The sixth urban obstacle course through Hamburg with 4,500 participants wins for the fourth time Florian Reichert. In the women managed Beate Krecklow first time at No. 1

Peter was on Saturday, September 5, on fire for the urban obstacle course on the Elbmeile. During the morning still heavy rain showers over the area at the Cruise Center Hamburg-Altona rained down, the sun came out in time before the start of the 6th Men's Health Urbanathlon. And so 9,000 hands clapping Before starting warm for the major challenges over 12km, 14 obstacles and over 250 vertical meters with 1,100 steps. At 15:35 floats and two-time Olympian Markus and Steffen Deibler gave the go-ahead. The optimum weather conditions used Göttingen Florian Reichert (Car Number 1/0: 45: 27) to its fourth consecutive win. With the trail running expert could Christian Wiese (Hannover, no. 42, 12:46:19) keep up to half of the race, but had to let him go. With a somersault, he crossed the the finish line second. The third podium reached Heiko Thiele (sweetening, no. 61, 12:47:59).

"In the beginning it was for me not so good because I train currently on much longer distances, but Christian did very well kept up. After that I was better in the race and was able to play my strength better. It has again a lot of fun, so I come next year gladly again. When Urban Athlon are always a lot of spectators, a great atmosphere and the track with obstacles really makes a lot of fun, "Florian Reichert said. Second-placed meadow recognized the strong performance of Reichert respectfully: "Florian just runs in another league and I was allowed to run with the first five kilometers. Second place is great and was just great. "

No kilometers without surprises

The fun of the unique challenge was also the focus for the 4,500 attendees and participants. overcome their own pig dog and always to have a look for allies to help each of the obstacles. In addition to the 14 official obstacles, such as the Reifenberg Tyrenator, the scaffolding Urban Jungle, the 3.70-meter-high mobilcom-debitel halfpipe or TK Sea Freight, it went under the motto "no-kilometer" no surprises "in addition to concrete pipes and quay walls or by Kriechpassagen.

Attention! The pictures of all runners the obstacles Sand Bag Attack, Monkey Business and the finish line can be found at!

The winner of the Men's Health Urbanathlon 2015
The winner of the Men's Health Urbanathlon 2015

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Rostockerin Beate Krecklow with the women at the front
With over 16 percent of the female share of the Urban athletes reached a new high. For the first time Rostockerin Beate Krecklow won (0:59:49) the Hamburg Urban Athlon. Second was Silke Driemeyer (Bensheim, 1:02:25) and third place went to Pia Piecusch (Scharnebeck, 1:02:45). The mobilcom-debitel Team Challenge won "Birgit guys" with Thomas Wittwer, Matthias Burkhart, Fabian Trapp and Dominik Memmer in the total time of 3:26:26.

The best pictures from the Urban Athlon 2015
The best pictures from the Urban Athlon 2015
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