That a deliberate kick in the testicles hurts, everyone knows man. However, compared to other testicular pain that is harmless. As you correctly interpret common symptoms, and when you have the same doctor

As long as they are healthy, playing the testicles - from the more or less gentle strokes during sex apart - only a minor role. The main thing, the production is going well. Only when they get right complaints, they crowd into the spotlight. But then it can sometimes be too late. We explain how to make out the most common testicular complaints in time.

Inflammation of the epididymis

Cause are usually deported bacterial urinary tract infection. "Typically only one testicle affected," says Professor Joachim Noldus, senior physician at the urological University Hospital Eppendorf in Hamburg.

symptoms: It burns when you urinate. The affected side is hot, swollen, red and sensitive to touch. Often already hurts the quiet slopes of the scrotum; you go to the supine position, the complaints decrease.

Treatment: You should go to the doctor to be antibiotics and may prescribe painkillers. also cool the testicles affected and store it up (a rolled-up sock or bandage drunterlegen). If you can not sit or -Place, then you should wear a solid Slip - also reduces the unpleasant Zuggefühl of the spermatic cord.

Prevent: Men are indeed rarely affected by urinary tract infection than women, but if, then usually violently. Doctoring only not alone it around, but go rather to the doctor if it's burning while peeing.

Inflammation of the testicles

Occurs much less frequently than epididymal complaints and is almost always caused by viruses. Inflammation of the testicles is in most cases the result of a mumps infection.

symptoms: As with epididymal inflammation, but both sides here are usually affected. The redness is not as strong.

Treatment: Because infertility is threatening, the doctor may also prescribe interferon besides painkillers in order to fight the infection. They themselves should also cool the testicles and highland.

Prevent: Children can be vaccinated against mumps. Adult men who are neither vaccinated have undergone the disease should stay away from infected children.

Varicose vein varicocele

Occur at ten percent of men, especially young are often affected. Varicose veins are extensions of the veins caused by damaged valves. Which are actually the flow of blood in the wrong direction prevent (the term "varicose veins" getting it wrong). The varicocele is in 90 percent of cases left because the blood flows less well there. The amounts slumped veins can make infertile because they will probably lead to heating of the tissue.

symptoms: Some men feel a dull, aching pain, others nothing at all. The veins can palpate as knobby swelling of the standing; lying they are not felt.

Treatment: Only if you have complaints or still want to have children, something must be done. Varicose veins are then blocked by either sclerosing or by bonding. The procedures are performed under local anesthesia and last about 30 minutes each.

Prevent: Not possible. It can create new varicose veins also occur again and again.

testicular contusion

A ball, a kick or knee to the Bettgespielin occasionally end up in the wrong place. Thus, a bruise may form in the testes.

symptoms: Even though you may believe it at first: You must not die. The pain that pinches you the air should be so far subsided after a few minutes that you only have to remember: There was something.

Treatment: If possible, cool. The bruise should subside by itself, which can take several weeks (as long but it does not hurt). Heparin ointment does not help in the case because it can not penetrate far enough into the tissue.

Prevent: In sports with physical exertion you should use a jockstrap (commonly known as: egg cup) carry. Who has really got one time on the bag who claims not that this is only for wimps - it can eventually get worse ...


... if, tears in a hit below the belt, the tunica albuginea, a testis surrounding skin.

symptoms: The pain is worse than an ordinary punch or kick to the Twelve. He also does not subside after a while, what you should interpret as a clear sign of your body. From the doctor!

Treatment: cool in the meantime. The doctor can determine well with ultrasound and sensing whether the tunica albuginea is torn. If so, it will be sewn back together. "Even if it is not visible externally, the tissue can be so strong shredded that or the testicles must be removed," says urology professor Noldus.

Prevention: Need really yet another plea for the egg cup?

Testicular torsion twist

also called acute scrotum. In this case, one of the testis is rotated about the axis of its spermatic cord and thereby constricts the blood supply from. It occurs (up to 25 years) on especially in children and younger men. Release is mostly a wrong move. In some cases, a testicle, however twisted, even without external influence, merely by contracting the muscles of the spermatic cord.

symptoms: Ischemic pain (to German: triggered by dying tissue) is one of the strongest ever. He sits in the testicle twisting suddenly and can also by a change of position (Elevating the testicles, tightening the legs) does not relieve. The pain may radiate to the bar and the abdomen.

Treatment: You will be immediately to hospital bring, even at night. The faster the rotation is eliminated, the greater the chance that the affected tissue recovered. "Even after six hours of the injury to the testicle is so serious that it must be removed," says Professor Noldus. At the hospital, a special ultrasound examination is made (the so-called Doppler sonography), in which the blood flow can be measured. Sometimes that is also an acute onset epididymal inflammation caused similar severe pain. The turning back of a testicle in the right position requires only small incisions; The operation takes about half an hour. Here, the testis is fixed so that it can not twist again.

Prevent: Sometimes the testicle rotates spontaneously by itself into the correct position, the pain can be sudden after. Even if you have already won the Doc from sleep, you do not have this be unpleasant. Describe him your complaints and do something in this way to prevent a new twist. If the doctor rules out epididymal inflammation, he will certainly recommend that fix the revving testicles preventively. Finally, you could precisely be located anywhere in the wild, when another twist occurs.

testicular cancer

Most of all malignant tissue changes in young men. Statistically speaking, testicular cancer occurs in seven of 100,000 men.

symptoms: Pain so preparing a testicular tumor almost never. Usually it is sensed when washing; then the tumor is usually slightly larger than a sugar cube. Sometimes he makes those affected also infertile and is discovered as you go into treatment because of lack of talent. Some tumor markers in the blood may occur in increased numbers, but do not need this.

Treatment: The doctor examines a node using ultrasound. confirmed the suspicion of cancer, the affected testicle is removed through an incision in the groin including spermatic cord. The fertility is preserved, because only very rarely both testicles are affected. Even if the tumor has not yet developed metastases is sometimes additionally irradiated or prescribed a short chemotherapy, so there is no relapse. "If the tumor has spread no metastases, the chances of recovery are at 95 percent," says the urologist Noldus. "This is a better rate than any other malignancy." Even in the event that the cancer has already spread further, the chances of recovery are better than in many other cancers by 80 to 90 percent.

Prevent: Good chances you only if a tumor is detected early. That's why you should take your crown jewels thoroughly scan every three months, at best, if you are completely relaxed in the shower. Roll the scrotum piece gently between thumb and index finger back and forth piece. If you are doing then discover a hardening, you should not try to trivialize this. The bump will go anyway again only out of mind when you confirmed a competent specialist that it is clearly not a cancer. And if it does, time is life.