Question: Is there a doctor men and women a gynecologist?
Dieter Köhler, StünzhainA physician for men?
A physician for men?

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"A direct counterpart to the gynecologist does not exist"Says Dr. med. Peter Knuth, Medical Director of the German Medical Association, Bonn. Basically, as Knuth, a man with problems in the genital area should first of all visit the family doctor, who may, if appropriate, recommend the appropriate specialist. Especially with diseases of the male urinary and reproductive organs of the urologist is responsible.

This, incidentally, also treated women, but only for specific problems of the urinary organs. If skin irritation in sex area a dermatologist (skin doctor) is the right person.

  • 11.02.2008
  • Men&# 039; s Health
  • Men&# 039; s Health

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