Half shirt, asparagus Tarzan & Co .: your time as Hardgainer is now over! We show you the best diet plan for building muscle mass and

In this article:
  • Am I a hardgainer?
  • How can you build a Hardgainer visible muscles?
  • What is the optimal nutrition for of Hardgainer?
  • How important are proteins for muscle building?
  • How much protein do I have as a hardgainer integrate daily in my diet?
  • Can also vegan Hardgainer mass build? 
  • Which supplements need Hardgainer?
  • What is a good diet plan for hardgainers?
  • When can I expect as a hard gainer with visible results?
  • Prototype: A hard gainer is German Junior Champion Natural bodybuilding

Am I a hardgainer?

 "I can eat what I want, but I just do not take to." Many consider it a luxury problem - there are, after all, the overweight, which provide for health experts worry lines on his forehead. But that medically nothing is said against a narrow figure and she was usually perfect for a running career, men no consolation, who are tired of being called Beanstalk, chicken breast and asparagus Tarzan. why should not you?

Take the test: Which of the following three body types describes your figure best?

Which type are you? - © Sudowwdo / Shutterstock.com

A) mesomorphic TYPE
This type has a well-developed muscles and joint structure and a strong bone structure with a broad chest, strong shoulders, big hands and narrow hips. An athletic type, you have little weight problems. If you do, you get this under control quickly. Disadvantage of beefy orientation: a low elongation capability.
Because of slower metabolism of this type tends to fat deposition, especially in the midsection and legs. Due to its smaller size it looks more stocky, subcutaneous fat leaves his muscles also look rather soft. Since the endomorphic type prone to fat storage, you need to pay attention to calories in order not to disperse uncontrollably. 
Extremely thin body build, long limbs, flat chest, narrow bones and joints. The pelvis is often wider than the shoulders. Due to the high metabolic rate of the body is hardly in fat, but also builds difficult muscles.

Hardgainer clearly belong to the category "ectomorpher Body", Do you recognize yourself in the description again - and want it finally change? No problem, we have good news: More mass is feasible - and having to throw without anabolic steroids, of whom one can not warn enough. What you need for this? The right training methods and above all a diet that suits your metabolism.

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How can you build a Hardgainer visible muscles?

This is not so easy. Your metabolism is working at full speed. "If someone wants to build body mass, it is crucial that it takes more energy to itself than it uses"Explains Hans Braun from the German Sports University in Cologne, a food safety supervisor at the local Olympic Training Center. May sound trivial, it is, however, no way. "then it says: But I eat already so much! Here, that is not true"Said Braun. In comparison with other people it may seem a lot, but for a hardgainer it is still not enough. to burn 5000 calories a day is not unusual among them. To build muscle, you need to understand your energy needs. And you can easily calculate online, with just a few clicks. 


They want to know more? Let the sports doctor or in a power diagnostic center, a respiratory gas analysis making (cost: 80 euros). "In this case is measured by the carbon dioxide content in the exhaled air, how many calories the body per hour consumed at rest"Says Brown. "Using this value, the daily calorie consumption can be estimated well. The intake should be around 500 calories higher." However, in his view, the scrutiny is usually not necessary: "You often have to take only the daily lives of men under the microscope, then you see crucial mistakes - such as the morning rarely eat breakfast, or leave out due to stress at work more often meals." Hardgainer can something not afford, because once the body does not have enough fuel, he nibbles on his own substance.

What is the optimal nutrition for of Hardgainer?

The most important rule in advance: "Hardgainer should eat something every two to three hours for the body to always enough energy available has, "says Berend Breitenstein, who has experience as a nutritionist, natural bodybuilders and personal coach in this field and has written several books about it (the latest: "Body Transformation Natural Style!"Over www.berend-breitenstein.de to 25 euros). The only question is: What should you eat? Many Hardgainer think they have mainly feed protein and fat in order to put on muscles and to achieve the required amounts of energy. Here, a high proportion of carbohydrates (60 percent of daily calories) the deciding factor: A tour forming at a high level metabolism primarily uses much glucose (sugar = carbohydrates). When the body does not get enough of it, it incorporates them into the liver itself - from proteins, which are then missing for muscle building. Plus rich carbohydrates for the secretion of insulin, a anabolic-acting enzyme that can build fat not only, but also promotes the growth of muscles. Of course, fat is an important energy supplier, but if 20 percent of your daily calories from this source originate good enough. 

Carbohydrates provide the most energy for Hardgainer - © bitt24 / Shutterstock.com 

Work out never sober - because otherwise you can avoid the drudgery altogether. Eat about 1 hour after training a full main course, the best protein and carbohydrate most of the day. And: Eat, so the body can bridge the night Lent and before going to bed a little something. And you can have breakfast as soon as possible the next morning!

Summary: The six best nutritional tips for hard gainers in the overview: 

  1. Continually eat: The best about every two to three hours.
  2. think of proteins: All meals and snacks should contain 30 to 50 grams.
  3. Never sober train: Ideal an easily digestible snack is an hour before workout, for example, cottage cheese with banana
  4. Only provide: Immediately after exercise, the body needs carbohydrates and proteins, here Shakes offer (even in front of the showers drink)
  5. Just in time to reload: One hour after training should be a main course on the plate - preferably the protein and carbohydrate most of the day
  6. treat bedtime: This prevents your body anknabbert overnight muscle mass.

BUT: Even if you are not as easily as a thick hard gainer, you should not simply munch any of these fatty stuff - ie constantly have pizza, fries and burgers on the plate - but prefer quality fat sources. Preferably use olive, flaxseed and canola oil. Feed you a lot of nuts. The rest is raised through the copious consumption of eggs, meat, fish and dairy products all by itself.

The best foods for hard gainers in the overview: 

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