Waldstatt Muckibude, grown training partner instead of high-tech machine. There is everything a power athlete needs there. This running and weight training in the fresh air fun and highly effective

You know the largest, most diverse gym in the world? No? Make time one step out the door! Go into nature, into the nearest forest. The best way to discover your new gym for two, because that makes twice as much fun. So, go quickly to a friend, he should make himself ever on the way! Meanwhile, we provide you with the right workout.

The forest-workout is a good alternative to the gym
With the right exercises the forest is to the gym

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Eight exercises in 90 minutes
Training base: a running lap ten kilometers. The muscle-Plus: a beginner and an advanced workout of eight exercises for different muscles. Finish your individual jogging path! Suppose you need to run ten kilometers 60 minutes and then came every eight minutes a force unit to which is usually completed in four minutes. Overall, the Trail training takes so no longer than 90 minutes.

natural movement
Its approach our forest workout is simple. You train your body as it is required in sports and in everyday life holistically. Because for any type of exercise you need a bit of everything - strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. trained around you are less prone to injury, muscles play together better, you can use your power more effectively.

See that our workout as an example and as an incentive to train more times in the fresh air. Basically, anything goes: You can run longer or shorter distances, fast or slow - the main thing is you feel comfortable.

You can install your favorite exercises complete more or less power stations. You can also mix the beginners and advanced exercises, do more sets. but at a pinch you come out with each one. The combination of strength and endurance acts in any case. So if you have times much time, takes you further and a half-hour workout round.

In the forest there are good tracks for a running session
On forest tracks keep guaranteed up better than on the treadmill

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Have fun, little rules
For your health, you should, despite all the freedom heed a few rules. Pay attention to your steps when you hit right across the forest. On uneven ground you represent quickly the foot. Take not with weight or repetitions so that you can perform the workout focused until the end. The aids such as trunks and stones should not be handy bulky. Important: Do not place the leg and bounce exercises at the end, when your legs are already tired vomLaufen. Hat's not exactly ringing at the door on you? This is certainly your buddy - you want to pick up for training!

The forest-workout provides many different exercises
The woods are a good alternative to the gym
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