always use for turning a (BBQ) forceps.

4. steak knife: Nothing spoils the enjoyment of a juicy steaks more than a poorly-cutting knife. Invest therefore in a high-quality and handy steak knife that glides smoothly through the tender meat without tearing the meat fibers.

buy steaks clever

buy the right steakThe stronger the marbling of the steak, the juicier and more tender the meat after cooking - Lisovskaya Natalia /

Who buys raw meat, should pay particular attention to the color of the goods. Beef has bright red and may be discolored brownish under any circumstances. Pig, however, is uniformly pink to dark pink and has a hellen Glanz. Another important quality is the marbling of meat: It shows how strong the steak is crossed by fatty deposits and provides for flavor. The stronger it is, the juicier and more tender the meat after cooking is. For responsible eating meat, the origin of the steak is crucial. In the production of organic meat is placed on natural feeding and welfare value. The animals have all year long spout and receive food from organic farming - and you can taste it. When buying on label: The character of "natural land" get for example, only products that meet the highest quality requirements. 

Characteristics of fresh meat

Not only men like steaks, even bacteria fall like her about it. Be sure to check for these features to the quality of the meat:

  • musty piece
    "Meat smells basically neutral mild to slightly sour. Does it smell strict, sweet or biting, this is an alarm signal"Warns taste researchers exchanger. Unpleasant smell suggests that already rotting processes are in progress.
  • greasy case
    The surface should not be slimy. A lubricating film is created by the fact that bacteria colonize the meat surface and degrade contained protein in meat. This bacterial digestion process toxic substances can even arise.
  • aqueous Klops
    Fresh meat should not bob up and down in a puddle. It is important that raw meat retains its juice. The cut surface should be dry - this feature speaks for good juiciness. Be wary of soft and nässendem meat! The wetter the cutting surface, the easier it is bacteria that settle down and multiply.
  • spongy chunks
    The meat must be firm. Make the finger pressure test before buying: "It should not give too much pressure and not feel spongy"Explains expert exchanger. The surface texture of the meat also provides information about how it delicately to the preparation is: Coarse fibers indicate tough meat.
  • colored species
    Based on its color, a piece of meat can be assessed well. Fresh beef has a dark red color. Lamb is bright red to red, sometimes with a slight marbling of fat. Pork is pink and game shines bright. However, is reddish to almost dark brown. The meat from younger animals is a little brighter for all species. There are two pre-packaged pieces of meat the same expiration date and is one of these bright, access to the purchase of the lighter, fresher goods. Greyish meat you should avoid in any case.
  • moist meat
    Drops on the inside of the packaging film can be a sign of inadequate cooling - let rather in doubt, stay away from such goods! To ensure the shelf life, meat should be, optimally cooled always +7 between +2 and +4 degrees.

The correct handling raw meat

Handling raw meatBeautiful gentle when handling raw meat tact is needed - © de Repente /

Have you found a piece that lets you converge mouth-watering? Then you should treat it with care and store in the refrigerator at home always below seven degrees. The ideal temperature is between two to four degrees. Meat products never open and keep in the crisper - here temperature and humidity are too high. How? Raw steaks or ground beef will freeze easily. But now it's only once time to fry the gem well. But from the refrigerator directly into the pan? not only! Meat should be at room temperature when it is processed. So the flavors of the spices are best added. Important: Before cooking, you should rinse your steak with lukewarm water to remove any germs. Then thoroughly pat dry with a paper towel so it does not watering during roasting and becomes tough. Did you turned on an inferior piece of meat the butcher? Do not fret, with this Tip of the Munich event chef Thomas Sixt is your steak anyway buttery soft and delicious: Coat the meat before roasting from both sides with Dijon mustard, vinegar contained in it makes the steak nice and tender. Fry then as usual.

The best cuts of beef

So a cow has a lot of different pieces, we'll show you the best Cuts - © Forest Foxy / 

A beef - many different cuts. How can you just decide which section is now the best thing is there? In addition, not only the nature of the various cuts, but also the name varies. Because often there are several names for the same piece of meat. Our expert Wolfgang Otto von "Otto Gourmet", An online shop for sustainably produced meat, presents the five most popular cuts of beef:

1) Rib Eye: The Rib Eye, also known as Sirloin steak, prime rib or in Austria roast (-steak) known comes from the front back and is ideal for quick roasting. "The Rib Eye with the typical rib eye steak core is a classic, and in particular of our male meat fans like to eat," said Wolfgang Otto Otto Gourmet.

2) Fillet: The beef fillet (or tenderloin) is considered the most delicate and most coveted piece of meat. Because it is located below the eye muscle and thus in an area that is almost never claimed fillet steaks are particularly fine grained and lean. Only two percent of cattle can be used as a fillet. Expert Otto: "Despite the now many cuts of beef fillet is still a bestseller. Especially for those who like to have it lean."

3) Strip Loin: Particularly characteristic of the Strip Loin, which consists of the rear back (Short Loin) is cut, the typical visible fat edge. The Strip Loin meat lovers know as Roast beef, rump steak, sirloin, kidney or piece (New York) Strip Steak. Tips from the experts: "Please remove the layer of fat in front of frying under any circumstances, because otherwise would be lost juiciness of the Strip loins."

4) Tomahawk: The Tomahawk steak from the front back is a rib eye with extra long bones. The Tomahawk Cut contains the entire rib cage, thus making the impressive size of the animal clearly. "The Tomahawk is not only visually, but also taste a real highlight," says Wolfgang Otto.

5) Flank Steak: The flank is a lean and flavoursome meat from the belly flaps. It is considered one of the most famous steaks of meat country US, where it belongs as good as at any BBQ. "We think it's great how popular low-cut Flank rightly now enjoys in Germany," said meat connoisseurs Wolfgang Otto.

Porterhouse steak, sirloin steak & Co: more cuts of beef, including declaration and the opportunity to order the cuts directly online can be found at

Tip by celebrity chef Christian Henze: sirloin steak

Henze recommends: Why not try steak instead of just fillet - © HLPhoto /

As the most popular star chef in German-speaking Christian Henze was awarded the Starcookers Gourmet Award 2009 and his cookery school in Kempten received in 2015 as the best in Germany the Cooking Together Award. Us he reveals why he would always prefer steak a filet: 

"A good steak makes me happy - I'm probably like many men. Personally, I'm still happy with sirloin steak, because: Beef from the intermediate rib is particularly tender and puts a lot of self-taste with. This is due to its pronounced marbling. The even brings a high fat content with itself and thus many calories, but that need not be bad. I also eat body-conscious and pay attention to my weight - but I love steak, and this particular piece of meat I would prefer each fillet. Where to take? Possible by a butcher who will advise you well, for the purchase of meat is always a matter of trust. Of course you want and I want to get only the best merchandise. applies at the sales counter, the higher the price, the higher the quality. In addition, the animal variety, ripening period and fat structure are critical to the quality of the meat (see shopping guide, right). Ideal companion for steak are freshly ground pepper and sea salt. absolutely a marinade does not need it - no better way to experience the unique umami taste! My favorite recipe for steak, I'll tell you below. And a word to everyone who always feel guilty when meat consumption: I also do not eat meat every day. This one eats namely mind - nd therefore rare."

Then you should look for when buying steak

  1. The fat should be firm and pronounced marbling. This guarantees good quality and ensures that the meat is tender and comes with its own distinctive flavor.
  2. For meat in general: the more expensive the better. Access best organic meat. Then you can be sure that it has gone to the animal previously good. 
  3. No meat from no-name beef! The origin is crucial for the taste. A top breed Angus.
  4. Great importance is the ripening period. Even the best meat can not fully develop his culinary potential, if it is not matured at least 2 weeks - whether wet aging in the vacuum pack or dry aged, it does not matter.

So steak is served correctly

serve steakTransversely to the meat fiber is the steak cut right - Lukas Gojda /

Mmm, your steak is now crisp and well browned, the cooking point is perfect. Now the question arises: How is this gem served? Those who want to cut his steak, for example, for a tasty salad with steak strips, following tip should heed: On the right cutting technique that counts! always cross-cut the meat to the grain so that the valuable meat juice is not lost and the meat is not tough. Also perfect, very thinly sliced ​​carpaccio there is a trick: Wrap the raw beef simply in plastic wrap and let it freeze in the freezer. rausnehmen fillet and cut as thin as possible with a large, sharp knife. The discs between the film set, gently tap thin with the Plattiereisen. You do not have to hand? Well, then just hit the Kräuterbeil or a small pan on the meat. Also works with salmon.

The best side dishes to steak

Steak supplements

Side dishes to steak you can vary at will - Lisovskaya Natalia /

Those who love low carb, enjoys fried or grilled steak a crisp salad. Carbohydrate junkies can taste this one herb butter baguette or rice. Even fried potatoes fit well with meat - but how do you get back the to make it taste like nuts? Because if the peeled in hours of homework potatoes fall apart on the pan slowly to a pulp, you have done something wrong. Happens from now never again, we have the perfect recipe for you! Fried potatoes can be made of either cooked or raw potatoes: For one variant cook potatoes until al dente and let it cool, otherwise they will absorb too much fat during frying. Slice. Butter (no oil) in the pan, place slices side by side, fry over medium heat, without turning, until lightly browned, then turn. Finished. Now, the next load to the pan. Or wash raw potatoes, dry them and cut them small. Heat the clarified butter in a pan and fry the potatoes over low heat and, stirring frequently.

Conclusion: Steak should be!

A steak is a delicious source of protein that migrates into the pan or on the grill with no frills. Detailed recipes for the preparation does not need: salt, pepper - done! to fry the steak or grill is straightforward and successful thanks to the small tweaks guarantees always perfect. Who also relies on regional and ecological products in the choice of meat, can bite with a clear conscience.