The size of the best piece is the measure of all things - right? As you cut the length of comparison that condom size fits and find which dimensions women great

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The dimensions of the Durchnittspenis

In science is measured at least as often and extensively, as is done at home. And all results are slightly different. However, an approximate average can hold. According to a study by King's College London is the average penis size 13.12 centimeters when erect. When flaccid limb size should be on average 9.16 centimeters. Examines this more than 15,500 men aged 17 to 91 years of many ethnic backgrounds were. When girth of the penis, the researchers identified the following results: 9.31 centimeters when flaccid and 11.66 centimeters when erect penis.

Smug complex

About half of all men are not satisfied with their penis. Many of them believe their best piece is too small. But is not there in reality. The size complex is only imagined in many cases. Most men are quite sufficient bestück. This is the result of a Canadian study on the self-assessment of male proportions. Of the 92 surveyed men 19 to 52 years were more than 80 percent think their penis is too small or too short, 13 of them wanted it can be enlarged even. Statistically, an incorrect assessment as study leader Rany Shamloul from the University of Saskatchewan. So a limp member from a size of four inches could be described as "normal". Respondents had estimated this figure three times higher. Only at a length of less than 7 centimeters talk urologist from a so-called micro-penis.

Pornodarsteller false idols
According Shamlouls the misjudgments of false role models can be derived, such as porn in which actors shone with oversized work tools, or exaggerated stories of friends. More than half indicated that their imaginary problems had begun in childhood. After conferring 76 Men revised their opinion, 11 men were no longer interested in penis enlargement, the physicians in the scientific journal Urology. 

measure penis length - Here's how

measure when erect
The penis must be measured in the erect state. Because only comparable. Why? Because there are two types of penis: those which grow at an erection and flaccid significantly smaller and those that hardly change their size during an erection and therefore are relatively large even in the flaccid state. Some men say to the latter and meat penis and the other model blood penis. According to an international Men's-Health survey, 79 percent of men have a blood penis and only 21 percent a meat penis.

determine the length
In this case, a ruler or a tape measure with no pressure on the penile shaft is set on the abdomen and measured from there to the glans penis for determining the size. Tip: If you use a ruler to measure your penis length, you should make sure that the measuring scale of the ruler also begins exactly at zero millimeters. If this is not the case, you can usually add approximately 3-5 millimeters to your measured result. 

determine the extent
To check the penis girth, measure best with the tape measure. For that you need to fix this at the thickest part of the penis. Measure the most common succession to actually find the thickest part.

How long my penis should be?
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