No more baggy clothes! Including half shirts can get thick muscles - with the right strategy. We betrayed

You sick of being a lightweight? Then the latest episode of our workout series is exactly to your taste: go 16 exercises that you are guaranteed in width - eight for the studio and eight for the home. They all call for multiple muscle groups at once.

This ensures that you set equally to ground and puff not only individual parts of the body. Extremely important: Strictly adhere to our standards and always load as much weight on that you do not create any more after the last repetition! Take three times a week from now one of the two workouts, each with a rest day between the units. Ten minutes on the rowing ergometer as a warm-up.

Properly increase for Hardgainer

  • eat enough. Anyone who wants to build mass, must absorb more energy than it consumes. Just Asparagus Tarzan, so-called hard gainer, often make rare to have breakfast or miss meals the mistake. Learn how your energy needs will assess ( Exact values ​​provides a breathing gas analysis (in performance diagnostics centers, from 50 euros). Hardship must draufpacken up to 500 kcal / day.
  • Eat selected. Elemental for muscle building is high-quality protein in fish, meat, eggs or dairy products. In Zunehmwilligen should be included in every meal protein. Aim for the best to a value of 1.5 to two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.
  • food evenly. Give yourself every two to three hours a snack or a meal. So the body has always enough fuel and not nibbling at their own substance. Important: protein and carbohydrates (such as butter milk with banana) performed immediately after training!

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