Question: Is it true that there is a Sexmuskel? And if so, how to train him?
anonymous emailtrain Sexmuskel right?
In addition to the pelvic floor muscles, there are of course still plenty of other muscles that boost the fun in bed

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Our answer:

There are even several. At first the pelvic floor muscles, which is responsible for the erection. "The Sexmuskel se but in my opinion the rectus abdominis - the rectus abdominis"Says Moritz Tellmann, doctor, personal trainer and fitness model. Encounter, braces, straighten up, keep: He is always in demand. So ran to the next six-pack workout, expanded forearm and push-ups! Even chest, arms and shoulders must prove endurance in bed sport.

Too much training but of libido can also harm. Cause is low testosterone concentration. She steps quickly to after a hard workout (usually longer than
75 minutes) and long term if you are in overtraining. Symptoms: increased heart rate, reduced performance, sleep disorders and even sexual aversion. "My tip: maximum
60 minutes at a time to train and pause 2 weeks in the case of overtraining"Says Telemann.

Sex is the way also good for the figure - the more the body comes to boil, the better! About the calories consumed but there are no reliable figures, based on scientific studies. It is estimated that the consumption will be about 500 to 800 calories is likely to be an hour. But remember: The length of the Act is often overestimated.

  • 04/15/2013
  • Men&# 039; s Health
  • Men&# 039; s Health

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