to give up carbohydrates can tumble excess kilos. But in order to be recorded with a low carb diet and success, make sure you avoid these 3 mistakes

to remove carbohydrates from your diet, is neither easy nor particularly funny. Because usually it is particularly the Carbs (in pizza, pasta, bread & Co.), on which we depend so much and the waiver makes losing weight very difficult. But the principle of the low carb diet works and achievements are quickly visible. you also want to change your diet on low carb or still feed on already low carb, see but no success? Then try the following three errors in your low-carb diet to avoid this, then there finally with the decrease: 

1. Error: you eat no carbs

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Low Carb translates "few carbohydrates", The problem: Many people confuse with Low Carb No Carb and emphasize carbohydrates completely from their diet. And this is already the first big mistake. Because a certain amount of carbohydrates is also permitted in the low-carb diet without carbs your body could not function. He does not need necessarily in large quantities for energy, which ensures you look at low carb another way: If the body is little carbohydrates on, raises the metabolism by the time and the energy is not obtained from carbohydrates, but from the fat reserves. This is called ketosis then.

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Nevertheless, it is not that low carb brings only really something when the ketosis is achieved, the positive effects put quite a lot earlier. Low Carb need not be extreme. Although there is no single definition for a low-carb amount of daily carbohydrates it can be said that 50 to 120 g carbohydrates a day - depending on whether you maintain their weight or even want to lose weight - are perfectly moderate. Since 50 g are already really very little, move therefore more likely between 100 and 120 g.

2. Problem: You eat the wrong carbs

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Since you are allowed to eat only a limited amount of carbohydrates with low carb per day, you should choose the Carbs smart. Maybe you're thinking: Oh yes, I treat myself to a chocolate bar and a croissant and waive the rest of the day completely on carbohydrates. Sure, that you could do, only if you have this long-term success and maintain your weight later is another matter. Much smarter it when you deal from the beginning aware of the low-carb diet and plan your meals reasonable is. Indeed, there are "quality" as well as "angry" Carbohydrates. Which category candy bars and croissant are, you can already guess certainly. Try your hand processed by strong and "easy" Carbohydrates such as white bread, plain pasta, sweets, finished products, sugary drinks and pastries to keep. These carbohydrates go quickly into the bloodstream and make sure that your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster ride. The next binge come.

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Instead, you'd better resort to carbs that are rich in ballast open, because they will not only slow down the blood, they also make full longer and provide additional vitamins and minerals. Healthy Carbs stuck, for example, pseudo-grains like quinoa, but (also in legumes lentils, chickpeas & Co.), fruits, vegetables, whole grains (pasta, bread, brown rice) or oatmeal. still so low that you lose weight and your body still has enough energy to function smoothly - with these foods keep your carbohydrate balance - at a moderate intake. 

3. Error: you do not pay attention to your portion size

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Low carb does not mean automatically that you take fewer calories. And just because you now less pasta and rice to eat, you are not far from permission to overindulge in other foods. Fast you automatically accesses larger portions because the saturating carbohydrates on the menu are missing. to look for a low-carb diet to how large the portions are that you prepared yourself, is very important. Especially if you want to lose with a low-carb diet plan to bodyweight. Just then, you must be especially look at how many calories include your meals and snacks and take stock at the end of the day. Make sure that you pack not double the amount of food on your plate, otherwise the waiver of carbohydrates brings during a low carb diet unfortunately nothing and the kilos do not begin to wane as hoped. At the end you lose weight with low carb energy balance, so if you take more calories than you consume counts. 

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Losing weight with low carb works - IF you know how to do it right. Do not Break headless in the "diet", Because that low carb is not really: This is rather a long-term change in diet. To really lose weight with the low carb principle, you must know the most important nutritional basics, that is: Which foods contain carbohydrates at all? And what kind - good or bad? With this background knowledge you run less risk of committing the aforementioned low-carb mistakes. Sit down with your diet conscious apart. You will see: This is fun, and the first results will be set to the faster, I promise!

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