Scientists discover booze substances in beer. Particularly wheat beer is heavily loaded: Is the booze to blame if the head the next morning buzzing right?

It's going to be summer. In the beer gardens hive of activity and thirsty throats call for cool drinks. The beer can not be tapped quickly enough and is undoubtedly the preferred drink. In moderation enjoyed the cool blonde does not hurt, it was thought at least so far.

But now scientists made the MUAS a startling discovery: fusel oils in beer, some with high concentration.

Fusel oils are the poorer alcohols. They arise during the fermentation process and are all alcoholic beverages included. But this beer is concerned with so differently high values, is new.

Prof. Dr. Günter Lieck from Münster University and his graduate assistant Siegrun Mohring, analyzed 60 varieties of beer (see link text)). They found that most top-fermented wheat beer really stand out for high levels of fusel alcohols. Lagers such as Pilsener or export beers are less stressed. However, even in non-alcoholic beers are small concentrations of the substance contained unpleasant.

Beer, especially German beer is, as a synonym for good quality. For centuries brewed strictly according to the Reinheitsgebot, we like to drink Germans, about 130 liters are consumed per person per year here.

However, if even one drink over the eight for can be a nightmare awakening the next morning: knocking and hammering in the head, nausea and dizziness.
Scientists have identified the fusel oils in beer as a culprit. According to Professor Lieck the booze increased after too much beer consumption, the hangover symptoms enormous: "He turns to toxic substances, for example, affect the cardiac output and thus lead to a shortage of oxygen in the brain in the liver",

Add to this the effects that are triggered by the pure beer Alcohol: In the brain vasopressin is suppressed, a hormone that the fluid balance in the body regulated. We lose more fluid than we have previously taken to us. With the liquid also important minerals and electrolytes are washed out of the body. The body reacts with headaches, nausea and fatigue.

This is to lead the severity of the hangover after too much beer consumption only on the booze materials back looks Erich Dederich, spokesman for the German Brewers' Federation in Bonn differently: "Fusel oils are fermentation by-products formed during the brewing process; is completely natural substances. The results of the study are not new, but they are only long-known values. Since the study was appropriately published before Father's Day and was then pointed to a possible hangover, it was foreseeable that was also widely reported in the media." Health damage caused by the material he does not see: "Fusel oil have nothing to do with health risks. A potential risk is linked only with the amount of drunk beer zuammen, but not with the content of fusel oils."

Fusel oil or not. Beer should be drunk like any alcoholic drink in moderation. And who but once caught a few too many, it must pay, because then what "previously so beautiful has tingled in my belly" quite quickly tingling in the head.