The Aufwachlampe Philips HF 3490 Wake-up Light wakes the sleeper (mostly) with light and birdsong

Test object: Aufwachlampe with radio and iPod sockets
Product: Philips Wake-up Light HF 3490
Price: 189 euros

Who does not want that: fall asleep gently from the depths of the night and slept greet the first daylight. Since this is hardly possible in the winter or early riser who Aufwachlampe Philips offers a promising alternative: From a set time, the lamp dims gradually getting brighter and who it does not wake up, will ultimately by birdsong, mystical bells, jungle atmosphere or - a some live connected - awakened by the radio or iPod. That's the theory.

In practice, there is a problem that can hardly be solved with the current version of the lamp. Depending on its reclined position the light is the sleeper more or less heavily on the eyes. One day he might not like to wake them, the next. Without conventional acoustic alarm function of healthy sleepers rarely comes out.

Problem in the double
This results in a problem for the double bed: For what ever so happy couple sleeps in the same position? One of them the light shines most intense necessarily in the eye, so that one is always earlier than the others wake up. This problem has any Aufwachlampe and could be solved only distributed by at least two lamps in the room.

In Review: the Aufwachlampe HF 3490 Philips Wake-up Light
The rotating wheels extend unnecessarily into the light housing

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The lamp design

The lamp contaminated by their milky glass housing a bright, but not unattractive light, so they can be used as an ordinary lamp. Sticking point: The life of the non-replaceable bulb (see next section Technical details).

The case looks quite stylish. But the plastic swivel wheels (oh, the rotating wheels! See section Technical details) Project laterally well into the lamp housing in and give the lamp an unintentional technical character. Well resolved, however, is the base station for iPods, which is inserted from below to the lamp and the lamp to merge visually into a single unit.

In Review: the Aufwachlampe HF 3490 Philips Wake-up Light
The sound in the depths of a bit underpowered

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Technical details

Terrific: As mentioned above, the lamp not only has Zwitscher- and bell sounds, but also a radio and an iPod socket (docking station). Unfortunately, the speaker sounds in the depths of a little weak. Particularly annoying: The rotating wheels can almost despair technically non-savvy. It is likely that such a renowned expert on consumer electronics such as Philips can do it better.

Also distressing is the fact that the (energy-saving) bulb in the bulb is not replaceable. Although Philips refers to the fact that the bulb has a life expectancy of 10,000 hours or 7 to 10 years. but who uses the lamp intense than specified by Philips, ie for example an average of 6 or more instead of 3 hours a day, which can perhaps be disposed after 4 to 5 years the lamp. Because the guarantee is only 2 years.

In Review: the Aufwachlampe HF 3490 Philips Wake-up Light
Chic: The iPod pedestal "merges" with the lamp into a single unit

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the conclusion

The Aufwachlampe looks chic and contaminated a bright pleasant light. Through the iPod dock, the lamp is on the amount of time and thus can conveniently serve as a mini-iPod sound station and also as a charger.

If you sleep alone, can see through the operator-unfriendly and non-replaceable bulb of time, has fun at the contemporary-style radio iPod Aufwachlampe. Therefore thumb (semi) high.

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