Massive muscles and a crisp six-pack abs are only possible with a good diet. In the men's Cookbook"Men's Health Cooking" You will find 150 recipes and many tips for proper nutrition

The Men's-Health-Men Cookbook "Cooking" satisfies even the most great men hungry. Man learns everything about simple cooking (plus eliminating it), learned the grill master crafts, sweetheart can enchant with tasty and has now always the perfect wine ready. So men, conquered your new territory for a healthy diet: the kitchen!

Broad chapters such as breakfast, snacks muscle, cooking for guests, outdoor cooking, party food and drinks provide plenty of variety in everyday life and provide you with the necessary know-how.

NEW: In the book "Men's Health Cooking" learn how to become a star chef. But not only the cooking muscles will grow - even your biceps says. Because the dishes contain all the essential nutrients for muscle growth. Treat your body good!

The book "Men's Health Cooking" Adina Steiman and Paul Kita appears in Falken Verlag 304 pages and costs 24.99 euros.

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